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  1. I thought you do the usual and slaughter him. Thought he was a handful against us with both Saintees. Decent start if he signs.
  2. 2 strikers, playmaker, left back and maybe a centrehalf
  3. Boy in the work is just back from a holiday in Madrid and said it was 140 Euros for the Real home top alone mental
  4. Just demolished a steak sub and apple turnover out of Clarkie’s Ludo your criticism of Clarkie’s is still unfounded!
  5. Left back, centrehalf, midfield play maker and 2 strikers please.
  6. Looks like a sensible appointment for once. Blackburn fans seem to speak highly of him which is unusual in an ex manager. The 1st proper appointment since Hartley. It also appears Jack Ross’ missus put the kibosh on his appointment with not letting him live in a flat up here on his own must be a proper shagger
  7. Ohh they’re good. Get a short crust bridie and an ingin ain an ahh. They’re fantastic
  8. Should’ve had another season in him but we need a younger fitter side imo.
  9. Charlie’s actions from the day he wrapped his car around a tree pished weren’t good enough and imo. Performances on the park, getting way out of shape for a top flight professional then in his words “a funny wee story” about him forgetting his boots and shin guards for a near as last nail in the coffin game isn’t good enough. I thought he was taking the piss that day even before the boots and shin guards story. Disappointing how it ended but he’d made out in the press for weeks he was retiring at the end of the season and hinting on Twitter things to the same effect. A shite ending to a shite season under a shite manager in McPake. More optimistic now about my club since the appointment of McIntyre. Says it all really.
  10. He made a mistake, apologised for it, time to move on.
  11. Looks like the planning application has been submitted Just waiting on Invergowriedab to confirm it, intheknow
  12. I’m disappointed to see Lamie stay at Motherwell. He would’ve greatly improved us defensively. Apparently only Jack Ross and Shaun Maloney left in the run for the manager’s job according to the courier. Wouldn’t grumble with either but I hope it’s Jack Ross
  13. I’d rather get shot of him tbh and the guy Chapman whoever he is
  14. 1st touch was like hitting a wall, 2nd touch was a battle, 3rd would get it under control. Some of the worst sitters missed by him that I can recall going to the games.
  15. Never won over me. Dreadful that he was our main striker in the premier league. Couldnae hit a coo’s arse wi a banjo.
  16. Strachan’s been in the game for 50 years and will have dealt with thousands of players and egos in that time. Doubt very much he’ll give the slightest f**k about a wee jakey fae Glasgow’s thoughts on him.
  17. All the best in your new job G Man. If you need any info on football I’ll no be far from here!
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