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  1. I don’t think he’s doing anything halfhearted. As far as I see he puts the effort in but nothing’s coming off for him. Comes on and guys are on his back from the minute he steps on the park. 100% he’ll hear this and will also know he’s getting abuse on social media putting himself under pressure before he’s kicked a ball. it doesn’t help him or the team. It’s 1 thing posting about him online but the abuse he gets at the games isn’t helping anyone. I’m sure he’ll admit this is the worst period and probably move in his career. 100% a McPake f**k up again. Offers an injury prone striker at the end of his career a 2 year deal. If I was Sheridan I’d bite his hand off for it and I’d 100% wouldn’t be walking away from that contract at this moment in time. We fucked up offering him a deal which for the benefit of the club comes to an end in 5 months time.
  2. Don’t really buy want? As soon as I heard the stat I hazard a guess with it being Dundee what the outcome would be and it materialised.
  3. Until today Carson had faced 8 penalties for St Mirren and let in all 8. Says it all really. Never at any point in the 120 minutes did we look like we were going to lose the game. Penalties are a lottery, hey ho.
  4. The amount of illnesses are no real as well. No other clubs seem to have this reoccurring problem. I hope the Butcher rumours are true.
  5. Except when they spit the dummy out against us.
  6. Brilliant post. I was having a pop at McPake rather than the owners. I’m still not totally convinced by Bowyer (1st half ineptitude to regular) but early signs are he’s a half decent manager compared to the previous 3 incumbents. The problem appears to be he isn’t being backed like the previous 3 possibly because of their errors.
  7. Not sure where the lack of funding is coming from. From the outside we look like we’re easily the team with the biggest budget in the league. The problem lies with the shite the previous manager signed and has our finances tied up in. Come the end of January if there is little activity through the IN door at Dens then I will be a bit peeved that the Rangers cup game and the Cummings World Cup money hasn’t been reinvested into the 1st team, not on what has been invested so far this season. Sensible hat on…they’ve covered enough losses over their time here to feel like additional money like mentioned above goes into their hipper. Who in their right mind would give Chapman and McGinn the rumoured 5k between them in wages this time last year. That investment could’ve and should’ve made a huge difference 12 months ago if used properly. Doubt even many of us on here would’ve signed those 2 if you’d saw them play this time last year. McPake said on Twitter to a Dundee fan that he’d saw Chapman play, beggars belief he then signed him.
  8. What, by getting a thigh injury that kept him out for 2 months
  9. At least there’s not any Ayr fans on here bathered much. I’d be inclined to stay clear after the carry on in the last window.
  10. I agree. Our club appears to struggle to attract players though considering what the likes of County, Livi, St Mirren, the filth, St Johnstone and the Motherwell’s of the world seem to get. Granted the location of 3 of them might be more favourable for them.
  11. Bowyer seems to be a pretty good manager 2nd half. Just become a half decent one in the 1st half and we’ll be fine this season.
  12. I’m hearing the opposite Ludo. That more than the 2 signings that fell through was what pissed Boywer off most.
  13. Major argument the week of the Ayr game I believe. Signings lined up for the start of January and undersoil not getting switched on led to it. Although they have little contact as Bowyer deals with Strachan.
  14. How the f**k did we manage to not win that. Just have a go at teams like 2nd half. 1st half we were dreadful.
  15. It’s absolutely ridiculous Spike how hard it is to get a ticket for a home game. A wee smile once in a while wouldn’t go a miss a well.
  16. Spot on. That’s on the manager today. Why change from a formation that suits the players and see us actually win games fairly comfortably. Makes no sense whatsoever. Back to McGhee being terrible in midfield. Then to play Robertson out of position as well. Rudden as a lone striker is as soft as f**k. Pish and the pressures back on.
  17. Have a good New Year when it comes cunto’s. Thank you x
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