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  1. Think the 3 deadline day signings will be on the bench on Saturday with all 3 starting in the diddy cup v Raith. Team for Hamilton Legzdins Kerr, Ashcroft, Sweeney, Clampin, McMullin, McGhee, Maguire, Williamson, Jakubiak, Thomas.
  2. Sterling work in the Queens Park thread Johnnydun
  3. Hope so but it’s Dundee we’re talking about here. Anything can and usually does happen. The Arbroath game being a prime example.
  4. A few of the guys on loan are out of contract in the summer.
  5. Rudden will give his all every game, his problem is his lack of knowledge of the game and his roll in the side. We play with a lone striker who’s purpose is to hold the ball etc to bring others into play. He’s the furthest player up the park and flicks long balls on and doing stupid flicks when you just want him to hold it up. For a big lad he’s as soft as they come. The 1st sign of contact and he’s on his arse. Does his better work off a striker. Good luck to the guy.
  6. The only downside on Rudden is the quality of his replacement. Rudden’s never good enough for us in my very humble opinion.
  7. He’s been training off and on with the club for a couple of months now I’m led to believe.
  8. A quick google appears to indicate Tolaj might be better left at Salford.
  9. The only way we’d lose out is if the replacement is worse than him. If he goes to the Saintees and scores a few then all good as he’d maybe work up a bit of interest in him and we can move him on for a fee in the summer.
  10. Are you about 12 ye fud? Is autocorrected to us, my bad. Do accept my apologies. Thank you x
  11. Unless your arse is parked on a seat inside Dens on Saturday you shouldn’t have access to the game. Couldn’t give a f**k if you’re living at the other end of the world.
  12. Broke the game up. Done away alright. Probably had a more effective game that I’m giving him credit for as Queens Park never had 1 shot at goal from inside our 18 yard box.
  13. Coyle’s not as bad as his usual pish in that interview. Still a havering c**t right enough. If there was another penalty in that game then it was on Thomas in the 2nd half. Solid performance today.
  14. Maguire broke things up and done away alright. Fisher was good. Thomas is clearly short on match sharpness. Improved as the game went on. Not convinced so far. Clampin, what an impression to make. Brilliant run for the 3rd goal. Only played about 15 minutes.
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