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  1. I’m disappointed to see Lamie stay at Motherwell. He would’ve greatly improved us defensively. Apparently only Jack Ross and Shaun Maloney left in the run for the manager’s job according to the courier. Wouldn’t grumble with either but I hope it’s Jack Ross
  2. I’d rather get shot of him tbh and the guy Chapman whoever he is
  3. 1st touch was like hitting a wall, 2nd touch was a battle, 3rd would get it under control. Some of the worst sitters missed by him that I can recall going to the games.
  4. Never won over me. Dreadful that he was our main striker in the premier league. Couldnae hit a coo’s arse wi a banjo.
  5. Strachan’s been in the game for 50 years and will have dealt with thousands of players and egos in that time. Doubt very much he’ll give the slightest f**k about a wee jakey fae Glasgow’s thoughts on him.
  6. All the best in your new job G Man. If you need any info on football I’ll no be far from here!
  7. Especially when they were being a d!ck about it. Was just a gentle reminder then the insults start again. If you want info on football G Man I’m yer man!
  8. What a strike from Charlie Adam tonight, not many in the league could produce a finish like that. Used correctly for me tonight coming on with 35-40 minutes left in the game and like others have said hopefully has another season in him. Mulligan was excellent tonight especially when he moved to right midfield. Shocking decision to rule his 1st goal offside and could have a big bearing on the season. What a difference with a team that can get about the park instead of the usual slow as f**k midfield.
  9. The boy Mulligan looks no bad at right midfield aye
  10. The state of this absolute drivel Owner puts in money When does McGhee’s contract run out…
  11. Ffs you’re no very good at reading then are you
  12. That squad he assembled had us as good as fucked from day 1 then his January transfer window confirmed it but then we all knew McPake wasn’t good enough.
  13. He’s over here (down in London) signing off of on the finance for the new stadium apparently. If you could spray paint Jack Ross IN at his mansion that’s should still suffice
  14. 🗣COS WE ARE THE DUNDEE DERRYBOYS Let’s get tore right intae the ferming community
  15. McGhee taking the pressure off the players ahead of the Saintees visit with the mad interview. Would’ve be all about must win by now.
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