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  1. That’s bang on for me. Looks like the problem was more Mulgrew and Watt than agent Ross.
  2. Have they really got a decent squad though? It looks very, very poor to me and a squad that had Siegrist, Edwards and Mulgrew bail them out time and again last season. Not surprised to see where they are tbh.
  3. I’d imagine that droning would be clueless where football’s concerned. Football’s least knowledgeable fans.
  4. Everywhere they go, Everywhere they go, Utd get battered everywhere they go. (not violent of course, they go amongst us as friends on non matchdays!)
  5. Gary’s been involved in the club’s youth set up for a number of years. As for the playing side of things he would’ve played senior football all his days if he didn’t choose to go into policing. He pretty much got chased out of Airdrie because he said in the match program the person he’d most like to meet was the Pope! If you talk to Gary he clearly knows his stuff about football and he’s very likeable guy that I doubt very few will have a bad word to say about him. Gary will easily get people on side with his personality and is the type you want representing our club. Would imagine his role is very small tbh, doubt he’ll have anything to do with agents and with being recently retired from the police doubt he will be on much money. Not much to fear in this appointment imho guys. Watching a game of football and figuring out who’s good and who’s not isn’t exactly difficult.
  6. Agreed and stop adding In bonuses of contract extensions if we get promoted. Fkd us over time and again under the Americans ownership.
  7. Excelled in the midfield 3 so we move him out wide!
  8. Yesterday’s ref and Derry side assistant were something special though. 100% the manager fucked up like the Ayr game but that’s largely on the ref yesterday. Some of the fouls he missed were unreal. Too many terrible decisions to type out!
  9. Very good post imo. The penalty about sums up Marshall tbh. Not a defender. I’m not for chasing the manager out the door but yesterday and the Ayr games have me worried. Bizarre selection and substitutions. I’d be peed off if I was Anderson or Cameron.
  10. Anyone starting to have the fear about our manager? Crazy team selection and the double substitution killed us yesterday. Not happy with the lack of game time that Anderson is getting either.
  11. Ach well, gives us a chance to get the walking wounded and Chapman available for the rearranged game.
  12. Not so sure it was worded he could piss off. The manager told him he wouldn’t get much game time therefore was free to find another club.
  13. Harsh on French imo. He’s been very good. Grayson made a good impression on his debut because he was winning tackles and his 1st thought on the ball was to play forward. Hasn’t done it since though and I think he’s left this ‘wand’ of his down south. Coach Byrne into playing forward would be to my liking. Rudden apparently said he’ll be fine after the game. Oh and on another issue Owen Coyle’s post match comments are fucking hilarious
  14. What an incredible finish from Robinson today
  15. Tribal. f**k Yenited and everycunt that sail’s with her. Thank you.
  16. Just the usual pulled up with no one near him at the Raith game If I recall correctly. Another gripe with the club is there doesn’t appear to be much in the way of any info about what injury the players have, how their recoveries going and where the f**k the likes if Chapman is. What’s the script with Sheridan, has he had another setback or is he just not getting selected Some club for continually paying a decent wedge on boys being out injured
  17. McPake can f**k off. We’re still dealing with his shitshow like the contract extension to permanently crock Jakubiak
  18. Not entirely sold on Robinson or Grayson tbh. Tyler French tho Maybe put in an offer for Ayr’s centre forward from Friday with the extra cash in the kitty?
  19. That’s the 3 I’m hoping for as well. Think the away team gets around 40% of the gate money so we should be looking at around 200k if there’s a crowd of 30 000 like last night plus tv money as I’d imagine it’ll be 1 of the 2 live games.
  20. It’s messy. Very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very messy.
  21. Can I get another greenie for highlighting The Niners think they only need a defensive midfielder
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