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  1. Strachan’s live on air at Talksport with Durham and Gough. Wonder if we get a wee mention and about his involvement. The small bit I’ve heard he thinks players at 18/19 should get themselves out on loan and play ‘real’ football but it’s up to them to decide for themselves. Sounding more Dundonian these days, which is no bad thing at all!
  2. He starting to standout here as well Neil, for the wrong reasons tho! Hopefully the Bald Baresi learns from his error and just puts his head through the ball the next time.
  3. The best 1 of them was Main’s goal kick at the dump that Keith Wright headered In 💪
  4. Oh well that weather forecast of yours is useless then. Kinda what I was getting at.
  5. I take it you’ve never either experienced playing football at the waterfront in Arbroath during the winter months or never been to Arbroath itself. A good chance there’s a fair bit of difference playing at Dens or down the road to Gayfield at this time of year.
  6. Stopped reading Jack Hamilton’s interview in tonight’s Tele at “he’s been excellent all season” when describing Forster. Must think our heads zip up the back.
  7. I’ll disagree about Hendry. A huge part of our game plan was built through his ability on the ball. Going to Celtic has appeared to ruin him. Hardly played any 1st team football to being thrown in at the deep end at right back in the Champions League. Between that and the Celtic fans blaming him for just about everything and slaughtering him on social media has I’d imagine totally ruined the guy’s confidence. Hopefully he sees out his contact at Celtic that sets him up for life as a get it up them to those who have slaughtered him.
  8. The only shock for me was that we let him go tbh. Keeping a player of that quality for another 5 months against getting 50k in the bank should’ve really been a no brainier.
  9. To say the vast majority still at the game after Dobbie’s 2nd goal turned on Forster is an understatement. He got possession of the ball after we kicked off again and he got the loudest boo’s of the game. I think there was 7 touches of the ball from when we equalised and Dobbie scored the winner and Dobbie had 3 of them. 🙈 Forster seems to have it in his head he’s some sort of hard man on the park, which he’s not and he seems to get caught up in this rather than just getting on with the game. Heard he offered a Dundee fan a square go in the car park immediately after the Inverness game last week, the man’s an arse.
  10. I’m not the kind to boo at games but I totally understand where those booing on Saturday were coming from. The manager has to take the flak for that one. We can all see those in the team that aren’t up to scratch yet still get a hell of a lot of game time and the layout of the team and possession based tactics are woefully short of what we are looking for. It’s all fine and well keeping possession but there has to be a purpose behind it. The amount of times Kerr got the ball on Saturday and turned back or inside because no one was out wide to receive the ball was ridiculous. On a more serious note why the f**k hasn’t he been punted yet?
  11. He certainly did. Great coach but his recruitment is shocking. Trying to remember back, I remembered the ICT fans weren’t too chuffed with him at the end.
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