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  1. I wasn’t even suggesting that ye fud. Engage yer brain and read.
  2. Looks like you’re unaware that training for top flight teams resumed on June 11th 😃 Full contact training started either yesterday or Monday for those clubs to have 5 weeks contact training before their season kicks off. At the end of the day the 8 games or so these teams had left could’ve easily been fitted in for those sides. No big deal if the traditional football calendar months are out of kilter for a couple of years. Dunfermline tho 😮
  3. According to Nelms it’s the Financial Conduct Authority that’s going to court.
  4. Just saw Nelms update and the rumoured 30% wage cuts. Looks like most things hinge on the FCA court hearing in July. Goes to plan and our insurance pays out and we’re covered until the season gets underway. Right now they’re doing the right thing by trying to cut the wage bill accordingly incase it doesn’t payout. As regards the season tickets, they’ll be up to around what they normally are a month or so before the season kicks off. Anyone that can afford to get a season ticket in the current climate will hopefully get 1.
  5. I thought Jimmy Nicholl’s days were numbered at the start of February down at Morton when he spent around half of halftime sat in the away dugout on his own. Wouldn’t be surprised to see everyone who got a short contract this summer being released as well unfortunately.
  6. Don’t tell the dabs or BoredomGuy tho. He also thinks he’ll make money out of them.
  7. You learn after a 2nd time! Granted I thought Peter would’ve made a success of it and I’d imagine most involved in football around Dundee at the time would’ve thought the same. Not many around our area with his kind of finances either. When the wage bill gets out of hand your up shit creek tho and I’m not sure he ever had losses in 1 season like Utd have in the last 2 seasons under Ogren’s watch.
  8. Facts 😂 a bit vague. I gave you facts about his business. As for the brains 😂 holy f**k. Regards the sales in different countries I take it Minnesota isn’t in the USA then. Gas/petrol stations for sale for 100 grand but you think he sold 1 for how much 😂
  9. Seeker of truth and justice. I see the dabs are quite precious over this subject.
  10. http://www.buzzfile.com/business/Croix-Oil-Company-651-439-5755 https://uk.businessesforsale.com/uk/search/gas-petrol-service-stations-for-sale-in-usa https://www.rightbiz.co.uk/petrol-stations-for-sale-in-uk.html?adwords=1&radius=5&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIqOfhk8qd6gIVB7TtCh3JQQxaEAAYASAAEgL2I_D_BwE
  11. I know, imagine thinking the petrol station with the wee dingy shop is worth between 3 & 6 million dollars each 😂
  12. No where it states anything like that. A quick google search clearly states they were sold to 2 different companies for an undisclosed figure, he employed 120 people in total. Mr Ogren doesn’t appear to be the easiest of men to gather information on. Who would’ve thought that between the shell, jet and Morrison’s garage on the Forfar road that they’d be worth anything up to £15m 😂
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