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  1. Heard the same about Bilio. Sad, sad stuff he was very good for us and shouldn’t have been frozen out by Ivano.
  2. Plenty of strikers don’t take penalties. For all we know he could’ve been on number 5. Lyall strikes the ball as good as anyone in our side yesterday. I thought he’d take 1, disappointed he didn’t put his foot through it. He’s not a goalscorer, never has been. He’s clearly a target man who’s in a side to hold the ball up, win headers, occupy the centrehalfs with the hope we get others running off him. Never a left winger.
  3. I don’t think he’s doing anything halfhearted. As far as I see he puts the effort in but nothing’s coming off for him. Comes on and guys are on his back from the minute he steps on the park. 100% he’ll hear this and will also know he’s getting abuse on social media putting himself under pressure before he’s kicked a ball. it doesn’t help him or the team. It’s 1 thing posting about him online but the abuse he gets at the games isn’t helping anyone. I’m sure he’ll admit this is the worst period and probably move in his career. 100% a McPake f**k up again. Offers an injury prone striker at the end of his career a 2 year deal. If I was Sheridan I’d bite his hand off for it and I’d 100% wouldn’t be walking away from that contract at this moment in time. We fucked up offering him a deal which for the benefit of the club comes to an end in 5 months time.
  4. Don’t really buy want? As soon as I heard the stat I hazard a guess with it being Dundee what the outcome would be and it materialised.
  5. Until today Carson had faced 8 penalties for St Mirren and let in all 8. Says it all really. Never at any point in the 120 minutes did we look like we were going to lose the game. Penalties are a lottery, hey ho.
  6. The amount of illnesses are no real as well. No other clubs seem to have this reoccurring problem. I hope the Butcher rumours are true.
  7. Except when they spit the dummy out against us.
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