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  1. It was a fantastic night, and I still have the highlights on video. Opps I'm showing my age lol
  2. Got this new aftershave called worms The birds love it.....
  3. LOL. They could share a taxi together plus room for another 2.
  4. Bring Yogi back, he'll kick a few arse's...
  5. Ps where's my McDonald's £1:99 burger ticket...YUM YUM
  6. Falkirk vs Brechin

    Is the free brechin game ticket (0-0 promotion) from 16th Dec still available for tonight's game I tried calling TFS can't get an answer cheers COYB
  7. QUESTION!!!!!.Why do we have to have the away supporters in the main stand nearly every week. Get them to F**K in the north stand........
  8. And I'll come and keep you company
  9. YEAH In his own net.
  10. Still have the video highlights.
  11. I still have the video highlights. There keeper had a nightmare in goals. Haha
  12. Correct.......COYB
  13. Nice support, where are they NOW!!!!
  14. I see Vaulks scored a screamer today for Rotherham..... Also perfect back flip.