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  1. Worst thing about today for me was that 2-0 flattered us. Some of the worst individual performances I've seen from Clyde players. Tade did more in his time on than most others combined but that wouldn't have been too tall a mountain to climb.
  2. Absolutely got away with one there. Clear handball
  3. You're not getting your bite but I will pass on the message to JB.
  4. I will double check. As far as I've been told it is execs and Premier through front door.
  5. Entrance is now through the turnstiles for the Arria. I will be at the front door directing/chasing as required [emoji1]
  6. Shambolic. Utterly horrific performance all over the park.
  7. Will there be a stream available? Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  8. Owen Andrew (pen), Deveney, and Jones x2. Their goal was a pen (yup evening friendlies we can't help ourselves) Was very much a second string squad for us. Had to Google them as had no idea who they were. https://evrofootballpro.com/
  9. Given we already have a more than able replacement, a decent five figure sum is not that bad given we are a PT club and he had less than a year left on his contract. If we kept Mitch and lost him for nothing Parry would have been snapped up elsewhere too.
  10. It won't be a free transfer. Won't be a huge amount either and will no doubt be "undisclosed".
  11. The interview with Gordon Thomson will be live at 7pm for anyone wanting to catch it. Can be watched anytime too if you miss it at 7 on the same link.
  12. Last night i feel went well and we covered a variety of subjects from the submitted questions over the 65 minutes of recording. Time did derail us however due to studio bookings but we have commitment from Gordon to appear on further episodes so if a specific topic/question wasn't answered or answered to what you were hoping for we will have other opportunities using this channel of communication and hopefully others too. Link will be posted up on the website tomorrow for when it is aired at 7pm.
  13. No internal appointments here, we are fans wanting the same answers as all others fans want hence why we asked him if he would come on. I am not an trained interviewer by any stretch of the imagination and we are not going in to this to start a fight and confront from the off but we are not going to shy away from asking questions because we volunteer at the club in a number of positions. We will ask any question that comes in to us to the chairman but this should only be a starter to greater communication from all at the club. It does not fulfil any promise on that front but it is a step in the right direction however big or small it is deemed. Edited to add : Article up with details on how to submit questions. I locked myself out of this account so couldn't post them earlier. https://www.clydefc.co.uk/news/2021/08/23/6896/#.YSP-9o5Kg2w
  14. Got confirmation we are recording an interview with the new chairman on Wednesday so if you have any questions details will be on the website later today with how to submit these. You can DM me on here with any too. We have a few already on recruitment unsurprisingly, so try and cover all other club matters or this could be a bland 1 hour. We do have our own set of questions but would be great to have as many fans use this opportunity as possible to get their questions answered. We will be publishing the full interview on Friday at 7pm instead of the usual live show.
  15. He has agreed to come on the podcast to answer questions from fans so if anyone wants to ask something drop us a message on twitter or email it to [email protected] com We will ask all questions we get(provided its not offensive) and will announce date etc once that is all finalised and get something on the website about it too. A good chance to get answers to questions that fly about various forums adresses and get a better idea on the different elements of his initial statement.
  16. Feel for Alloa fans that their board has possibly fallen for the media swanning over Ferguson winning the title with Kelty or have the same thoughts as them. An even lesser manager than Ferguson could have won the Lowland League with the squad he was able to assemble. Like shooting fish in a barrel. Even in the 90 minute snippet we got to see everything we experienced for a number of years. Next up will be players being moved on, even ones just signed, and the next conveyor belt of new signings to happen. Then rinse and repeat come January.
  17. More than happy to ask if they would be willing to come on. Hoping to get board members on to for Q&A sessions, had been hoping to do this in late June but I...well...forgot [emoji38] Edited to add : Someone is going to ask on Saturday for me.
  18. Think we can make 5 subs which is a good thing. Unfortunately one of them isn't Goody. At least 3 at HT. Subs that is.
  19. Our budget is bigger this year going by what was presented by the FD not too long ago(20% up). Problem is, it's likely so too is every other team's. We clearly need reinforcements and early signs aren't good and Danny playing about with positions we have to hope is trying to see what works and what won't. But writing off guys like McGrath is unfair just now. Let these guys have more than 20 minutes before condemning them to the scrap heap IMO. Yesterday was shambolic, there is no disguising or getting away from it. Was it up there with Stuart Millar days etc? Not for me. We had a game were every single player, whether you class them as good to not up to standard, was off it(to say the least) and Dumbarton were on it. That can happen in football but work has to be done to stop it before it becomes habit. Loan markets have been ok for us (Lang, Otoo, Jamieson) and it's that now that I expect we will go down. We need about 4 I would say of that calibre and success to help this team that already look shot of any confidence they had. It's never easy eh?
  20. Every single experienced player has let us down. Horror show from us.
  21. Every time the ball is in our half we look utterly terrified.
  22. Danny does touch in hyperbole from time to time but he also said the performance was poor and went as far as apologising for it. The defending, Balatoni aside, was nowhere near the level we need going forward but this was our first competitive match of the season and we were in neutral the whole match and won. Lucky? Yes. Time for panic? Not for me. Half a new squad still gelling etc.
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