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  1. I think this could pass in the lower league vote (although not 100% certain) but getting anything to pass a 11-1 vote in the top flight will be the real difficulty. You are asking chairpersons of the smaller top flight teams to take a hit to their cut of fees which will likely not be insignificant to their budgets.
  2. The constant cry from OF fans of "we will take a couple of thousand to games" or similar is pure fantasy. When we played Celtic Colts in the Glasgow Cup there was at most 100 away fans and I'm probably being generous. Granted that's not the biggest tournament in the country but seems comparible to attendances in the Challenge Cup involving colt teams. No attendance has increased beyond normal average League attendances, most have dropped when those teams are involved. So where are all these fans? Buying 200 tickets would be no different or us than an away attendance from Stirling or Queens Park. Truth is their fans care as much for their Colt teams as the rest of Scottish football does.
  3. So how is all of our pocket money from Auntie Ann to be split?
  4. Scottish Football absolutely needs new blood and that's at both the SPFL board and SFA. This potential independent investigation would have been an untimely and ill-needed distraction for some clubs who should primarily be focussing on staying above water. Us abstaining hasn't swung it either way and I'm not fussed as a result. Change is absolutely needed long term in our game but we need to make sure there is a game to build and sell in the future first.
  5. Mathematically ourselves and Peterhead could still make the promotion playoffs. That was as likely as Stranraer getting out of trouble. Same with others at the foot of their leagues If you've struggle to pick up wins throughout the season that very rarely changes overnight after a sprinkling of wishful thinking and hoping for miracles. This game in hand Thistle had more than likely meant nothing too given that they hadn't won a match since December.
  6. Yeah and Thislte, Alloa and Queen of the South will still be two title wins from Champions League football. Both statements are about as relevant as each other.
  7. Whilst the term relegation is perhaps not exactly true as you say, the outcomes of a normal relegation are what we would be on the end of if this was to happen.
  8. This whole "They're still in league 1" thing is just a guise. If they called/named the new leagues Premier, Second and Third would people then acknowledge that ourselves, Peterhead and Forfar would be playing at a lower league standard through no fault of our own? I doubt it. We would be playing in the lowest tier of Scottish football when currently we are not, calling it League 1 doesn't change that. There is a massive difference between playing Falkirk 4 times a season than playing Annan Athletic, in both being able to attract players and also being able to afford them from what would clearly be a significant increase in attendances. You can replace Falkirk with Thistle and Annan with pretty much anyone, aside from Stirling, and the point would stand. It would affect clubs being placed in to a poorer league twofold.
  9. When the league was stopped we were closer to promotion playoffs that automatic relegation.
  10. Or relegated from second bottom tier to bottom tier.
  11. So it isn't unfair that we would be in a position where we are budgeting on away crowds consistently under 100 against being in the same league as Falkirk and Thistle that bring ten times that? Or it being more attractive to sponsors etc to advertise to larger crowds. That and being able to attract or keep better players also from playing a higher standard of opposition.
  12. First one is poor quality and the 4th didn't even make it on to a body part. Would not recommend that tattooist.
  13. It's a long game granted, but one I think we should let play out if it gets the Tories out of power.
  14. Many of those applauding the NHS workers will be the same people that have gutted supermarkets for the last fortnight leaving them with f**k all coming off shifts. But at least they got a few likes on Facebook.
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