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  1. "An ambitious full time club" that was 10 points behind part time Arbroath having played a match more last season and have failed to beat us, Cove and Dumbarton this season too. Might need to channel that ambition into winning more matches IMO.
  2. The whole stream is down much to the annoyance of Rangers fans. Every cloud and that...
  3. Great result but still much to improve on. Have to take confidence that we ground that out.
  4. Would have taken a draw over 90 before the game so to not even see that out is poor but nobody would be expecting that type of mistake from Vajs. Its a shocker and it would have stopped the run of losses we are on.
  5. Defensively better from us one or two scares aside. Robertson looks a tidy intelligent player, hopefully more game time will help him improve further. Still think there is more from us going forward but would take another 45 just like that if we get the win.
  6. Shite from first to last minute. Defence horrible. Midfield likewise and Goody left to stand himself getting soaked. Peterhead worthy of their win without really being great either but more purpose to them at points.
  7. Wind is howling near the stadium just to make Peterhead players and staff feel at home.
  8. Season tickets holders got the match at a reduced price only so still part of the PPV figures. Sad and worrying times for the poor folks that are losing their jobs. Hopefully for their sakes they get sorted soon. Sadly this is likely not going to be the last club to take similar decisions.
  9. If you drop an email to [email protected] they might be able to help.
  10. I'm giving an opinion on what was on here and elsewhere, you're jumping to insults. Hopefully the match will be rescheduled sooner rather than later.
  11. That's fair enough then that work was at least done. That's all you can ask and that clarity would have helped when it was announced IMO.
  12. Nope but 3 words in the announcement would haven stopped any of this discussions. "Despite best efforts" or something along those lines. Or is everyone currently boarding Noah's Ark and we have all grossly underestimated the rainfall?
  13. If it turns out they were working on the pitch then fine, but there has been nothing even from the club so far to suggest this is the case. If that is the case it seems stupid given what the weather was like.
  14. Seems to be a few angrier at Clyde fans annoyance at the match being off rather than what appears to be very little attempt this morning to work on the pitch knowing fine well the weather was to be what it was overnight.
  15. The SPFL official twitter account has went on a like spree of less than complimentary tweets from Hearts fans.
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