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  1. I understand the reaction to Lyon but can we at least let Rodden play first before throwing him on the scrapheap?
  2. I'm sure it wad said at a previous Q&A when asked that we would be going back to black shorts and red socks. Not sure if that comes with a change in design of the home top.
  3. A full recording of the meeting will be available to watch.
  4. Darren Young wouldn't know a footballer is Messi walked up and slapped him in the face. Delighted to have Ray back. We never replaced him when he moved to Alloa, so finding him as the perfect replacement for him is...well....perfect.
  5. Whilst would be better to finish higher up I don't think the prize money is hugely improved per higher placing. Can't find this seasons, but previous there was 2.5k difference per place in the league. Then again beggars can't be choosers and every little helps.
  6. Whilst it undoubtedly costs us in the title challenge we did finish 27 points ahead of 5th placed Stirling so playoffs were never really in danger.
  7. Looks a pretty clear stamp with his right foot.
  8. Window to loan players is open until the end of February I'm sure.
  9. We absolutely need to use the Ioan market to fill the gap as best we can, however we lost 1 match in a run that he barely played in since beating Falkirk. Staying away from 9th still the priority and we have a gap just now. Lewis Jamieson is a very capable player, a similar standard to him up top and another addition in midfield and I think we will be fine. It's undoubtedly going to be tough though.
  10. That's quite the identity crisis Lewis Jamieson had yesterday. Fair enough being called Nick McAllister as he was at least on the pitch but Euan Deveney is some going when he left the club weeks ago.
  11. First half good, especially the first 25. Second half we sat deeper and deeper and looked out on our feet. So many players limping out the stadium after the game. Is it pretty? No. Have we improved? Yes. Results clearly show this and this group are giving everything and more. Mon the fitba team!
  12. The exact opposite [emoji1]. It just makes it swirl.
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