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  1. Clyde vs Albion Rovers

    Job done and hopefully at least one returning striker next week.
  2. Clyde vs Albion Rovers

    A few scares at the back from over playing. Not playing great but Morrison has made 3 fantastic saves to keep Albion in it.
  3. After coming through last week's aerial bombardment unscathed and with a valuable point, home comforts await this week in what should be a much more comfortable game. Should be.... With Edinburgh idle, the chance to move just 3 points off the summit is there to be taken. Given Peterhead's recent return of points it's not unthinkable they may drop points at home to our pals from Hampden also. I assume DGW is still a bit away from returning, last I heard he was doing no contact training, but the same team as last week won't be an issue. Far more likely to be the ones dictating play so guys like Boyle and Lamont will be key in creating chances for us. 2-0 Clyde. Prince of Norway and Ally Love to bag the goals.
  4. Annan Athletic vs Clyde

    From a perfectly fair challenge on the pitch. As opposed to two players shoving ours whilst off the pitch next to a concrete wall. McStay was lucky. Your boy was unlucky and going by your Twitter he’s fine and will be training this week.
  5. Annan Athletic vs Clyde

    Two mammoth performances from Currie and Lang got us a point today. Could be a huge point. It’s still a 3-way shootout for this title.
  6. Annan Athletic vs Clyde

    One massive issue was Wimbledon were good at it. We were mediocre at best [emoji23]
  7. Annan Athletic vs Clyde

    Nicol was on our books before he went to Annan so we should discount him too on that technicality.
  8. Annan Athletic vs Clyde

    We’re well over that faze. Although thanks for Cuddihy [emoji7]
  9. Annan Athletic vs Clyde

    Yeah my bad. Meant to say once in that time frame. A goal completely if our own doing. No team has opened us up in that time frame.
  10. Annan Athletic vs Clyde

    Yeah and luckily for Annan all of our boys are underperforming at the moment....oh.... There are normally goals when we meet at Galabank. Missing Goody is never, well, good but our defensive record of 540 minutes without conceding is impressive and will likely be put to the test. I’ll take a 1-0 Clyde. Love to bag the winner.
  11. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    Can’t comment for all volunteers but me and the wife bought season tickets that we’ve yet to actually use it at a turnstile (possibly once in a weekend off from match day duties). But can’t comment on all circumstances as many are there before us or after, nor do I know if all have season tickets or not. I would hope that those that aren’t paid up in advance (season tickets or other memberships) would pay their way. Something that if doesn’t happen certainly should. As for comps for players families etc, never understood it. Unless the comp is for someone with a loose cheque book and a fondness for writing large numbers then there’s nothing to be gained.
  12. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    This is normally the stage clubs at this level feel the pinch. Initial cash flow from season tickets etc tends to be used by now. Without the cup run last year the financial results were worse. We’ll be in a similar position I would think but Norrie doesn’t appear to be the type of person to accept that and I think this is a push to sort that rather than us haemorrhaging money. Well we all certainly hope it’s that.
  13. Stirling Albion v Clyde

  14. Clyde vs Cowdenbeath

    Deserved and hard fought victory. Scrappy 1st with few chances but 2nd half was better and if it wasn’t for a fantastic save from McGurn big Kriss would have bagged his first for us. Goal came from one of the unlikeliest of sources but took it superbly on the volley from a wonderful Boyle cross. It might just need 1 goal victories until Goody is back and this team are ready to deliver what’s needed. The next 3 months are going to be interesting.
  15. Clyde vs Cowdenbeath

    It’s obviously a tricky match but is it really generous at 8/1 when we are undefeated in 3 months?