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  1. We have 11 players signed up at present. Much work still to be done clearly but still time to do it. We may have more players signed than some in our league.
  2. From 10 minutes from safety to 90 minutes of nerve wrecking football to secure our safety. Whatever team East Fife put out tomorrow it would be great if they have one eye on the beach sitting in their garden all summer relaxing. Only thing that is giving me some confidence is their poor away form this season (Yes, the 3-1 game at Broadwood!)
  3. I think there is more force in the arm movement than just falling. Either way didn't effect the outcome but a guy has a broken cheek bone as a result.
  4. Opposite angle looks much worse with the Howie incident. That's a red card even if it hadn't resulted in a broken cheek bone such as it has.
  5. Like the Dumbarton fans on the Forfar match thread thanking them. It's football, fans are going to wind each other up.
  6. Howie out with a broken jaw and looking back at it, certainly looks like an arm is swung.
  7. And it was like listening to John Motson when Stef McCluskey was on when we played you earlier in the season...
  8. Is it too much to ask it stays like this and Peterhead win on Tuesday?
  9. May as well get this started. For us the ask is simple, win and it's in our own hands. Not much confidence to take from recent matches against Dumbarton, or others for that matter. Draw means watching scores on Tuesday night with everything crossed. Defeat and an already sizeable uphill task would look like mountain to climb in the playoffs. Just win Clyde eh! Please...
  10. Forfar have to come out this half which should hopefully open up some space for Goody. Huge 45 minutes coming up.
  11. Given the way this season has unfolded it would not be the most unbelievable outcome.
  12. What happens if results aren't known ahead of kick off? Do we still use the original tests? Will those in charge have any idea and will communicated this to the clubs....probably not.
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