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  1. I reckon it's by design to try and get a fast start, ie what happened on Sat.
  2. Any word on our game next week moving to the Fri? I noticed that Syngenta lot are playing on the Sat, and I'm sure I read they take priority if Stenny are away?
  3. Didn't appreciate at the timd just how well Connell does for the 3rd goal, really well played. Some fucking hit by Brown. That's a cracking 2nd goal by Ayr also.
  4. Aye, I thought he had a similar impact to Nouble at Arbroath. Even though he didn't have much moments of quality as such, his presence forced play and possession in that area of the pitch.
  5. It's strange, could clearly see that lad is a real handful. However thr 2 centre backs did a pretty good job, the first Ayr goal aside.
  6. First half was superb. Kept Ayr quiet and the work rate was superb. Great finish from Connell who had a good game. Ayr came into it more in the 2nd half and probably were worth the draw. We struggled without a target man to give us a genuine out ball, and I would have taken a draw at that point. To grind out the win is quite impressive really. Still work to do, but if we see that level of effort then there's not much more we can ask for.
  7. You must be absolutely raging that a player you have critised and chastised at every single opportunity has such an impact today. Plenty to work on, but the effort was fantastic today. That's the most pressing aspect.
  8. Connell scoring, Musonda done up like a kipper for the goal, and a seaside league signing scoring the winner. Not a good weekend for some.
  9. Ach, we've been outplayed by a better tram so far this half.
  10. Encouraging half, but seen enough from Ayr that half to suggest this game is far from done. Big improvement though, especially looking at the players who are missing.
  11. Keeping everyone back at corners is a great tactic, always loved it
  12. Pretty clear booing at back of the South Stand.
  13. Before Gullan was injured, I was really frustrated at how poor this side were in front of goal and in the opposition box. We looked significantly worse after he went off against ICT, which is pretty terrifying. I'd be delighted to shit fest any type of result here. Defeat however would mean 5 defeats in 7 games, which does become difficult to put any kind of spin on - to say the least.
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