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  1. This section here all the way up the touchline. I have to say, my first impressions when I went down to the ground was that 900 will be a stretch....
  2. Mcglynn will be hoping we are playing well tomorrow , this is the Rovers section
  3. Cove always had a poor support in the Highland League, even at their old ground. They are riding the crest of a wave at the moment, but the only people I know who go to games are Aberdeen fans who go when Aberdeen are away. At the end of the day it's a shit ground in a shit location, they may keep some momentum as long as they are successful but any period of mediocrity and they will fade away I reckon.
  4. My local, stay about 5 mins walk from there.
  5. Next to train station at Dyce? It's called Sea Salt and Sole and the pub is the Spiders Web. Only other place I can think of fitting that description would be Davies Fish Bar and a pub called the Four Mile, they are on the way towards the airport.
  6. To be fair, Ross played well against Inverness. We would have won the game if he stayed on.
  7. Still same place. Closed for a couple of years but opened up again a couple of months back under new owners.
  8. Went down to the ground last night to scope it out and it was open so had a wander through. Game will be segregated, and the bulk of the Rovers support will be along the far side, opposite the stand.
  9. Reckon it's close to sold out. For the number of groups to have sold the allocation would need 2.6 tickets per group on average, which seems reasonable guess.
  10. City centre. There's Aitchies Ale House which is is across from the station, which is my preferred option, but may be busy with Aberdeen fans and limited space with table service. Failing that, Market St and Union St are just up the road with plenty pubs. Probably 20 min walk to the ground or a fiver or so in a taxi.
  11. It's all industrial estates. There is a Tesco 5 mins from ground but its usually busy and has few spaces. Banks O Dee will never have had a crowd as big as this so no idea how the parking will work out. There's multi story car parking at train station and Union Square which is 20 min walk or so.
  12. It's all industrial estates. There is a Tesco 5 mins from ground but its usually busy and has few spaces.
  13. All the winning group numbers go up in order, with exception of one. Looks like one group missed out.
  14. Teams that are predictable are easy to play against. When you play with no real width, and nothing resembling a target man, it makes trying to stifle a passing game so much easier. I've been perhaps a bit harsh on Jamie Gullan, but he isn't the answer to the problem up top. He is a very good supplement to our striking options, but he absolutely is not the solution. We need another option up front or we will not finish in the top 4, as launching long balls up to him ain't going to cut it. The players were pretty much fucking awful to a man yesterday. Benedictus has found himself propelled straight into the team when he really shouldn't, Lang and Berra is the best partnership. Musonda and Tumilty were confused by each others presence, and really had to do better at that goal. That said, I don't think we win that game yesterday with everyone on their A game with that shape or system. Reading between the lines with his post match comments from ICT, would appear that Zanatta and possibly even Connolly were benched to make a point. Now we have a situation where the replacement system hasn't worked, difficult one to manage. Massive challenge for McGlynn now. There has been a lot of deserved praise this season, but I personally think the "We are only x points off top at Jan, we would have all taken that " line is running out of steam. This was a golden chance to be title contenders at this level, the best in a generation, and the past month has seen that began to erode in a really dissapointing fashion. Looks like a real missed opportunity. Can't help but feel the massive unbeaten run and the downfall from losing that has had a negative effect. Things were built up to such a huge degree, unbelievable when you consider the current feeling. Don't get me wrong, the season hasn't suddenly turned to shite, but I fear this will be one of "what if" rather than one we can look back on with genuine affection.
  15. Jamie Gullan isn't the answer. Offers absolutely nothing if asked to play a lone striker role like today. Granted, we created little for him, but if that is the conclusion our business for attacking players then we won't finish in the top 4. The title is gone, its about trying to get to the playoffs now.
  16. Arbroath easily deserved that. Was a weird shape and system we played today, but when you have virtually zero attacking threat and a defence that looks a shadow of itself then it's going to be a long day.
  17. Varian at least gives some work rate etc- Gullan has offered absolutely zero.
  18. Dare I say it, we miss Varian. Jamie Gullan is not the answer to the centre forward question, as useful as he may prove to be.
  19. Benefictus simply has to make way for Lang for the next game, he's been really poor today. PS stop the fucking awful corners please.
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