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  1. Game and atmosphere were both really flat after the first goal. That said, was a professional performance. Berra and Benedictus strolled it, again, so it was really dissapointing to concede late on. Still, don't think we have hit our top gear yet and we are 2nd. That first goal was superb in terms of build up play. Arbroath will be fine, but once Nouble goes it will be a hell of a challenge to replace him.
  2. They created virtually zero until their goal.
  3. Strolled that in the end, despite not really getting out of 2nd gear. Keep Nouble quiet and Arbroath really aren't great. Solid, but average.
  4. Plenty life in this,game. We've no been great at all.
  5. Arbroath have had a great start to the season and have a good side, I don't think 4-500 would be an unreasonable expectation
  6. Was expecting at least double that away support.
  7. Bates career is a bit of a sham tbh. Looked decent with us, but not much more than that. Got signed by Rangers on the back of a good game against an ageing Kenny Miller. I don't think he's done anything to suggest that he's good enough for Aberdeen. He's built an entire career on the back of Rangers taking a punt on him. Cheers for Ethan Ross btw.
  8. Considering the size of Kirkcaldy and Glenrothes, the club has vastly under performed.
  9. Get the Spanish boy oan! Been a while since we've had one of those.
  10. That's probably because the club ordered a rugby pitch by mistake, apparently.
  11. The games in season 18 19 had a bit of extra needle, but that may be as we were both aiming for the title (lol). Seen the same with Ayr and Falkirk in recent years, and the games tend to go back to normal in time. A good game between two good teams and a good crowd will always help, however.
  12. I would agree with that. On our day we are right up there, but lack of squad depth will hurt us. Shame, as I don't think we are a million miles away from being genuine title challengers.
  13. Standard win. East Fife are absolute dung, sad to see how far they have fallen. Onto the next round, I guess. Poplatnik looked sharp when he came on, and Connolly was superb.
  14. I presume its the awful "sex offender " song that has reared its head.
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