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  1. I tend to find that watching a game of football gives you a better idea of how it went than not watching it, but that's just me.
  2. Fitness levels didn't really die off at all as the half went on, it was a game we were controlling. Completely came down to that defending. Nolan and Lang were fine and have been fine, the entire team comes back to defend set pieces. Spencer is clearly at fault for that goal.
  3. We would have been well in the hunt today if we had won. Which would have been important for keeping gates as high as possible, in order to bring much needed revenue. The past 2 league games have seen 4 vital points thrown away.
  4. That's frustrating. Very similar to Cove, a good overall performance but thrown away by absolutely awful defending from a set piece. Can see what Murray is trying to do, and there is positivity for the future, but we've absolutely thrown away a play off challenge.
  5. I'd like to think that the timings of us progressing to the next round of the cup, and Connell signing elsewhere are more than a coincidence.
  6. That can't be right, we were assured by some on here that Murray was "obsessed" with signing him.
  7. Probably got the best midfield in the league, a bang average defence, and virtually nothing in the way of centre forwards. I don't think we will play bad, but we generally need a few fantastic chances for every goal scored, a luxury we will be unlikely to get.
  8. Aberdeen were knocked out largely because they didn't match Darvel's work rate. That was never going to happen to us tonight - say what you like about the quality, but that team work incredibly hard. Job done.
  9. Some of the fans in the enclosure were a bit, partisan, so I'm glad I moved behind the goals when the Gullan goal/not goal situation was unfolding Job done, a really professional 2nd half.
  10. Playing like a team full of good midfielders, but nothing resembling a striker. Which is such a surprise.
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