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  1. That's the biggest part for me. After having to try and cobble something together out of the shit show that Smith left behind, Mcglynn has been building this squad for a couple of seasons now. Makes such a difference when there is an actual plan in place. As much as Zanatta and Berra may not be everyones cup of tea, I like that fact that Mcglynn knows what he wants at this stage already. Thats good enough for me. Trust the manager.
  2. Well, that is a pleasant surprise. Really happy for the lad and absolutely desperate for this to work out.
  3. P90's are the only way to fly.
  4. In reality, with Dunfermline and Dundee playing each other, Queens being another contender, and this being the game in hand over ICT...a draw is actually fine. A win would be massive though, especially after dropping daft points at the weekend.
  5. Was Corbetts details not deleted from the police database when he went on that undercover mission in series 5? I may have made that up.
  6. Unless that whining started happening after 70 minutes, I would doubt that happened. Also, there are a couple of PT players in our squad,so seems a bit unlikely.
  7. Thought we saw the best and the worst of this Rovers side today. We played some nice stuff in the first half, and didn't give Arbroath a sniff of the ball after an early chance. Got a deserved goal, and whilst we didn't threaten a huge amount, looked really comfortable. The dynamic began to change in the 2nd half. Arbroath began to exploit our weaknesses and, to be honest, we got a 2nd goal that we didn't really deserve. That should have been enough for us to shut up shop, but that is a huge weakness in this side. Winning ugly. We haven't done it anywhere near regularly enough this season. Arbroath just went for it and in the end could easily have won it. We didn't exactly have oodles of quality on the bench, but the game was crying out for a change up top. Some kind of different outball to try and ease the pressure. In the end, the change that was made was a defender. That's fine, providing that you actually defend. Otherwise, it essentially meant game over in terms of the win after 80 mins - as the team was set up not to concede - and did. That said, its another game gone and we are still 2nd. It was a huge opportunity lost today, can't really argue that, but 4 games to go and 5 points clear in 4th with a good goal difference. I would have settled for that before the game. Arbroath looked better than Morton in that they put up a fight towards the end, but didn't see much between them and Ayr. Will be a tight run to the finish there. Good luck anyway.
  8. Thats the real frustration. We can play like that, but the dynamic of the game shifted after Arbroath got the goal back and thats where we tend to struggle. There is a very, very good side there, somewhere. Just lacking in certain areas. I would have settled for the league table looking like that at full time, easily, but that feels like a really big result - not in a good way.
  9. Really disappointing from a Rovers perspective. 2nd half was dreadful, and in reality the 2nd goal masked the fact that a change up front was needed. Making defensive changes, to then lose a soft goal, isn't great. Credit to Arbroath who certainly deserved the draw.
  10. Solid if a bit unspectacular. Haven't threatened in front of goal much other than the goal.
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