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  1. It shows how fucking awful much of that team was that we were nowhere near going up even with Nisbet in the team. Any credit Barry Smith gets for signing him is completey removed by the absolute nightmare he made if trying to assemble a squad that season.
  2. To be fair, travelling to another part of the country with players who potentially may be infected isn't great. Football cant be socially distanced on the pitch, so the game being played depends on players sticking to the protocols. If they don't, then I don't think its unreasonable that the game is postponed to stop the virus spreading from one part of the country to another.
  3. The Hawthorn Bar, where the cluster is said to have started, stated on their Facebook page that they were visited by Environmental Health and given the go ahead to continue trading with their measures in place. Somebody from NHS Grampian was on Original 106 FM this morning saying that they were aware of this cluster developing before the weekend, which is when the scenes outside Soul Bar occurred. Obviously they weren't great, but the outbreak was underway before then.
  4. If the player has been out in an affected part of the city, and then went to training, there could be up to 14 days surely before the virus develops? Just because players are tested twice a week, and found to be negative, doesn't mean that they cant pass the virus on in the days that follow (unless I'm misunderstanding) It doesn't bode particularly well for football fans attending games when our season starts, in my opinion. Long way away still of course.
  5. I liked Miller and was disappointed we didn't keep him, until we signed Tumilty. He was best for us at Right Back, and we have now signed someone better in that position it would appear so I'm happy enough. I'm sure he will do absolutely fine though.
  6. There were obvious issues over the past few weeks with many places up here. Soul Bar has been the biggest example, ques like that had been the norm for weeks and apparently track and trace data capture was random, at best. Primark on Union St had similar ques outside. I don't really know what this means going forward though. Outbreaks and clusters will happen, and once furlough is gone a sporadic impulse lockdown just won't work for businesses. Not to say it isn't the right thing from a health point of view, but I cant help but feel that the furlough scheme has given some of the people up here a slightly false sense of perspective. Assuming furlough ends in October, this type of action will be crippling for businesses going forward - and if this is the way the country will react to localised clusters and outbreaks, then that's what will happen. I'm not really sure what Aberdeen has done wrong that no other major town or city in Scotland hasn't though. Every town has arseholes who are even bigger arseholes after a drink. I cant help but feel that the movement of people on/off shore as well as movement of people around the country to get here in the first place to go offshore, is our point of differentiation. I guess there had possibly been a false sense of security given Aberdeen's relatively remote location, and the Grampian area seeing low or no cases lately.
  7. Anyone know it works for new tickets next week regarding seats. Are they assigned or can we choose? Trying to make sure I can try get my Dad and myself close together.
  8. Full list: Bieldside Inn, Bobbin, Brewdog, Buckie Farm Carvery, Café Andaluz, Café Dag, Café Drummond, The Cock & Bull, College Bar, The Dutch Mill, Dyce Carvery, East End Social Club, Ferryhill House Hotel, Hawthorn/Adam Lounge, The Howff, The Justice Mill, The Marine Hotel, McGinty's, McNasty's, Malmaison, Moonfish Café, No.10 Bar, O'Donoghues, Old Bank Bar, Prohibition, Soul, Spiders Web and The Draft Project
  9. Can't help but wonder what impact offshore has maybe played in this up here?
  10. Possibly. The cluster started on Sunday July 26.
  11. Being honest, getting £150k for someone who was unknown last year and who had a decent season in League 1 is a great bit of business. He may not make it at Fulham, and we won't know for a long time, but at least if he does then we will see something come back to the club.
  12. Flip side to this is that we have been able to honour player contracts and not have any redundancies or job losses other than the usual out of contract players moving on. I understand that it does not look particularly great (I wasn't happy about crowdfunding for the legal bills) but the club had introduced the initial crowd funding as a direct response to please from the fans to help. Nobody was forced to contribute at the end of the day, and there was no express purpose put on what the funds would be used for. It does seem to have rattled a few fans of other clubs though, in particular one Falkirk fan who has a real bee in his bonnet about the director who introduced the scheme. As for next season, I'd hope we will be solid enough but there will be no mugs in this league. Its tempting to point towards the part time sides, but that would be foolish as there is little to suggest that they will struggle any more than we will. A lot for us will depend on how Hendry and Vaughan adapt to the step up in quality, and how fit they are. And general squad fitness. We were absolutely decimated by injuries last season, which is a shame as even our injury hit squad was the best in the league, had we kept everyone fit we would have been far more comfortable at the top of the league.
  13. Trust Mcglynn re the Duku signing. Granted the last unknown player didn't work out, but I imagine he would at least a bit more of an idea about this one. Pleased we have signed an actual right back. We now look like having actual full backs covering both sides. What a time to be alive. Interesting to see how Hendry and Vaughan get on this season, but if we can keep them and our full backs fit, and recruit sensibly for remaining positions, then I'm sure we will be fine. I've seen Tumilty described as a "lower Championship" standard right back. Even if that is the case, that is a considerable upgrade on our right back situation in recent years.
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