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  1. We melted down the gold statue of Mcglynn so we can trade that?
  2. My feeling re Poplatnik is the same as I felt re Gullan in Jan. Happy enough for him to supplement our strike force, not to complete it. I got carried away a bit by his late season form, but that performance at home to Pars in Jan was grim for example. Prompted the "our strikers dinnae score goals " statement which set the wheels in motion for you know what.
  3. I hope this is someone coming in and building on top of Mcglynns solid foundation, with a different take on things.
  4. Yeah, if I was told leaving Starks Park after the Killie game that Murray would be in place a month later I'd be happy.
  5. League 1 standard, decent move for him. Unless that #2 is his squad number @Against The Machine
  6. Don't think its an obviously bad appointment, at the end of the day won promotion from the Championship and had them with a chance of staying in Premiership. Some fairly obvious caveats, but wouldn't have it in the Grant category.
  7. It's the reason why we lost Kieran McDonald last year so possibly. The club have been offering support to players for life after football so may be down to that.
  8. Nothing to suggest that so far, but that's not to say it hasn't happened. Mcglynn made a big thing about being completely full time last season but obviously he's away...
  9. All I can remember about Murrays Airdrie side was that they played every minute as if there was 2 minutes of injury time left. Was really bizarre to watch. That said, I'd be happy enough. He's obviously improved Airdrie and they were within a few seconds of bring Cove down to the wire.
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