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  1. That's a decent point. This league is the only one where you couldn't say a team has proved themselves as worthy champions. That's why I can see Celtic being awarded the title. But they'd have to do that across the board.
  2. When you look at our level of donations compared to other clubs, some higher up than ourselves, it was a shrewd move to put the appeal out as early as we did. Football clubs have no income now. No shame in trying to gain some additional support.
  3. I would be happy enough just to have football to watch after the summer, if its in this league then so be it. I reckon we could win it next season if we can escape the shutdown without too much damage.
  4. By the same token, fans of clubs who have had boring or poor seasons would likely feel different if their team were top of the league.
  5. Yeah, I'd like to think he's trying to ensure donations don't hit a brick wall and everyone thinks it's all great again.
  6. Our chairman quoted in the press as saying the indication he's getting from the SPFL is that they won't null and void.
  7. He did mention before the VAT bill would be an issue.
  8. Over £1k for Chris Silvestro's winners medal. Superb.
  9. That's what Tom English was hinting at being the reason that he thinks clubs are veering towards calling the season. The prize money is absolutely critical.
  10. None of those reasons prevent calling the season either. It's between calling the season and null and void, and who knows which option they will go for.
  11. Which clubs will be able to afford legal action after this? Can't imagine that's going to be a huge list.
  12. English non league clubs are kicking up a right fuss over it, can imagine the SPFL are shitting it over having to piss off either Celtic or Rangers.
  13. Not a hope in hell the Rovers will take legal action. Celtic would though.
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