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  1. Well, neither of those sides gave us a doing in the competitive games you didn't see, and Queens are above one of them in the league table. Saturday was not great, but if that's the angriest you've been in a while I can only assume you haven't watched any of the last 10 months.
  2. Have to admit, the relative calmness I felt a month ago was based on an assumption we'd have a few more bodies in, instead of being 2 lighter. I'd assumed we'd at least bring in another young loan signing. There is a growing chunk of pressure on an unknown striker who is yet to sign, and a permanently injured Lewis Vaughan. I do find the signing of McBride to look quite strange based in first impressions. I don't think we've seen anywhere near enough of Ethan Ross, but felt we really missed him on Saturday. I can't believe we couldn't get at least the same from the likes of Mitchell.
  3. It can't be escaped that the next 3 games are massive for the manager. In any kind of relegation mix after that and it becomes hard to defend things.
  4. Has he? Connell is the only striker I can think of he has brought it, and yes it's fair to say he's struggled. Struggling to bring strikers in is affecting almost every club in the lower leagues to be fair. Again, the fact he's trying to bring additions in must show he knows we need more strength up front?
  5. Well, I'd imagine that's why he's trying to bring a striker in.
  6. Highlights reflect the game pretty well, that's probably a 0-0 if we defend the set piece properly. You'd think when the entire team are brought back for corners, that we could put more than one man on the one consistent goal threat all afternoon.
  7. Gullan was at the expense of Nolan (I think), which seemed a bit much with do much of the game to go.
  8. Worryingly, McDonald has been a culprit for this. His distribution today was brutal at times.
  9. Yeah, we weren't bad by any means. Dominated the early proceedings and should have scored towards the end. Game was lost from the set piece. We do really lose focus in the immediate aftermath of going behind, which is a concern. Whilst I do think the ability of Mitchell and Arnott are in danger of being overplayed, I'm struggling to see how we have benefited from losing them and bringing Mcbride in. Might just be a frustrating season as we try and rebuild. It's not been a transfer window that lends itself to a squad rebuild, we may need a few of them before the team really takes shape. Need to avoid a relegation scrap, of course, but mid table with a reasonable route to top 4 next season is absolutely fine.
  10. Game management when going behind is the real issue. The 15 minutes after going behind were pretty awful, and chucking random attacking players on with 20 minutes still to go isn't great really. Ultimately, Easton and Connolly were both really poor today and that stifles a big chunk of our creativity. Didn't see anything we didn't already know, but a dissapointing one. Dissapointing to hear Easton to get told to "f**k off you useless c**t " after probably his first really poor game. Never change, Rovers fans.
  11. Can't say I'm a fan if throwing all shape out the window when chasing a game.
  12. Meh. Not much in it, we look good with the ball on the deck but it's going long far too often.
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