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  1. I wasn't far from the home fans, and could hear both sets through most of the game, but it was faint. It doesn't help when those who want to sing sit miles away from anyone else.
  2. There was a time in the not to distant past when none of us knew when we'd be in a football ground again. Let's just enjoy it eh. Celebrations for both goals were great. Thats what it's all about.
  3. That game was muck, but it was about grinding a result out, which we did. The spirit in this team is superb.
  4. Absolute scenes. Getting it up the North West was glorious.
  5. Duku is doing what he has done throughout his entire career tbh.
  6. We have a bit more direct threat this season to be fair. Berra has a decent ball and we have plenty pace up top.
  7. Still feel that was 2 points dropped. First half was a case if both sides cancelling each other out, but felt we were better side in 2nd half. Given the chance at the end it's hard to feel that we shouldn't have won it. Was impressed with Inverness first half, but I'd be raging if I was an ICT fan at that 2nd half. At no point did they really take the game by the scruff of neck, and really the team with 10 min shouldn't be finishing stronger. Its probably a mark of how far we have come that I see that as a bit dissapointing, and the team spirit is clear to see.
  8. 2 points dropped. That said, if that's the best team in the league then we are in with a good shout.
  9. I'll reserve total judgement til I've seen the footage, but that looked like a dreadful decision.
  10. I have to admit I presumed more tickets would be made available as I thought wrongly that the Red zones were finished with. Thankfully got a few.
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