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  1. I think given our poor form, injury situation and most importantly Airdries excellent form – I reckon a draw would be a good result for us in the grand scheme of things. We have been playing very poorly of late yet somehow picking results and clean sheets up. Whilst some say that’s the mark of a good team, its probably more like a slice of good fortune, and that only lasts so long. I’d like to see G. Anderson start so we have at least some kind of out ball. Whilst he didn’t personally play that well against Montrose, his presence really helps stretch the game out and keep possession away from goal. Its not pretty, but that’s the way things are right now. We don’t really have the personnel to play the passing game at the moment, so we need to have players who can mix it up a bit. The lack of a proper right back, and Hendry in the middle of the park, is pretty huge to be honest. Eliminates 50% of our wide threat, and we just don’t have that quality in the middle of the park. If we can keep it tight as we have done lately then who knows, but Airdrie are a far better team than Forfar, Peterhead or Montrose. We wont get lucky playing like we have if we are to come away with a decent result. Losing S. Anderson is a blow, but Benedictus and Davidson have largely stepped up of late, so I’m not massively concerned regarding the defence. I just don’t feel we offer anywhere near enough going forward right now to win a game like this.
  2. Miller, S. Anderson and Hendry all a good few weeks away from returning. That's not good at all.
  3. Much more solid at the back, we've already kept more clean sheets than we did the whole of last season. McDonald is a better left back than Murray and Anderson is a better centre back. We don't miss him.
  4. I kind of see both sides. The standard isn’t great in this league, its very hard to argue against that. There are some very good players in this league, and some sides capable of playing very good football. However you don’t really see either on a regular basis. Neither Airdrie, ourselves or Falkirk are particularly great – but any could be top of the league next week or at Xmas. We have been absolutely stinking for the past 3 games, and have won 2 and drawn the other. What I would say is that teams in this league are fitter, stronger, faster and more well organised than they were before. A decent side not applying themselves properly can find themselves on the end of a bad defeat. When we won this league in 2009, we saw a massive difference being full time in terms of fitness and won a fair amount of points let on in games. We have yet to really see that since our relegation a few years back. It should make the difference over the course of 36 games, but on a game by game basis its far less noticeable
  5. Thanks for the Euan Murray money. Effectively replacing him with Steven Anderson is excellent business also, everyone wins.
  6. Quality is superb on fire stick and ability to turn commentary off even better.
  7. Thought we were absolutely awful, but weren't overly troubled and got the clean sheet. We are playing shite and getting results. Whilst we aren’t great to watch, we seem to have a bit of fight about us.
  8. Were we poor? Yes. Did we win? Yes. Have I been on it since 9am? Yes. Mom the Rovers
  9. Absolutely horrendous. an absolute fucking shit show.
  10. Market Arms and then the Legion next to the ground is our usual route.
  11. I was just wee, and family circumstances meant we didn't make the game, but I will never, ever forget my Grandad and Dad's reaction to the goals and the win. Nor will I forget the reaction from my Dad when we found out we drew Bayern. Brilliant memories. No matter how shite things get, it's the type of memories that fans of other clubs at our level will never, ever have.
  12. When John Hughes took over from Locke he did indeed inherit a sinking ship. He then proceeded it to steer it full speed into an iceberg. Be very, very wary of thinking things can't get any worse. They absolutely can, he is a fucking cretin.
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