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  1. Great attitude, loved the Rovers and a versatile player. Was gutted for him during that playoff game at Easter Road when he knew he wasn't getting on, so was delighted he came back again.
  2. Dick Campbell can be decent entertainment. I quite like his post match interviews, usually, but I don't think he comes across great in interviews like Friday's one. Feel like he plays up to the persona a bit, similarly in the Si Ferry interview too. Always get the idea he's a good manager if you are a lower league side looking to build something, as long as he can recruit the players that suit his style. Can't imagine he would do great going into an environment where some kind of instant reaction or success was needed. His brother comes across as a very, very angry old man.
  3. Strange first half. Arbroath pushed us in and were very well organised. Then, after Donnelly (I think) missed that sitter, we absolutely battered them. Great performances all round, and its testament that a team who are famed around their defending and organisation were so at sea today. Duku ran those 2 centre backs absolutely ragged, and when you add in the combination of the pace at which we move forward at times, Arbroath just could not cope. Night and day to the shite we were getting served up last time we shared a leauge. The speed at which we can move forward is frightening. Glad that Vaughan didnt get on, the risk was too great given how the game was going. Duku, whilst never winning points for finesse, will give defences a rough time this season and was especially glad to see Armstrong have one of those games. He is unplayable when he is like that, as inconsistant as he can be. Was also please to see how hard the team worked when we didnt have the ball. Especially Hendry, who put in some vital interceptions at the back. That kind of work rate added to his general ability is very encouraging. Real shame it only stayed at 3, especially when you look at some of the chances and the penalty miss. Arbroath, after impressing early doors, were dreadful. Whilst Thomson has had a couple of good seasons for them, he looked today like the player I was happy enough to see leave us. The penalty he gave away was just down to him being too slow, and very similar to one he gave away for us vs Albion Rovers. Early days, important not to get carried away by one good result, but was very satisfactory to win in that manner - especially aft er how things went the last time we were in the same league. Pleased with the defence. After a bit of a dodgy start, we looked absolutely solid. The commentary team referred to Bobby Linn as having played for the Rovers before. That isnt right, is it? I'm sure I've heard that a few times but I have absolutely zero recollection of it.
  4. Yes, this is what I want to see. It's like we never left League 1.
  5. Deciding which one of fhe Campbell brothers I want to see in the post match interview
  6. Arbroath are pinning us in our own half and we don't have any real out ball. Hendry is playing far too deep and has been wasteful when he's had it.
  7. The main fear I have is more the fact that its always been innocuous circumstances behind the knee injuries. Doesent really matter about being targeted, it's the type of injury that just happens. Fair play to him though. Can't imagine how much of a toll its taken on him mentally and it must be in the back of his mind all the time. To have the guts to come back a third time is remarkable and I'm absolutely desperate for him to succeed, incredibly nice guy and a great footballer.
  8. I'm amazed anyone sees it as anything other than Nielson telling his full back that Armstrong is left footed, and to try and force him onto his right.
  9. Thats my fear now. I bought it a few months ago when I thought I would be going back into the office soon, now my 30 mile commute daily has gone down to zero
  10. The penalty where the EF defender makes a needless challenge and is correctly penalised for? Not sure what impact that had on tonight tbh. Much better tonight once we changed shape and very encouraged with Duku. If we keep him fit (hahahaha) then we will be fine. If Musonda is any good and can run faster than one of those moving walkways at airports we may even have a good season.
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