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  1. Tbf, they said steward would allocate seats for the Stranraer friendly and they just said sit where there's a green tick. Will be the same I imagine.
  2. Killie Dunfermline Raith Rovers Partick Inverness Hamilton Queen of the South Arbroath Ayr Morton The bottom 4 could be in any order, I don't know enough about them so I'm probably going to be wildly wrong. Think Killie and Dunfermline are the standouts. Raith > Hamilton could be in any order. I was hopeful after last season that we may be able to put in a sneaky title challenge, but we do look light up top in terms of first look. Hendry was always going to be a massive miss, but I think that will become even more apparent as the season goes on. Should have enough there to at least challenge for top 4 - so I'll be a bit optimistic.
  3. We really aren't far away - by the way things look so far anyway. Solid at the back, good in possession and getting into good areas. The final ball will come, I'm sure of that. I too have reservations about a bit more presence up front. I suspect that is what Varian is here for, and haven't really seen enough of him to see what he's about yet. I'd have been relatively happy to keep Ugwu, but I don't think either he or Duku would have given us what we are missing right now. Really, Zanatta should have scored and then Alloa would have opened up. They sat back and backed the box, something we wont come up against much this season. Poplatnik played well I thought and we looked poorer for him going off. Didn't set the world on fire, but his movement was dragging defenders all over the place in he first half. I'd rather be creating opportunities and playing well with the final product just alluding us, than the other way around at this stage.
  4. The effort and application is there from Zanatta, and he's getting into the right places. If he keeps plugging away, it'll happen.
  5. There was certainly less distancing yesterday than the friendlies. Previously every 2nd row was empty, not the case yesterday. In our section of the stand it felt pretty normal.
  6. With the momentum the club has, and the relative continuity in the squad - I don't think aiming for playoffs at least is unreasonable at all. I was happy enough with the game. Alloa came for a point, and defending very well to be fair to them. We moved the ball quickly and mixed our play up a bit, just couldn't break through the last line - and even so we had enough chances to win the game. I'm happy enough that we are creating good chances and playing well - that's something to build on. The effort, intensity and work rate were all there in abundance - on another day the goals will be too.
  7. Let's be honest, very few teams will pack the box the way Alloa did today.
  8. Can't see restrictions being lifted to the point of seeing a meaningful amount of away fans here in less than a month, to be honest.
  9. I didn't realise Vaughan had hit the post until after the game. Just thankful it didn't happen in front of the South Stand.
  10. Wait, did that Livi player run down from the centre circle to celebrate a bonus point in the League Cup?
  11. Stupidly presumed there would be streaming tonight, so didn't really bother about going to the game. FFS.
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