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  1. Yup. He was involved with the club during the reign of the Glasgow bandits.
  2. Latin on P&B! I like the cut of your jib Sir.
  3. The phrase Fight Mentality Push should be adopted as our club motto IMHO.
  4. Don’t lump us all in with that c**t, he’s in a class of his own. Get the fucker banned admins.
  5. Admit it, you're terrified of our fight mentality push.
  6. McGlynn will turn him into a hard working goal machine. Absolutely no doubts about that whatsoever... ETA: I may have some doubts
  7. I think the reason there’s a general lack of concern about the squad is because it’s THE 14th OF JUNE! McGlynn is doing exactly what McGlynn does. He’s bringing in solid, hard working players that will run and fight for 90 minutes and won’t shit the bed when the pressure is on. It won’t be pretty but it’ll be effective.
  8. This. You couldn’t fault Nats effort but the ball will move much quicker from middle to front without him in the team.
  9. If Wardy posts a pic of Tade it’s happening. Go on Wardy!
  10. Bakhtaoui will score for fun in this league, would be an excellent signing. Just needs his confidence back.
  11. Top two of Falkirk and the Rovers, not sure who’ll finish as champions. East Fife and Airdrie to complete the playoff places. Clyde in fifth, then Forfar, Dumbarton, Peterhead, Montrose and Stranraer.
  12. Fantastic at league one level but as has been said was completely neutered by better defenders in the QOS games. This was down partly to a chronic lack of service but he was also easily bullied out of possession. Will definitely have to work on his upper body strength if he’s to succeed in the championship. The raw talent is there though as can be seen with his goal tally, albeit against mostly poor defenders. Big season ahead for the lad.
  13. Spotted Sinky heading towards Kirkcaldy, he had Daz, Jock and Brewster in the back of his motor.
  14. All just rumours mate, nothing been announced re Nizzy, Murray or Ando. Remember we’re in the middle of the silly season.
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