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  1. Not counting what shes going to announce on friday. Not looking good at all
  2. All it takes is a bad winter and tberes no chance. Were 2 months behind already plus missed all the midweek opportunities in august. Much as I'd love to get started cheggers idea actually makes sense.
  3. No chance, we will struggle to get halfway
  4. Think a lot of clubs were giving players a vote if they want to play for free, with no facilities to shower etc in winter.
  5. Whitletts defo 100% heard a few more medda would be the biggest name if whst I hear is true
  6. Already a few junior or pyramid now, clubs not fielding a team next year. More will follow this week
  7. Contact sport Is going to be first on the list every time theres a spike tho. Nothing to do with letting the rest enjoy it. Theres going to be nothing enjoyable in the middle of winter with not being able to shower etc b4 you get in cars etc. I'd love everything to get back on track, but theres too many obstacles at this level of football
  8. I agree with that mate, hard ask for a lot of clubs to see it through also. We night get started but no way we will even get close to finished this year
  9. It's a bit of a disaster if you're playing in a mudbath. My mrs was fuming the state I brought the car home in, n shes a scary wee fucker when shes raging haha
  10. Bellfield v whitletts was the same absolute mudbath, surprised the ref let us finish how bad it got in the end
  11. Whitletts away to bellfield, what a day for it
  12. Agree mate, never gony be able to stop folk going to watchnd on a public park theres absolutely no way of policing it.
  13. Outdoor organised sports are fine mate, training as normal for us tonight?
  14. I'm trying to work that out, waiting for an update now. Assuming everything still ok as I didnt see anything about contact sports either. Looks like as long as we follow the guidelines it will be ok, but anybody hears anything different, updates will be appreciated
  15. 4-0 dailly, good wee workout. Dailly had about 20 players rolling 3 or 4 subs on every ten mins. Competed well first half , fitness told in the end. Cracking team, had us chasing shadows last half hour, was impressed with dailly
  16. Retired mate, but helping coach whitletts. Just came on board this season the manager is my mate and an ex team mate was struggling trying to juggle everything himself
  17. Play dailly the mora down there. Hard game yo start, our training numbers have been inconsistent(at best), still missing a couple and well prob be a good bit behind fitness wise. Really tough test but will just be good to get some mins in the legs n get back to kicking a ball
  18. Think a lot of teams struggling to get players in the now. This development lesgue nonsense for the juniors is making it so hard, no boys coming through from boys clubs as these development teams are hovering them all up
  19. It was Bang out of order tbf. It's an opinions site and folk will disagree but cany be writing stuff like that
  20. Take it he deleted it? Ridiculous comment that mate
  21. Dailly if they e managed to keep the same team are a cracking side and a match for anybody in that league on there day. We play them 1st friendly so will get a look but I think prob shortlees glenburn dailly
  22. Changing rooms is the big issue, my son plays 2009s and his manager believes the boys will have to turn up in there kit at first. Dont know if this is feasible for adult football tho
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