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  1. Negativity is not usually my thing, being a Thistle man you have to hope for the best at all times. However I cant ever remember a time when the Fitba and the boardroom have made less sense since save the Jags. Genuinely worried.
  2. When I started getting in to fitba. Proper umbro kits, home and away were crackers. Some good Jags players in there too.
  3. In person , he was my local mp at the time and he was trying to get my vote.
  4. I once told Michael Howard to f**k off.
  5. Just put sportscene on to record. Be nice to look back on our 2-1 win from time to time.
  6. We are below a Jim Goodwin led Alloa. Regardless of the end of season table, that's a fuckin riddy. Get tae f**k big heid.
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