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  1. Shocking decision. Bet McIntyre's relegated way more teams than Girth.
  2. Three at the back was to accomodate Robertson and Tierney. It makes no sense without both of them.
  3. ICT are shading this, hard to believe they were written off 60 minutes in to the first leg.
  4. Rangers were out on their feet at this point against Frankfurt. Don't look remotely tired now, Hearts have not tested them.
  5. Both sides are exhausted, this is gonna be settled by a tired mistake or going to pens.
  6. It falls mainly in the plain over there.
  7. Good, what a strange hill to die on. Congrats on the title, enjoy the celebrations.
  8. Did it stop having a line about the IRA in the past 10 years?
  9. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/old-firm-cops-vow-to-snatch-1100182 Looks like it's you who needs to keep quiet as you clearly have no idea what you are talking about.
  10. Sacking your manager after four months? Missing out on the top 6 with a last minute goal? Dropping from double champions to relegation fodder? Accepting a sponsorship deal from a scam Crypto company? Amateurs. Dundee... Hired a manager who immediately had to serve a six game ban from five years ago. Said manager is subsequently on an 11 game winless streak. Said manager threw a strop at a journalist when asked a routine question about a substitution. Had a player commit the worst dive in football history. Signed an out of shape, scandal ridden Leigh Griffiths. Said player's main contribution was kicking a flare in to the stands. Punted their top scorer for free. Said top scorer has subsequently scored 9 goals in 18 games with his new club. Kept their manager after a 6-0 gubbing at home to Ross County. Sacked said manager after two back to back wins. Signed a much hyped Canadian midfielder to a three year contract, then never played him. Had one of their forwards miss a set piece as he was retrieving a hair bobble. You can't compete with such dedication to the banter.
  11. Neither team can buy a win right now. A drab draw, St Johnstone to win, then both sets of fans off to the Bobbin to lament on how shite their team is.
  12. If Dundee sat back under instruction from McGhee then it's proof that he should not be given the job next season. The goal came from Sweeney picking the ball up then losing it as he had no one to pass to due to being the furthest person forward, the fucking centre back! Instead of a counter attack Dundee ended up defending two corners, barely survived the first one but conceded on the second.
  13. A few decent performances from some players but still not enough. Dundee are the worst team in the league and will deservedly be relegated.
  14. That dive was so embarrassing it's knocked Adam's confidence. He's been shocking ever since.
  15. Dundee were ripping St Johnstone apart down the right flank for the first 25 minutes, Saints are dealing with it much better now though.
  16. There were around three easy passes there, no idea why he tried to run with it.
  17. I agree that those three teams would be the most successful overall, I just don't think they would "dominate" which to me suggests winning the league every year and the cup most years like we see now with the OF. I imagine the gap would be quite similar to what we see now, Hearts, Hibs and Aberdeen usually near the top of the table but never more than a bad season away from a bottom half finish or even relegation. And always with the chance of one of the better run, smaller teams having a good season finishing above them like we've seen with Motherwell and Kilmarnock recently.
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