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  1. Romeo, stop making yourself such an easy target and they'll go away.
  2. Another substitution masterclass from McPake. The opposition are nullifying you in the wide areas? Bring on a target man for all the crosses that aren't happening any more.
  3. Fucking hell, and I thought our defending was bad. Ayr just let Dundee do as they pleased in their own box.
  4. If Clark parried the ball then it dropped to Mullen and he poked the ball over the line, then it's offside. That's not what happened though. Clark caught it, collided with his own player like a numpty, dropped it, and Mullen got there first. Clark, the linesman, and anyone defending this decision, are idiots.
  5. Saints have won a cup final and are undefeated against non-OF teams this year. Stop being a contrarian just because you can.
  6. Wasn't expecting much from this but Saints looked unconvincing. Surprisingly unconfident from a team in great form but Dundee couldn't make it count.
  7. Shite penalty, keeper guesses right and it's a save.
  8. Should have been a goal, arsehole linesman.
  9. I reckon St Johnstone are the 4th best team in Scotland right now, can't see Dundee getting through this.
  10. Fucking hell that was impressive from Raith, if they can keep that up they'll skoosh the play offs.
  11. Fontaine's collapse in form since returning from injury has been heart breaking...
  12. Who looks at this Dundee side and thinks "Mullen should be taking the free kicks?"
  13. Nielson on Sportsound "The team still has elements of last season, when I wasn't in charge." Paraphrasing of course...
  14. Can anyone remember where the plane is parked!?
  15. Good first half but Alloa will likely realise how vulnerable they are from the wings and make a change at half time to stop it. Doubt Dundee will get as many chances from there in the second half.
  16. Off the top of my head, they like the idea of the Old Firm pumping more money in to the league system and feel it might raise the profile of league 2. Personally I hope the idea gets scrapped and we never hear about it again but there's enough support for it that it will probably keep popping up.
  17. No idea exactly, I have a few guesses though. They believe it will help develop young Scottish players. They've been backing the idea ever since Project Brave. Whenever this is being considered, the SPFL and SFA meet each other for talks. I was wrong earlier, the SFA do have to approve the change. Yes, my point is it was very clear which way the SPFL wanted the clubs to vote. The SPFL board doesn't merely exist to facilitate the voting, they have a direction they would like the clubs to follow.
  18. I'll be more specific, the SPFL board which oversees the SPFL have their own view of how the Scottish league system should be run. The SPFL isn't just the chairmen of the 42 clubs getting together and deciding what do, there's a power structure that oversees the league system with at least 3 members not affiliated with any club. Remember the vote to end the league early last season? The clubs ultimately had the final say in terms of a vote, but it was very clear what Neil Doncaster wanted the clubs to do. The SFA have wanted Colt teams in the league set up for years. They have no say in the matter, but they really, really want it and have been in talks with the SPFL.
  19. Those two teams can't ask clubs to vote for it, the SPFL can. Them and the SFA have wanted this change for ages.
  20. The SFA and SPFL think they can grease teams up at the moment by offering them a financial package when money is tight so they brought the idea back.
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