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  1. Nadir Ciftci can f**k off. Unless he signs for Dundee and scores a bunch of goals in which case i'll go back and edit this post to make it seem like I was happy with the signing all along.
  2. This 3 at the back can f**k right off.
  3. I'm confused, are Rangers interested in Maccabi Tel Aviv midfielder Dan Glazer?
  4. The Sky curse continues, every game they've televised has been honking.
  5. Really nice of these teams to put on a stinker so we don't feel so bad when football gets suspended again the next time a player get's banjo'd in town.
  6. Non-starter. Griffiths will still be a useful rotation striker and impact sub, the only way he leaves is if he has a falling out with the club which I can't see happening.
  7. We have a striker that scores goals! 😃 He has a release clause and is being sold for pennies... 😭 Striker is back! 😃 He's refusing to take a wage cut and will be leaving... 😭 He's taking the wage cut and staying! 😃 No he's not... 😭 Being a Dundee fan is such a roller coaster...
  8. What an absolute slaverer. In addition to football being cancelled, we now need to listen to absolute gobshites prattle on about what they think should happen for the next few months. f**k COVID19.
  9. That's fine for Celtic, United and Cove who are over 10 points clear at the top, but what about Falkirk who are currently only 1 point behind Raith with far superior goal difference? Falkirk also would have had the easiest fixture this weekend had the games gone ahead, meaning delaying the decision by a day would have been the difference between them getting promoted or not, something the entire livelihood of the club is dependant on. The whole thing is an absolute shit storm with no easy solutions.
  10. Closed doors games can't be any worse for clubs than no games at all. At least they might be able to sell club TV subscriptions and the like. It means paying appearance fees and bonuses at a time when clubs have had the majority of their income shut off, there's also overheads associated with playing games regardless of whether there are any fans in attendance or not. I really can't see any obvious solutions to this, it's a clusterfuck of mega proportions.
  11. Absolutely no one covering the games tonight, screw that Champions League pish, we all know the Scottish Championship is where the action is!
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