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  1. I recall Gallagher and Bates being quite good at one point, the f**k has Glass done to them?
  2. The Bryrne yellow was, the Adam was not. The "consistent fouls" have been Aberdeen clocking on that the ref blows for everything and throwing themselves to the ground.
  3. My worry after the St Johnstone game is that bad results have finally become bad performances. Dundee have been playing well, sometimes very well, but eight league games without a win has a damaging effect on teams. Players look desperate to score and lack composure, the defenders look panicky and the manager starts tinkering too much and upsets the team. The longer this goes on, the harder it will be to reverse.
  4. The novelty of the kick off time means i'm gonna be at this. Aside from that, not much to be excited about.
  5. Good game, everyone else in the pub can have their shitey Champions League games, I'm happy with my choice.
  6. Did Dunfermline make 11 subs at half time? Look a completely different side.
  7. If they were playing someone other than Dunfermline i'd say Raith will regret those misses.
  8. It's just a regular photo, his enormous fat mass is distorting space and light around him.
  9. Just watched the highlights. For me, that's another goal lost from Fontaine giving a player too much space on the edge of the box. He needs to start closing player's down quicker.
  10. It's hardly the manager's fault when the team creates a bunch of chances but fails to score any of them, it's not like he can get on the pitch and score them himself.
  11. McPake sent off for confronting Madden after the whistle. Not the ref's fault Dundee couldn't score if their life depended on it.
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