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  1. Lets not use expressions we don't understand Random...
  2. Didn't think Dorrans would leave, always thought he would see his playing career out at Dundee while getting his badges then slide in to a coaching gig when he hangs up his boots.
  3. If our last game was the derby I'd be gutted with the news, but after the Cup game where he didn't look interested I'm not that bothered if he goes.
  4. I'm all for giving managers time, I was one of the last Dundee fans to call for Hartley to get the boot but McPake has shown nothing to suggest he deserves it. If results go against us this weekend we'll find ourselves ending the month closer to 11th than 2nd with negative goal difference, with by far the second highest budget in the division.
  5. A big win for either side could (and should) see the other manager punted. Huge game for both teams.
  6. Butcher SHOCKED to discover you can't rugby tackle people in football.
  7. Subbing a bad player for a good player, inspired managerial tactics from Nielson.
  8. Surely Hanlon, who decided to stop marking the most prolific striker in the country, deserves the lion's share of the blame?
  9. Hibs were already mentally up the tunnel for halftime, switched off and let United get back in to the game.
  10. We shall. It's one thing being stuck in the Championship for years and another thing entirely being stuck in the Championship after your rivals put you there, with televised footage of your fans crying about it.
  11. Wanted him out since the collapse against Partick Thistle but looks like the board are going to stick with him for the January window.
  12. I'm afraid that's just how numbers work you idiot.
  13. I'm sure you've seen smaller in League 1.
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