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  1. What about Rangers and Celtic fans?
  2. That's creepy, she introduced you to her relatives on the first date?
  3. It actually takes a lot of ability, composure and footballing intelligence to consistently do that in the modern game where teams are drilled to press and enforce errors. Look at Glen Kamara, he wasn't a midfield sentinel who broke up play and started dangerous counter attacks, he wasn't a creative dynamo who set up or scored 20 goals a season. He was a player who could receive the ball under pressure, spot a pass, and make the pass with a consistent degree of accuracy. That was enough to get him a big move to Rangers, probably an even bigger move to the Premier League in the future and be regarded as one of Dundee's best midfielders in the last 10 years. Players of that ability get big moves to move clubs. It's unrealistic for a team of Dundee's standing to field an entire team capable of doing that.
  4. Chinese Democracy. Duke Nukem Forever. Space Jam 2. Dundee vs Ayr United.
  5. Last office job I had was in Aberdeen. 1x Dundee (me) 1x Aston Villa 1x Rangers 1x Arsenal (Nigerian guy) 3x Aberdeen And a Brazilian guy who supported a team in their 3rd tier that I can't remember.
  6. On the positive side, McMullan looks like a good signing, adds a different dimension to Dundee's attack. Early days yet for Cummings but he showed a good bit of composure up front, hopefully he builds on his goal and becomes the main attacking threat. Now the negatives... There are lots of stupid penalties being given away in this league and it is incredibly frustrating to see Dundee also falling for the trap. Ashcroft was a complete idiot for that foul and gave Dundee a mountain to climb right from the get go. The first team to instil a bit of discipline in their defenders will be at a huge advantage this season. A change was needed at half time and McPake's solution was to bring on Mullen who proceeded to miss two sitters and ruin several Dundee attacks with wayward passes. Terrible decision to bring on a terrible player by a terrible manager. Adam wasn't great today and it looks like there's no one else really to rise to the occasion and be the star. We are completely dependant on one player. Sow has regressed again, squandering more chances with wayward shots and headers. A lazy, passive defence cost us two goals when we gave away a free header and left a runner with yards of space in our own half. Outside of 45 minutes against Hearts, Dundee's work rate and focus has been shocking this season.
  7. Would need to see it again, what the commentators said about being entitled to go for the ball in that situation is untrue though.
  8. If the keeper had one hand on the ball then it's considered to be in their control and kicking the ball is a foul.
  9. Fucking hell, why are footballers so thick. Half the goals scored in this league are penalties so don't make stupid challenges in the box!
  10. 20/2/21- QOTS 21/2/21 22/2/21 - 23/2/21 - Ayr 24/2/21 - 25/2/21 - 26/2/21 - 27/2/21- vs Morton 28/2/21 - 1/3/21 - 2/3/21 – vs ICT 3/3/21 - 4/3/21 - 5/3/21 - 6/3/21 – vs Hearts 7/3/21 - 8/3/21 - 9/3/21 - 10/3/21 - Dunfermline 11/3/21 - 12/3/21 - 13/3/21 - Arbroath 14/3/21 - 15/3/21 – 16/3/21 - 17/3/21 - 18/3/21 - 19/3/21 - Alloa Dundee will play 7 8 fixtures without a full week's rest between any of them. Updated to show the full extent of the madness.
  11. For sad DABS to obsess over while their team occupies that boring space of safe from relegation but not getting in to the top six.
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