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  1. That's not very flattering given the state Rangers fans have left George Square in.
  2. Dundee were nervous and panicky, they could have comfortably soaked up desperate Raith attacks and hit on the counter with a bit of composure. Instead players hid, made bad decisions and constantly gave away the ball with bad passes. It was a nervous performance and a repeat will see Dundee scudded in the final.
  3. Limped over the finish line. Killie or Ross County will easily sweep aside Dundee if they play like that though.
  4. FFS when did Mendy stop being a dumpling and become a rock solid defender?
  5. Miles onside. Hope Dundee got a shock from that, Elliot left loads of space and his side has been targetted all game.
  6. Never a pen and never a red. Shite defending to end up in that situation though.
  7. Awwww Kane's getting the credit.
  8. Romeo, stop making yourself such an easy target and they'll go away.
  9. Another substitution masterclass from McPake. The opposition are nullifying you in the wide areas? Bring on a target man for all the crosses that aren't happening any more.
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