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  1. Hladky was in the pub after the game and was saying "referee kept talking to me, I do not know why, luckily I do not listen to him" GIRUY Beaton ya corrupt c*nt
  2. We either win the league, flirt with relegation, get relegated or win a cup. Can't remember the last boring season we had!
  3. You don't follow St Mirren if you want St Johnstone-style, mid table, dull, mediocrity. We're either really really good or really really shite. It's very rare we have a boring season, rollercoaster club. You'd need buddie to understand it fully
  4. From where we were under Stubbs it was a fantastic achievement to stay up. Well worth a pitch invasion. McCoist was loving it in the BT box
  5. From what I've seen of united, I'd be looking to attack both fullbacks in the home game, Connolly and to a lesser extent Reynolds look suspect, Robson (I think) was struggling against McAllister so maybe something we can exploit. Think playing 2 up top at home will cause more problems, Cody was a bit isolated
  6. Is that what he was doing? Saw him making gestures up towards us and got pelters back then a few folk pointing and shouting scum at him Nazis in Dundee
  7. I can see this going to penalties, which gives me the absolute fear Thought Gary MacKenzie was class at the back last night. McAllister was bright. For United, McMullen was definitely the standout performer Really could go either way in Paisley - lively home crowd should help, the ground has a good atmosphere when it's packed
  8. Don't think that's true, the away end is never available on our ticket site, and you'd need to be a member on our system to get access to buy one. Can't imagine any United fans being registered as a St Mirren fan. Maybe the guy who bought 60 will sell you one...
  9. Folk being allowed to buy 60 tickets is wild Feel for Guy, you'd be raging being out in the cold for 12 hours to get f**k all Both sets of fans very up for this it seems..
  10. I imagine we'll have sold well over 2k after tomorrow since the ticket office is open late Certainly have a good following
  11. Tbh I respect the few Accies fans that actually follow their club, seem to have a small hardcore band of them home and away Never understood why so few people in Hamilton follow them That said, hoping our crowd can make the difference and give the team a boost - this one really could go either way!
  12. Not sure how I feel about this. Got the fear Canny wait to be in the 150,000 strong away support
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