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  1. Has to be Nathan Austin or Ross Brown for fife i would say , Also Pat Slattery
  2. They sure did deal with it very well , East fife had an off week i recon some silky pre season stuff i watched , just a bad week at the office , diffrent playing surface as well we usally play knock on balls the pitch just held the ball a treat for stirlingshire
  3. Ahh brilliant , Make our defeat at weekend sound even worse btw!!!,btw sorry on behalf of some of the lads there were a good bunch just carryed away all the best to the season !x
  4. Were on the optamistic boat lad haha brilliant , see you saterday
  5. Only thing for it man we done wrong went over the top thats life though !!! , aye am saying 3-1 like , a few other a know are douting a win atall but we shall see , if we play how we played against rovers , dumbarton ect ect we should have walked it saterday , 4G Grass to blame maybe or just not taking our chances ...?
  6. Wasent involved in the sexist songs but i was along that end of the stadium , Have formally Apologized to the club As has my pal just to clear our names of any trouble , Can see fife winning 3-1 Saturday , AUSTIN X2 , Smith x1 , After East Stirlingshire we need a kick up the arse but see it being a positive season !
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