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  1. What's the odds that Ray has tapped McShane for QP? Not that we would be complaining about it.
  2. Ray's QP getting pumped 2-0 already, by Albion Rovers. I see he has had an immediate impact.
  3. Queen's Park fans, don't get excited about signing MacLean, the first time a big fat b*****d of a CH goes through him he will be out for the rest of the season. If MacLean was going to get a move, it would be to a team run by a total clown of a manager. Who else would think that someone as injury prone as MacLean would be a good piece of business? What is Ray basing his signing of MacLean on? MacLean has shown virtually nothing that would merit a move anywhere, but then again, neither has any of Ray's other signings. It is not a stretch to see Ray hoovering up all the shit he signed for us, still under this delusion that he has any sort of clue about football. Next season will see QP full of the shite that we will joyfully send their way for f**k all. Ray will get a side together that, on paper, looks like overkill. Then, come xmas, he will be ecstatic that his team is only 6 points off top place.
  4. Excluding the new guys who havent played yet, should we get promoted, are there any outfield players we have that could cut it in the Championship?
  5. I'd agree with this. As a Raith fan I'd only expect Falkirk to improve the fact you lot are a point behind is more down to our poor performances particularly away from home. I do think it will come down to Raith and FFC for the top spot. I doubt that we could be as poor in the 2nd half of the season as we have been so far, and for me it is a case of hoping that we improve a little bit more than Raith do.
  6. Hearts aren't much better than Lithgae Rose.
  7. Ooft 3/1 Arbroath minus one goal. Durnan will have his wages on that.
  8. Bell's injection and stuff must be helping if he is back in training.
  9. Our defence is a calamity waiting to happen against the league's better sides, and we have been fortunate that Mutch seems to have evolved into a superhero keeper who has probably been the main contributor to our good defence stats. I was just thinking if there are very limited funds, then, based on stats, the defence would not be the first area to try and strengthen.
  10. As absurd as it sounds, our defence is the last area that we have to tamper with. Our back line may well be utter gash, but they have by far the best record in the league. Only 13 goals conceded in 21 league games has to suggest that the defence is not our main priority. But, if we do go up, our defence needs a major renovation because that shower of shite would get ripped apart every week.
  11. If you only have the money to sign one or two players that you think will drag you over the winning line, then Longridge wouldn't be one of them.' He is far too inconsistent to be that player that makes the difference to your season.
  12. You should offer to help them out! What caught my eye were the numerous mistakes in the Falkirk article. Here is a wee example: "they had spent only six season's out with the top division..." The apostrophe should not be there and, since we are proud of our Scottish heritage, 'out with' should be written as one word. There are also a few errors that a spellchecker wouldn't have picked up, such as 'by hen they were well...' and 'they were denied promotion when the won...'. The common mistake of using '1990's' instead of '1990s' appears a few times too. I know it shouldn't annoy me as much as it does, but there is the possibility that the author might appreciate these things being pointed out. Equally, the author might think I am a total dick, which is not outwith the realms of possibility.
  13. Didn't cost the club a penny. A bit like Livi, with all of their bills.
  14. Ray could spend £50m on a team and still not win League Two.
  15. Our defensive frailties are nowhere near as exposed as they should be due to the absolute shit quality of L1. We need to raise our game if we are to get anything here. The thought of Buchanan and Durnan trying to keep out a championship side is playing havoc with my sphincter.
  16. Ooft, Ray will do some damage to that £5m. Can see Ray handing Denny Johnstone a 3 year deal at £1k a week.
  17. The fact that we were in touch of the top at xmas was more down to the other teams than Ray's managerial skills. I get your point though.
  18. Ray must think everyone is as stupid as he is. The resources that Falkirk FC made available to Ray should embarrass him when he looks at his record in L1. It would probably be difficult to find a manager who COULDN'T win this league comfortably with our resources. But we found him. He is similar in many ways to MC.
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