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  1. To all the decent fans of every club, I sincerely wish you all the best for the future. I'm out.
  2. Yet another actual moron who clearly didnt take 1 minute to read what I posted.
  3. Some serious knicker-wetting on here because someone dares to have an opinion about something. I do appreciate the feedback (good and bad) from the rational people who actually took the time to read what I said, and put some thought into their replies. I do love the Fifer who can 'definitely' read my mind, if I had that gift I would be putting it to a more beneficial use. For the guys whose reading comprehension is not the best, please read what I actually posted instead of what you imagined I posted. There is quite a relevant part around where I said 'maybe I just need a kick up the erse'.
  4. Hardly crying, more just thinking 'out loud', but I know that thinking is not one of your strong points.
  5. I completely agree that this is just my subjective view, and am happy to admit that I could be perceiving things more negatively than others. I have also seen some piss poor epl and championship games in the last few years too.
  6. This is something I have been thinking about for the last 2-3 seasons, I am just not enjoying the football the same as I was. it is not purely down to the shit we have been serving up because, believe it or not, we have had teams just as shit as the current one before, and I never missed a game. I just don't have the same appetite for it now, maybe it is just a few kick in the baws too much. I do know one big reason I am pissed off with it all, and that is the blatant corruption that seems to be generally accepted as the norm. For decades we have watched the self preservation league move goalposts to keep the their pals sweet, and I am sure they will find a way to keep Hearts up too. But, for me, Scottish football is stagnating, the quality on display from Celtic all the way down to Brechin is just awful. Aberdeen regularly get pumped in Europe by trawler boat crews and every time Celtic play a decent European side they get humiliated, but maybe it is just the more serious issues at the moment that have put football into a more realistic perspective. Is anyone else feeling the same way, or do I just need a kick up the erse?
  7. I thought Dawson Park Boy was outed as a troll? Was that fake news?
  8. You do realise that a handful of aresholes in our support posting embarrassing messages on social media does not mean every Falkirk fan is posting embarrassing messages on social media. What if I said Clyde only employ footballers who are rapists? Every team has their arsehole fans, no doubt Clyde have them too. But the majority of football fans are decent folk who would (and are) cringing when they see shite like that posted on social media. I have supported Falkirk for just over 40 years, and it only took a few games for me to realise that we have some right arseholes in our support, but who doesn't?
  9. I will give Trump credit where it's due. He did achieve something that I thought was impossible, George W Bush is no longer the dumbest president that the USA has ever had.
  10. One of the good things about a football forum, or any other forum, is that you can just come on and have a good seethe, have a wee rant about whatever is annoying you. It doesn't even need to be logically sound or even coherent, but sometimes just having a good old moan without analysing the shit out of it does you good.
  11. When you look at the reconstruction task force, the u-turn by Dundee, Partick accepting the situation, it doesn't take a genius to work out that Scottish football is corrupt as fck.
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