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  1. What you are saying is verging on insanity. Your argument is essentially, 'some people are going to die anyway, we are just as well going about our business.' You don't seem to be connecting that dots at all. When you say 'At the end of the day, I just don’t think it’s worth trashing our way of life to save a few lives', you don't seem aware that if we 'do not trash our way of life' then the 'few lives' that you don't give a shit about, will be tens of thousands of lives. The whole point of the emergency measures is to keep the death toll as low as possible. If we followed your opinion the death toll would be horrendous. People are just shocked at your callousness, even if it was 'just a few deaths', you really should have chosen your words a lot more carefully. For what it is worth, I sincerely hope you and all your loved ones are safe and do not suffer at all.
  2. As long as the 'few lives' aren't you or any of your loved ones, then that's okay by you. Do you have to work hard at being this heartless or does it come naturally?.
  3. You can bet your mortgage that whatever happens it will be something that kicks FFC right in the hee-haws. Whatever solution is found, FFC will be in the worst possible situation for being promoted. One going up and one going down from each league and no play-offs is what I see happening.
  4. I think the best way to settle it is to ask the chairperson of each Championship club who they would want to join the Championship, either Raith or Falkirk. Then ask who they want from either Raith or QoS. Job done.
  5. We could have saved a few bob and stuck the EF fans in the away dugoot! I was looking for odds on it being a shitey game, Bet365 has it as No Offers.
  6. I remember Shire players being on £10 a week. But they made a good wage out of betting against themselves on the fixed odds coupon almost every week. (allegedly )
  7. If we do go up, we have Mutch and... that's it, we have Mutch.
  8. With our inability to beat the other three teams in the top four, and a honking Clyde team, it would be a very brave man who would bet on us not needing to win our last two games. In fact, three of our next four games are against teams we haven't beaten this season, so we will have a much clearer picture at 9.45pm on 3rd of March. W cannot afford any more performances like today.
  9. I can too. Both our teams will have bad results before then.
  10. Not really mate. The games between our two teams will have the biggest impact on where the title goes.
  11. A bad result that ultimately doesn't change anything.
  12. Airdrie on Saturday, back to Hertz treatment table on Sunday. Sorry Hertz, we broke your player.
  13. And there was still some moaning faced b*****ds complaining about not scoring more! Some of our fans are unbelievable.
  14. Cracks and Big Smexy are beginning to get the team playing the way they want them to play. They have made a huge difference to a few players. Connolly looks like a new quality signing for us, and they must have finally got through to Durnan to just do the simple shit and enjoy playing. Feeling optimistic for the first time in about a hunner year.
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