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  1. Is this any better? Show me where I said that a 0-0 score indicates that the league is shite. Simple enough for you?
  2. You do realise that the conclusion that has slowly seeped into your brain was arrived at by many of us months ago? Just let the sink in for a moment, you are literally months slower than the average Falkirk fan, how does that feel?
  3. It is actually in Falkirk's favour this year that the league is full of shit teams. As dreadful as we are, we are 3pts off the top and conceding around 1 goal every 2 games. Can you really believe that we have only amassed 26 pts from a possible 45 and are one win off the top of the league? Although I see some signs of improvement since M&M took over, we do have to be conscious of how bad our two opponents have been, and the next three games will tell us far more in regard to progression. But, in general, we have been damn awful in most of our games, so why are we only three points off the top? Simple, the other teams are as bad as we are, and couple some are a lot worse! Maybe this is an exceptionally bad year and previous seasons have been of a much better standard, but anyone who claims that the standard of football in L1 right now is good should pop along to Specsavers. On a side note, D. Young to save the price of a stamp and personally deliver his job application and CV to the Falkirk BoD.
  4. What are you struggling with? I can clarify for you.
  5. Have you seen the standard of your team's defending against BSC and Airdrie? I am not asking you to agree, I am just giving my opinion on how shit this league is. I think at one time I would have defended the Championship as being a decent standard, but the last 2-3 or so seasons I do feel that the Championship's standards have fallen quite a bit. I also know cup upsets happen, but very rarely are they of the standard of EF's capitulation. That last 10-15 mins against BSC is beyond abysmal, the goal from the long throw-in, holy shit! If you want to complain, you can do it various ways. Write to your club, hit their Twitter page, go on forum etc.
  6. But the majority of fans on here seem to think that the standard is good! I think the majority are indeed delusional or at the very least have become slowly become accustomed to a very poor standard of football. Many fans jump in on here and have a go at FFC supporters for saying the league is bad, and that it isn't as bad as we are claiming it is. I have news for them, it is every bit as bad, and even more, than we are saying it is. The cup results were just one example of how pish poor this league is, another example were the two midweek games last week that finished 0-0, but of course it was cold and wet and not ideal for playing football in. East Fife shipping 4 goals at home to non-league team is a bit more painful than Morton's draw. If as you say. "the reality is that Scottish football really isn't a great standard across the board" then that just supports my point. Claiming that it isn't that bad or that it is even a good standard is utterly delusional.
  7. You would have a point if we excluded Falkirk from our list of shit teams in L1. There is nothing wrong with admitting that your team is shit and playing in a shit league, it makes you appreciate the good times when, or maybe that should be 'if', they come along. What people should avoid is kidding themselves on that their team is not really that bad and that the standard of L1 is good because that means that the shit you are watching becomes acceptable and your club will never rise above their current poor standard. I would defy anyone to say that L1 is a decent standard of football., the embarrassing efforts made by East Fife and Montrose against non-league teams are testimony to how bad this league really is. Perhaps it has been in a good standard in previous years, but this season the standard is shocking. But if people defend this poor standard the clubs will continue to produce it, why should they try to improve if no one is complaining?
  8. That is strange since it is usually excellent teams that get relegated. (Yes, it is sarcasm)
  9. If you feel like you need a good laugh, go watch EF's defending in their last two games, absolutely brutal. If Young somehow sorts out his defence, then this will be M&M's first real test. While this is not a must win as far as promotion is concerned, I think M&M must be looking for at least 7 pts from the next three games. Going into this game, we can see that FFC in general have had a bit of a boost with the new guys coming in, while, conversely, EF seem to be in a bit of a slump at the moment. We should be confident going into this game as we are the form team of the two. If EF's defenders continue to be in Xmas mode, we could win comfortably.
  10. Stranraer are one of the teams that have disappointed me this season, I thought they would be better than they are, which is only very slightly better than Lithgae. As was already said, we really should have scored more goals at the away fixture, and that was with RM at the helm. I am sure that M&M would never underestimate any opponents, but I still fancy a win by at least two goals against a team who are shipping an average of three goals a game.
  11. If the BoD are giving M&M until the end of the year, then obviously results will dictate if they get the permanent jobs or not. Of the next 5 games I would say that 4 of them are loseable. No disrespect to Stranraer, but we seem to have their measure this season. Although Montrose had a bad cup result they were in a good bit of league form, and the other three games are teams we have failed to beat so far this season. It is a big ask, but if we get maximum points it would be a bit of a kick in the baws to not give M&M the permanent jobs. Of course it might also depend on who applies for the manager's job, there might be an exceptional candidate who would be hard to refuse. As many people have already said, if there is a wrong decision to be made then we can usually rely on our BoD to make it.
  12. I don't think that article even hints that he has 'thrown his hat in the ring'. It looks to me as if a journalist has mentioned the Falkirk job to him and all he has said is who knows what lies ahead.
  13. We could almost buy half the Rover's team if those guys donated a week's wages.
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