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  1. McPake certainly wouldn’t have been my first choice but would still, depressingly, be the best managerial appointment the club has made in quite some time
  2. Just back from marrakech! Had an amazing time. A day trip to Agafe is a must. It’s only an hour and a half or so drive until you are fairly well into the desert and the views are spectacular. Personally didn’t think Ouarzazate was worth the 4 hour journey each way. However, Ait Ben Haddou was stunning. The El Badi and Bahia palaces in marrakech itself are well worth a visit too. If you stay in the Medina they are walkable as well. The only thing I’d strongly recommend avoiding is the Yves St Lauren museum which costs the equivalent of £10 to spend about 5 minutes looking at everything there is. The majorelle gardens and royal tombs were also good trips out in marrakech itself. Jamaal en Fna was great at night but quiet in the day. In the day, the square next to the El Badi palace was busier and is next to the Jewish quarter which has the cheapest local markets for souvenirs etc.
  3. You could probably extend that assumed boundary even further. I’d imagine that people from Cairneyhill all the way through to culross, when asked by someone not from Dunfermline, would say that they are from Dunfermline.
  4. Wait the guy who started a petition to rename Glasgow airport so Paisley could get more publicity, is now “actually glad” that Paisley didn’t get the publicity Dunfermline has gotten here? Cmon lad sort your story out
  5. A city where the postcodes are named after another town and everyone is born in kirkcaldy as there’s no suitable hospital? Time to fix this. We have overtaken kirkcaldy in population, and now status. We have won the kingdom
  6. If Rovers want to hire a dud of a manager and if east fife can get their act together, we can just turn the 23/24 league 1 into our own regional division. Imagine how much fun we would all have
  7. The only possible hope I have over the long delay is maybe the club have decided they don’t want to announce Hughes is away without a replacement. Maybe they think having no manager would harm ST sales more than Hughes. in such a case they had to wait till after playoffs as it’s Petrie or Murray and now negotiations are almost done. Or maybe they’ve pulled off an absolute madness and just have to wait for hibs to stop paying off Jack Ross!! Maybe, maybe?! But realistically I am resigned to seeing a Twitter post about STs coming on sale with Hughes face on it and that’ll be that.
  8. Can’t wait for Hughes to set us up for 0-0 draws at airdrie, kelty and alloa
  9. If anyone ever asks me why we call Rovers the wee team I’m just gonna show them this post I think
  10. Not to sound like an attention-seeking ‘itk’ w**k but apparently a lot of staff at the club heard that Hughes is staying yesterday when they were in the club office. I thoroughly hope this rumour is proven to be absolute pish. But the longer the silence from the board continues, the more scared and likely to believe this stuff I get.
  11. Hired a guy who’s most recent championship experience was coming dead last. He had us on track to come dead last. Replaced him with a guy who’s most recent championship experience was coming 9th followed by an embarrassing playoff defeat. He led us to 9th followed by an embarrassing playoff defeat. And the board are shocked by all of this.
  12. Mind when Paul burns scored the winner at tannadice to put us 3rd in the prem. What a strange but wonderful time
  13. First statement from the club in a long time that doesn’t directly harm the relationship between the board and the fans. No great news in it but not overwhelmingly negative at least for a change.
  14. I’m booked to go to marrakech in just under 2 weeks time. Booked a day trip to Ouarzazete with stops along the way to see the Atlas Mountains. Really looking forward to it, all the photos I’ve seen look a little reminiscent to Petra in a way. Will let you know of any other great trips or sights we come across when we’re there!
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