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  1. Corner, penalty, free-kick. Set piece fc do it again, I love this game
  2. If we hadn’t turned up for a 0-0 we could have easily beaten this shower of shite but still a chance for an undeserved result
  3. Waiting until we are 2-0 until we send more than 3 players into the opposition half for an attack doesn’t seem like the best game plan we could have had
  4. Fully expected this to be a classic pars bed shiting performance after building hope from the hearts game. Good to see the momentum is carrying on. Although I won’t celebrate too early or I’ll get flashbacks to that 2-2 cup game with Stranraer
  5. Don’t worry lads remember we played well against Dundee for half an hour and nearly didn’t lose to Celtic. Gonna be a bangin season
  6. Been going to pars games since 2003/2004 and this is the second worst season I can recall (if we’re insisting that 14/15 actually happened). At least when we were disgracing the premiership we died trying to score. Even when we went down from the championship in 12/13 playing half the season with the academy (only 2 of that squad are still professional footballers despite all still being under 35), if it weren’t for the point deduction they’d have gained 8 more points than this year’s sorry shower of shite achieved. We had the worst squad in the league this season, and save for a run of 5 unconvincing wins in a row (where we successively played the teams in the worst form) we would’ve finished rock bottom. Massive clear out required now hopefully including the coaching staff. 18/19 Rating: 2/10
  7. Don’t want to sound dramatic but this is definitely the greatest day in the history of Scottish football
  8. Thank f**k it’s the final day if this season had even 2 more games we’d be finishing rock bottom of this shanner of a league
  9. Very surprised to see the invincibles getting their arse handed to them by a half-decent team.
  10. Reckon we should just carry on shitefesting 1-0 wins for the foreseeable future tbh. Yesterday was our 10th clean sheet in 25 league games, which is mental given how ropey individuals in our defence have looked at times. We’ve won the last two thanks to a keeper howler and penalty, so I reckon this one will be an own goal that sees us through. If we do manage to win the feel good factor will be back at EEP and the promotion play offs are all of a sudden a realistic aim.
  11. No way Mbappe and Griezmann have had a better year than Messi. Yes their team won the World Cup but this is supposed to be an individual award.
  12. Boghead will always be missed but your *insert current name of new stadium* looked stunning from above when I passed it today! Not many grounds can boast a backdrop like that, even if is comparatively soulless on match days when compared with boghead.
  13. Take it the player you can't spell is Prince Faissal El Bakhtaoui. There is no chance he will be a pars player next season, unfortunately. And fwiw I'd be happy with mid-table, but I'm just so glad they finally added the play-offs. Teams like ourselves would of had NOTHING to aim for under the previous regime.
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