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  1. I’m sure killie and ICT fans would say they had an off-day when they played us, but the most frustrating thing for me is that it seems like there really isn’t a lot between the teams in this league. I genuinely believe if we’d picked a better manager we could/would be in the midst of a promotion battle right now. Imagine the feel good factor and attendance that would’ve been at this game today. Alas, here we are, relying on Morton and accies continuing to be shite to give us any hope.
  2. Zoned out in a consultation about my dissertation today and had to bite my lip to avoid laughing aloud as I remembered the “what about us loanee flops” post. Thank you p&b, this thread is the only joy the pars have given me in some time.
  3. If any pars fans are looking to become even more seething, I just looked on dot net for the first time in years to see some people unironically defending the last paragraph of the statement. Honestly some people deserve this shitshow
  4. I would have thought that the ominous threat of playing in the third tier of Scottish football, with sub-2000 attendances, would be more off-putting to potential sponsors than a couple of lads calling Peter Grant a w****r. But what do I know
  5. Well at least we’re not as bad as Falkirk
  6. Isn’t it so weird that if you assemble a squad without a single adequate midfielder who can tackle, you keep getting overrun and can’t keep the ball?
  7. If you could manage to stay up this year we can have a super fun battle for the seaside title next season xx
  8. Did anyone else just hear the ParsTV commentator unintentionally call the manager Hugh Grant?
  9. Mental how badly our season is going considering it’s only august. I’ve sat in the main stand through the SPL season with one home win all year and the John potter season but I’ve never heard so much abuse and anger directed at the dugout from the fans as today. Stewards telling fans to sit and calm down didn’t go well. Turnstiles still a shambles as well. What a mess
  10. I assumed it was something do with the naming system used on his mother’s side of the family, who is Chinese. He has stated he wants to play for the Chinese national team. When Ben Brereton started playing for Chile he became Brereton Dias, all I can think is it’s a similar type of thing here.
  11. This is clear proof that, even if raith beat Dunfermline or finish higher in the league, they will always be the wee team
  12. It’s mid-august in what was supposed to be a title chasing season and there’s already total apathy around the club. Grant needs to sort it out very quickly
  13. This is the hope and ambition of a man that clearly has not seen our starting line up
  14. I’m starting to think the claim that under Grant the football will be more entertaining than under Crawford” might actually just mean that we are a lot worse at defending than last season
  15. I see Declan McManus has scored a hat trick for TNS in the Europa Conference league tonight
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