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  1. Falkirk fans were all over this thread pre-match raving about how good they were and now the few remaining are bleating about referee decisions. They entered like a lion to the Colosseum and have been reduced to a kitten begging for food. We have truly broken the soul of this pathetic little club, wonderful to see.
  2. Gotta hand it to Falkirk though. After the 2nd meeting they were poor and 7 points behind. Since then, they have found a solid, consistent shape. They’ve signed outstanding players for this level giving them the best starting line-ups they have had in years and a very strong bench to mix things up. While we’ve not been at our best, they ended their Airdrie hoodoo and went on an incredible run of form - putting teams to the sword and growing a backbone not seen in a Falkirk side for a long time. The progress McGlynn has made in this side in the past couple of months has been remarkable! And after the 3rd meeting they are 8 points behind
  3. Pretty sure if they drop 3 more points than us before we next meet, a win there would win us the league
  4. Surprised at the billy big baws in this thread. How anyone can have sat through watching either side for the past couple of years and maintained optimism and arrogance is beyond me
  5. All these fans of other clubs it feels like a big Scottish football reunion in here. Everyone has come out to the smoking area to watch the two family disappointments have a scrap. So long as we bust Falkirk’s nose and send him down the steps tho cos we’ll be damned if we’re gonna be the disappointment.
  6. So we’ve learned that “Airdrie are unstoppable at home except that one fluke against Edinburgh” actually means “Airdrie are unstoppable at home until they face any promotion-chasing team and then they utterly shit the bed”
  7. What a fucking result! I’m sure the Airdrie fans who claimed their first half dominance was entirely because of their amazing play and unrelated to our own failings, will be right along to praise our outstanding comeback that was nothing at all to do with their own poor tactics and substitutions… Seriously tho we’ve shipped 6 points to Clyde and Peterhead as we can’t break teams down. Literally all airdrie had to do was sit back and the game was theirs. And breathe!
  8. If you were getting hammered by a team behind you in the league, would you simply say that you just can’t be good enough to compete with such a team or would you be more likely to question what the hell your own team is playing at for allowing this to happen?
  9. That’s pretty much our first team ffs this is definitely personal for McPake
  10. I moved to Belfast a few years ago and I have been asked the “who’s your big team though” with the sinister undertones a few times. Explaining to these people that I despise both clubs and also could not give a f**k about any and every iteration of Christianity is not easy. If Stuart and Tam’s target audience is NI then fair play for their somewhat edgy humour. But I imagine the truth is that this patter, like other aspects of the show, is merely a fossilised relic of yer da talk from west coast pubs that belongs firmly ‘back in the day’.
  11. Is that 6 away wins in the league now this season? Yes we’ve dropped a level but our previous 6 wins on the road came over a period of about 4 years, so we certainly shouldn’t take this ability to win ugly away from home for granted
  12. I know mate. I fucking wish we were half way down the league, getting one shot on target while losing a big game at home. But you can’t turn on your club, we’re just gonna have to keep paying for this shite hoping we get to that level one day
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