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  1. Yes, but that also means that St Johnstone are responsible for the current state of the NHS and Police Scotland!
  2. Big fan of his Sean Dyche motivational songs. “I am a man, a man of tod.”
  3. ArabGaz


    There is no shelter whatsoever so I guess make sure you’re prepared for rain. You have to buy drink tokens before you can use the bar (£5 for a pint of Birra Moretti) but service was really quick. Didn’t see the support act but the National came on about 8:30 and finished at 10:30. Nice venue though and it’s pretty small so the views are still decent at the back.
  4. ArabGaz


    They did indeed. Performed by Lauren Mayberry as well. Which was nice.
  5. ArabGaz


    The National tonight at Kelvingrove. The weather was fucking awful but they were simply outstanding. Absolutely love them!
  6. Mortimer and Whitehouse: Gone Fishing returns on BBC 2 tomorrow night, which is a lovely thing indeed.
  7. Andy Zaltzman pulling some fine/mental stats out for this. - England's numbers 4 to 7 scored two runs. Joint third worst in Test history. - England did not lose 10 wickets in a session between 1938 and 2016. They have done this 4 times in their last 34 Tests: v Ban Mirpur 2016 v NZ Auckland 2018 v Ind Nottingham 2018 v Ire Lord's 2019 - 3rd time since start of 2018 that a team batting 1st has been bowled out in under 25 overs in a Test. 6th time since 2008. Had only happened 3 times before then. This was England's 2nd shortest opening innings (23.4 overs), behind their 124gball capitulation in Auckland last year All of the above would be bad enough against peak McGrath, Warne, Lee etc but Ireland??? [emoji1]
  8. Thoroughly enjoyed Coltart in the Open Zone last night. Managed to top a 6 iron then shanked one on his next effort. Made me feel a little better about my own game.
  9. I’ve seen previous one day matches decided by a bowl off where bowlers try to hit unguarded stumps. Is that not a thing anymore?
  10. ArabGaz


    I would stick to the Jewish quarter for bars and restaurants. It’s a bit hipstery but the drinks are about half the price that they are in and around the main square and the tourist drag. We went to an Israeli restaurant called Hamsa which was excellent. We were recommended a Georgian place as well but it was always packed out (good sign though). Despite going last June it was pissing with rain most of the time so we did have to take cover in a few city centre bars. The ones I would recommend are Cafe Bunkier and House of Beer. Lovely city.
  11. Literally beige as f**k. It’s almost as if Man U have just given up on trying to get anything right. Which is pleasing.
  12. Lampard has kind of got a free swing at this because if/when it does go tits up he can blame the transfer ban and the sale of Hazard. Plus the media will be fawning all over him and give him a free ride for the duration of his tenure.
  13. That’s true but there will be an opportunity for you to sell your unwanted tickets (at cost price) through a UEFA resale site which will open March next year. Bit of a pisser that you’ll be out of pocket for a few months but at least you’ll be able to get it back later on.
  14. That was an atrocious decision by the ref. How she could think the US forward wasn’t interfering with play is a mystery.
  15. It was a big weekend for attention seeking what with it being Tough Mudder as well.
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