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  1. No idea what the value of it would be but there’s a wee back story to the blue shirt Argentina wore that day. https://www.google.com/amp/s/qz.com/713688/the-story-behind-the-jersey-diego-maradona-wore-30-years-ago-for-his-hand-of-god-goal/amp/
  2. Yeah, it’s Steve Hodge and he managed to get Diego’s shirt after the match.
  3. Any mention of the elbow in the face he received from Terry Fenwick earlier in the game?
  4. I'm absolutely delighted for John McGinn and the McGinn family, good decent football people to the core who really deserve this. Brothers John, Stephen and Paul are examples of guys who would never admit to being stellar talents but they have all worked extremely hard to make their mark in UK senior football. Fair play to them. League Cup with St Mirren, Scottish Cup with Hibs, Play Off winner with Villa and now last night. Some career the boy is putting together and seems like a good guy as well.
  5. Ah, so it is. Should’ve checked first! More players available via the red button as well.
  6. As nice as it is to see Bryson pick the pine needles out of his spikes or hiding in the bushes, it would be decent if the tv companies bothered to show some of the other groups out on the course.
  7. I’ve got money on Jon Rahm to win outright plus a few quid each way on Webb Simpson and Matthew Wolff. Also got a bet on Bryson to make 3 or more eagles during the week. Even that small backing by myself should be enough for him to crash and burn this week.
  8. Nothing to do with his Presidency but his appearance on Saint and Greavsie always deserves a mention.
  9. 10 courses for me - St Andrews Castle, Moray Old, Blairgowrie Rosemount, Panmure, Montrose 1562, Monifieth, Fairmont Torrance, Blairgowrie Landsdowne, Forfar & Alyth.
  10. I’ve unfortunately not been on one myself just yet and actually just got one for November (to Portugal) cancelled the other week. From speaking with guys who been on a few of them, the consensus seems to be Turkey and the Algarve are your best bets. If it’s purely golf then Turkey (Antalya area) is apparently the place to go these days. A boy at the work has been the last couple of years and says that the courses are unreal. If you’re looking for nightlife as well then i’d opt for the Algarve and base yourself in Vilamoura. Too many courses there to mention but you’ll be sure to pick up a deal or two. We were to be playing Dom Pedro Old Course, Pinhal and Vale de Lobo before we were forced to cancel. Absolutely gutted.
  11. He’s also got (arguably) the best swing on the European tour. Top bloke.
  12. I was the same. It seems to be getting worse with each passing week. Not sure if it’s because they can’t actually be at the event and don’t have their Sky cart and pro zone thing to fill out any downtime in the US feed so they were just going to the adverts whenever CBS did. The No Laying Up podcast carried out an exercise about the live coverage in the US a couple of years back. For a 180 minute live feed they showed 184 shots and 90 adverts. Essentially an advert for every second shot. That must be utterly soul destroying to sit through that.
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