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    Speaking of Barry, he posted a fine video of the Guardian’s podcast team the other night. Him and Max Rushden’s wife proving to be the stars of the show. https://mobile.twitter.com/bglendenning/status/1415015451009196041
  2. To try and spice it up I think teams should get to pick the opponents 5 penalty takers. So last night Italy would get to choose what 5 England players they want to face and vice-versa. Not only would you get the drama of penalties but you’d also get the added bonus of player X’s face tripping them having been identified as a haddy by the opposition.
  3. Stolen from Paddy Power: "Is that Giorgio Chiellini?"
  4. Pickford took a pelanty in the Nations League and to be fair it was a beaut of a strike.
  5. Sterling and Grealish are shitebags. Imagine letting a 19 year old take the final pelanty.
  6. Currently enjoying A Billion Little Lights by Wild Pink. Also, another tick for the Black Midi album here. Wasn’t sure at first but after a few listens it’s really grown on me.
  7. Aside from the Lampard “goal”, a personal highlight from the 2010 match was the Ozil v Barry race. https://mobile.twitter.com/SVCarbaholic/status/1407815779060535300 Barry running at the pace of a fat man wearing flip flops.
  8. Mental to think that some people don’t like football. This has been fucking tremendous.
  9. The 3-2 game from Euro 2004 was an absolute belter. More of the same please.
  10. Probably won’t make you feel any better to know that Boyd (7), Snodgrass (7), Maloney (7), D Fletcher (5) and Forrest (5) are the only other players to have scored five or more. In total I have 59 players (plus OGs) sharing the 198 goals.
  11. I rather sadly have spent my morning at work trying to compare Cristiano Ronaldo’s international goal scoring record to Scotland. Ronaldo made his debut on 20/08/03 and since that date, Scotland have played 158 matches and scored 198 goals. He alone has 109 goals in 178 games. The only players to reach double figures in that period are Kenny Miller (16), McFadden (15), McGinn (10), S Fletcher (10) and Naismith (10). We have also benefited from 10 own goals.
  12. Kudos for enduring that match. That was a legendary stinker of a game that should be the benchmark for all others. Even the penalty shootout was turgid.
  13. You just know that Modric is going to turn up and absolutely run the show tonight. If we can keep him quiet and isolate the service to Perisic then I haven’t seen much else from Croatia in this tournament to overly worry us.
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