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  1. ArabGaz

    The Wire

    I just started watching season 1 again the other night and it really is fantastic. For what it’s worth I have The Wire at the top of the TV tree with Breaking Bad and Sopranos in 2nd and 3rd.
  2. I got an email from them as well confirming cancellation of my flight back from Berlin on 1st May. I just filled out the refund application form via the link on the email so hopefully that one has been taken care of. The hotel were great and gave us a refund straight away. Just need Easyjet to play ball for the flight out and that will be me sorted. They’ve been silent so far though.
  3. That’s all six seasons of Community up on Netflix now. I got as far as the third season before it was removed from All 4 a couple of months ago so looking forward to catching the rest of it.
  4. I was supposed to be running the Manchester marathon in a couple of weeks but obviously that got postponed as well. Clearly that was the correct decision but still feel a wee bit gutted considering i’ve spent the start of this year forcing myself to go out training in the pissing rain and gale force winds. I’ve got myself in decent shape (relatively speaking) and lost a bit of weight so it hasn’t all be in vain. I’m definitely going to keep it up though and can’t wait for the milder weather to kick in. I genuinely can’t recall what it’s like to go out without having to endure 20+mph winds.
  5. ArabGaz


    I’m due to go in 6 weeks. I might get lucky but it’s obviously looking extremely doubtful. I’ll hold off for as long as possible before deciding wether or not to change the dates.
  6. Not a massive fan of him either but his ‘man in a box’ impression is an absolute delight. Hopefully he’ll find a way to squeeze it into this series.
  7. ArabGaz


    I’ve always fancied going to Red Rocks for a gig. Is it as good as it looks?
  8. Kudos to whoever put up the Slow Show / The National lyrics on the light box thing. I’ve not got many of the quotes/references recently but I picked up that one straight away. Great song.
  9. I would recommend the Auchterlonies pre-owned shop in St Andrews if you’re on the lookout for a deal. I didn’t know the place existed until a couple of months ago. They sell a lot of the ex-rental clubs from the Old Course, Kingsbarns etc, most of which are in excellent condition and appear to have barely been used. They’ve got a Facebook page which they post some of their deals on.
  10. Thanks for bringing this one to my attention. Spend the last few days listening to their work and i’ve really enjoyed what i’ve heard so far. Also, by pure chance, they’re playing in Berlin when me and the wife are over there in April so i’ll be able to catch them live as well.
  11. Went through it in May when we went on to Tel Aviv. We only had an hour for connection but made it, albeit in the nick of time. Our first flight landed about 20 minutes early but because the place is massive, it took us about 45 minutes from landing to get taxied to the terminal. There was then a bit of a panicked scramble to get to the next gate but fortunately there wasn’t far to run and we got there on time. (Our checked luggage safely made it through as well). Both our flights were with Turkish Airlines which undoubtebly helped.
  12. Fontaines DC - ‘Dogrel’ for my album of the year. Big Thief - ‘Not’ for song of the year.
  13. Yeah, it was the bunker incident last week in the Bahamas. Feel a bit sorry for Webb Simpson getting lumbered with him. A Reed/Kuchar pairing would be much more apt.
  14. Royal Melbourne looks incredible but yeah, those greens are mental. I’d be 4-putting quite a few times if I was let loose there. Also, Patrick Reed continues to be a dick and the PGA tour continues to make light of his antics. https://mobile.twitter.com/PGATOUR/status/1205319460095234049 Just a shame for Patrick that he’s 0-2 so far this week.
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