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  1. Ian Murray’s performance against Belarus was one of the worst I can recall. To be fair to him the whole team was hopeless that day but he was torn apart constantly and was hooked at half time. Hleb had the cigars out all game. Robbie Nielson away to Ukraine is another that springs to mind.
  2. I’ve been watching this through from the start again and during ‘Frank Sets Sweet Dee on Fire’, Frank kind of predicts the Covid pandemic.
  3. His defending has always been pish but because he has been so good going forward in the last couple of years it masked his deficiencies. He has nowhere to hide now that he is offering next to nothing in attack.
  4. I’m a big fan of ‘Dennis and Dee go on Welfare’ and ‘ The Gang Wrestles for the Troops’. I’ve now got an urge to go and start watching from the start again.
  5. I’m pretty sure Paul Dickov scored for Arsenal in the early 90s. Edit - He did. 3 PL goals in total.
  6. I’m quite partial to an underwhelming stat. There was one a few weeks back after Villa pumped Arsenal with the commentator stating that it was Villa’s first victory at the Emirates since 2013. Considering they were out of the Barclays for 3 seasons and had only played there 3 times since their previous victory, it probably didn’t quite hit the ‘wow’ mark they were looking for.
  7. United played a 4-2-3-1 formation in the season Robertson had at Tannadice if I recall correctly.
  8. No idea what the value of it would be but there’s a wee back story to the blue shirt Argentina wore that day. https://www.google.com/amp/s/qz.com/713688/the-story-behind-the-jersey-diego-maradona-wore-30-years-ago-for-his-hand-of-god-goal/amp/
  9. Yeah, it’s Steve Hodge and he managed to get Diego’s shirt after the match.
  10. Any mention of the elbow in the face he received from Terry Fenwick earlier in the game?
  11. I'm absolutely delighted for John McGinn and the McGinn family, good decent football people to the core who really deserve this. Brothers John, Stephen and Paul are examples of guys who would never admit to being stellar talents but they have all worked extremely hard to make their mark in UK senior football. Fair play to them. League Cup with St Mirren, Scottish Cup with Hibs, Play Off winner with Villa and now last night. Some career the boy is putting together and seems like a good guy as well.
  12. Ah, so it is. Should’ve checked first! More players available via the red button as well.
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