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  1. The Greece and Finland home matches for the Euro 96 qualifiers were my first two Scotland games. I can vaguely remember that the old South Stand at Hampden was still on the go at the time.
  2. From one Normal Island to another
  3. Poor Tommy T. Never stood a chance with that paltry budget. Pochettino next?
  4. Keys has been smashing it out the park recently! #properfootballman
  5. The wee, white collar on the home top annoys me. That should be purple as well.
  6. Back for a new series and more heart-healthy food on 9th September.
  7. He was a fraction away from (rightly) going ‘….awww, for fucks’ sake!!!’ when Stormzy was invited over.
  8. Doesn’t overly bother me but they could easily squeeze in the results before the 5:30 game if they got rid of the tedious post-match manager interviews from from the 3pm kick offs.
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