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  1. The club's now selling the matchworn away shirts from last season - nightmarish memories but still an excellent bit of history to own; https://berwick-rangers-football-club.myshopify.com/collections/matchworn/products/matchworn-away-2018-19-shirts-short-sleeved Review of the shirt here; https://club25football.wordpress.com/2020/01/13/matchworn-berwick-rangers-2018-2019-away-shirt/ And for posterity's sake, older shirts have been covered here, here, and here.
  2. Robert Wilson was, out of all the deadwood at Berwick last season, the closest to being decent enough to be in this League. Yes, he too was suspect at best sometimes, but our team (and Johnny Harvey) was godawful and did him no favours. Thus, I've no doubt he will be of use to you guys; if anything, he has plenty of experience with the predicament you are in.
  3. What's the latest on Robert Wilson? Far as I can tell he's played only one match for Arbroath all season. Way off first team level?
  4. Awkward - Utrecht's shirt is 69,99 EUR, Peterborough's is 44,99 GBP. When accounting for current exchange rates, that means the former is 15,35 GBP more expensive than the latter. Shirts have always been more expensive in continental Europe, but this is taking the piss honestly; same shirt, same simplified white crests, same white text for sponsors.
  5. Paddy Power now unsponsoring a third team, Newport County AFC;
  6. I'll be fair; not sure if Verheydt would have strengthened your squad. He is prolific in the Netherlands because of his physique making up for his general lack of finesse and technique in a league where play is anything but physical. He would have a much tougher time in Scotland because his physical style of play isn't an asset as much as it is expected, revealing his faults in other areas. This is exactly why he got exposed at Crawley and why I imagine he'd fail to impress at St Mirren. And I haven't even gotten into the fact the team he plays in needs to play a possession-based game in order for him to excel. So yeah, you might've been done dirty by the agent, but this is probably the best outcome for both St Mirren and Verheydt.
  7. Mind, the shirt is shown on the club's online shop via a banner, but clicking it just links you back to the home page; it isn't listed elsewhere and most certainly isn't up for pre-order. All signs pointing to this being a very complicated but entirely deliberate wind-up - one which is very succesful I might add, because Paddy Power have already gotten a fair bit of exposure from this.
  8. Charlton in pinstripes for the first time since '86; Osasuna, newly promoted to La Liga;
  9. Home and away for the.... Lowland League. Before anyone asks, yes, this is the same top worn by Auchinleck Talbot last season;
  10. Not impressed with these, away kit making its debut at Annan tomorrow for obvious reasons;
  11. FC Thun of Switzerland, check out the graphic on the side of the away's body;
  12. Collars on the home (blue) and away (yellow) look nasty, the third is butchered by the upper sponsor. What a shame.
  13. El Makrini is a decent player, should be able to handle the Scottish game despite it being much more physical than the Dutch league. Was playing below his level last year because Roda JC had a stinker of a season and interest in him was low. Don't know Killie's current midfield all that well but I reckon he should be a useful signing.
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