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  1. Wrexham's away kit, inspired by.... the Philadelphia Eagles? Co-owner's favourite NFL team, I don't make this stuff up. Fake laces because English FA doesn't seem to allow real ones any more.
  2. Willem II are named after a king, and now model themselvesafter a king's clothes by incorporating the royal Dutch sash (yes) and a baroque pattern) on their 125th anniversary away kit. Recommend seeing this un up close.
  3. Nike with an admittedly tidy kit for Birmingham City, and Joma doing Joma things for Barrow AFC.
  4. The gradient's too much, you really don't need that when you've already got a map slapped onto your kit for detail. Joma doing Joma things.
  5. Forest, who harken back to the 80's, and Walsall, who further increase their green detailing from last year. Green was an integral part of the fondly remembered adidas kits from the 70's, although you could be forgiven for thinking the Saddlers are marketing these shirts to the Iranian market.
  6. Some good kits so far, looking forward to seeing the rest of the clubs come out with theirs.
  7. Tranmere Rovers leave Puma for Indonesian brand Mills, they even got the Indonesian ambassador to the UK to visit Prenton Park for the reveal. Doubt the poor man had ever heard of Birkenhead prior to today. The shirt is based on a Mizuno design worn from 1995 until 1997 and won a fourway vote against three other kits. Whitehill Welfare get support closer to home, as the local tandoori appears on their new shirts for 2021/2022;
  8. Glad to see the thread's still alive and well. I will be updating it for 2021/2022 once the final league fixtures have been played. The football season in Singapore typically runs from March to November, which means that a fresh batch of shirts dropped for the eight teams in the local Premier League - I've imported by far the most interesting top of the lot, from a team that normally plays in green and white hoops. https://club25football.wordpress.com/2021/04/05/geylang-international-2021-home-shirt/ Imagine the bloodbath if Celtic went for a design like this to f**k with their fans for a season.
  9. Thank you, much obliged. Exactly what I needed. Odd look for the team, yellow shorts - always picture the wee Rovers as wearing red shorts.
  10. Strange question perhaps, but is there a good repository of old pictures of Albion Rovers matches? A home shirt from 1992-1994 has come into my possession and I'd love to see it in action, but perusing google hasn't yielded anything.
  11. Bedale AFC have been sponsored by a brand of sausages for a few seasons now, who for 2020/2021 have decided to promote their brand of meat-free products. The result is a carrot-inspired shirt, a break from the bangers & mash, hot dogs, and sausages from the previous three years. For every top sold, five Pounds will be donated to Prostate Cancer UK. The club had quite a laugh with the launch shoot, which includes a grater-inspired goalkeeper kit;
  12. Bristol City away, the purple and lime green is a popular combination for the club. Yes, the pattern is an almost complete 1:1 copy of that old adidas design. Sponsor kills it. Added bonus, goalie kits; 'The away shirt includes bespoke semaphore flags across the inner neck. These flags spell ‘Bristol City Football Club’ in maritime flag alphabet, referencing the city’s rich nautical heritage.'
  13. I'm moving house and will be without reliable internet until Thursday, so the thread title won't be updated for a little while. You lads behave in the interim. Celtic away - 60 quid, no long sleeve replicas sold to the dismay of many. Sponsorless tops immediately sold out; Southend have their first bespoke home shirt in years, with the waves seen on the crest repeated across the chest. The Shrimpers had been with Nike since 2003, but are now in the warm embrace of hummel Portsmouth are in the cold grasp of Nike, and wear a template you might recognize as being Livingston's home shirt except in blue and white with some red; After revealing a brilliant home shirt some time ago, Airdrieonians have debuted their away kit; the same design as the home with the white swapped out for black;
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