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  1. Love Dalores O'Riordan - my dream woman or was rip.
  2. Kyle, your mum will go mad at you again, c'mon, up the stairs and leave the tablet to charge you've got school tomorrow. Edit to remember Kyle to brush his teeth. Ni night champ.
  3. Be the first 3 points you'll take off the worst AFC** team in a decade this season might get a trophy for that. AFC**
  4. To be fair you're no wee Kyle, I forgot his mum takes his tablet off him so he gets no screens before bedtime. I'll take our most successful season over yours. Just saying... AFC** Edit to say it must be quite embarrassing knowing a cup hmfc doesnt rate was 50% of the hmfc greatest ever season. I thought league cups don't count for hearts or is this another caveat that it does count but only in 59/60 season?
  5. If you don't include league cup success or European success but include seaside league wins and include the 40 years previous to AFC** being established then hearts are more successful. You're clutching at a lot of straws here. Any more caveats needed? 5 relegations did they get relegated in big league era also? It is quite embarrassing that you guys are above us this year though. Afc**
  6. Most of hearts success was from before the League cup had even began, hmfc ever diminishing success right enough. hmfc seaside champs AFC**
  7. I wouldn't swap European success I've winessed for anything hearts have won now or in the future AFC**
  8. Hearts are such a big club they've never once won more than one trophy in a season or had a sustained period of success in Europe. Every cup you guys have won has been a "blip" AFC**
  9. That your scabby we club bouncing up and down from seaside leagues Kyle? hmfc AFC**
  10. It's funny how even with the hearts success in 1800s before AFC** existed they've still won less.
  11. He's a hearts fan, can't count league cups or euro success because it doesn't suit his desperate wee club argument
  12. Have hearts ever been in Europe past Christmas ever? Sure the 4th round is their greatest achievement on the continent. Behind Hibernian, Dundee, Dundee Utd, Kilmarnock and Dunfermline. Seaside league champs. If St Johnstone go down this year hearts will be the most relegated club left in top flight since we went to wee leagues. 5 times AFC** Edited to add Killie to the greater than hearts on the continent list.
  13. We've won more since Fergie left than the hearts chumps have Kyle
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