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  1. While it would be good to keep the continuity of starting XI, I can possibly see 2 or 3 changes to give others some game time.
  2. Will Thistle be putting up highlights or have they been deleted?
  3. Probably result of the season so far, 4 wins out of last 5, 3 against full timers. Settled starting XI reaping rewards, starting to score goals & solid defensively. Management & players doing a great job.
  4. It was discussed on Off the Ball the other week when heading over for Morton game about extreme weather at football matches. It was mentioned on there that Gayfield is the coldest ground in Scotland.
  5. Bobby, like a fine wine, getting better with age. Have always thought having a settled side is a key ingredient to doing well, so hopefully now DC will stick with this starting XI apart from Thomson coming back in when fit. Chance for Stirling to have a run in team & have his game step up a notch.
  6. With how tight the league is, anything less than 3 points would be disappointing. Little to toss Trout(en) back in the North Sea. 1-0 win. TOB to score.
  7. I would think Fort William would’ve shown more passion & fight than Southampton.
  8. I didn't see him do much assisting so maybe we should refer to him as "a waste of space"
  9. The lino couldn't even work out who to give throw ins to, so he'd have no chance spotting a clear handball.
  10. Would be great. Was almost tempted to see them at Albion yesterday. Only downside to that tie is that it may not get played until about April next year.
  11. Not for one minute would I say we were good but certainly the better side over the 90. As for the incident you are on about, from where I was standing, I don't think you could say it was a certain goal scoring opportunity, a booking was fair. Have to see some footage from a better angle to change my view. Aye, I'll enjoy my week, you have a good one too.
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