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  1. I can only presume there is some underlying reason why former loanee Andy Ryan has gone to Stirling. Would have considered him as an attacking option following his release from Dunfermline, especially as it's an area of the pitch we need filling.
  2. Thanks P&B for purchasing a brick & adding your name to the supporters wall.
  3. Absolute W*****S. Need taken out by one of the potting fleet & chucked overboard a few miles out.
  4. I'm more than happy with that squad of players as a starting point. A few additions like January would stand us in good stead for season ahead.
  5. About the only piece of quality in that game.
  6. There is footage from that day that has been put up on the 36nil youtube channel.
  7. Dundee just trying to hog the limelight, which doesn't happen very often.
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