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  1. Good result. Your 10 fans must’ve enjoyed it.
  2. Never really felt in doubt today. They had one chance that Mark saved well. I’d take anyone at home.
  3. It was definitely 2-0. I remember watching it beside your 20 odd fans that day. You’ve got a wee bit of dirty money now but it won’t be enough to compete with the big rose. We’ve been building this for years.
  4. Game will be on. Comfortable win for the big rose tomorrow. 2-0, just like the last time this wee team came calling.
  5. Standard grade in maths pal. Laughable. Finished 5th 😂 52.5 reasons for you to try to get into high school. Night classes.
  6. Maths lessons too for the dafties on here.
  7. East Stirling fans 😅 McGachie will be the best centre forward in another league. Challenge for the title next season, obviously. Another diddy league to conquer.
  8. Big day for the big rose tomorrow. Hopefully we have enough. Easy a grand there tomorrow
  9. It’s an absolute shambles. The SFA don’t care about these clubs. A total afterthought. Well run clubs and committees waiting for the thumbs up from a bunch of overpaid bigheads that can’t even arrange a meeting. It’s sad that this is the route to progression in Scottish football.
  10. Max Christie must be a new low for this lot. Shambles.
  11. Yes - it's in place and has been for a few years as well. Couldn’t even make the playoffs in a diddy league.
  12. Don’t see it. I can’t remember them giving us a game before. We’re a level above. Hopefully the authorities see that.
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