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  1. I’m sure they don’t. That wasn’t my point.
  2. Imagine that money too. All geared towards it.
  3. No need for the personal stuff gogsy. We’ve been pals for a few years. Understand if it’s Christmas stuff. Hope you’re well.
  4. Gogsy, who’s paying your team’s wages? I’m too thick to work it out. Gogsy who picked your defence for the Auchinleck game? I’m too thick to work it out.
  5. Yes gogsy I was implying you hadn’t had a tie won at yours. Maybe you won in the qualifiers I didn’t check.
  6. Gogsy are we really going to debate your daft money laundered plastic pitch against a pristine grass one that’s had a Scottish cup tie won on it this season? Rain makes grass wet. I can send you a book about weather.
  7. We’re winning this league. A real team built on teamwork and honest signings.
  8. That Ferguson will be on decent money too I would think. Strange.
  9. Lots of money and lots of players on decent wages. Strange for a local fife team. Looks like a nice new stadium project too. Strange.
  10. Good result. Your 10 fans must’ve enjoyed it.
  11. Never really felt in doubt today. They had one chance that Mark saved well. I’d take anyone at home.
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