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  1. Someones obviously never heard of Snapchat stickers, but the 5 min job was worth the bite [emoji476]
  2. Look, tired and emotionally drained, mistakes were made 😂😂😂
  3. 4-3-2-1 Marshall Whittaker - Matrin - Hanley - Robertson D. Fletcher - Brown - McArthur Anya - Maloney (both wide) Either Naisy or Martin
  4. There's also been a large number of midfielders that play central as well: D. Fletcher Brown McArthur Adam Mulgrew Morrison Maloney (Can play there) Dorrans Bannan Plus a few others That's a lot of competition for what's usually just two CM roles which will force down the number of caps people get if there's chopping and changing
  5. Here's a video from the stand at Hampden of the draw, got all the reactions to the teams we were draw with including the England one along with all the singing that came after it! Tartan Army at Hampden for World Cup Draw:
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