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  1. Dont hae a clue who he is so a cdnae say
  2. Nae thistle fan as yae ken mate bit tae huv they 3 afore likes o gold, mason, philipson, rico, curry, knapp, virgil is bonkers bud
  3. Rocks? Cargill? Davidson? Gie me peace
  4. Aye stevie wonder kin see the managers et thistle are done. Players canny stick em. Big hings happenin at gawston fur new season whenever that wull be
  5. Cunny u might b many hings mate but one hing you aint is stupid. You ken exactly whit you said, how its came across n why folk r reacting like they ur. Mibby instead of constantly justifyin it howz aboot puttin yir hawns up n sayin a fucked up here? Yir game is the biggest o the weekend, nae doot aboot that at awe. But tae say its mare important is whur yae made a howlin c**t o it. As been said already its only important tae u and ur opposition. Twa teams fightin against relegation in any o the leagues is mare important tae them than whither or not u get tae the semis o the scottish or no
  6. A see whur cunny is comin from but I agree wae BingeDrinker oan this wan
  7. Hink it must be first home game they huvnae played oan astro awe season
  8. Jeez it aiy takes an hour tae get thru yir posts! All a did wiz give ma opinion on whit I huv seen of yous this season and no tae write Sandy's aff that's awe. I wisnae talkin aboot u so why yae needed tae make it aboot you at the start o yir post I huv nae idea. Infact half yir post wisnae required lolol. Best o luck anyway
  9. A widnae bet oan that mate. Seen them a ryt few times this year n they ain't gr8. Knapp ain't the player he wiz n they dont hav a guid striker. The wee boi yogi has dragged them thru the games that I huv seen
  10. Aye that wiz first hing I thought anaw mate. Big mark's a one hundred percenter aw the same
  11. See theres gonna b a new 2nd div team next year eh? Mark Ross n Kenny parris settin up tiber again? B interestin tae c how that pans oot
  12. Herd thistle made a complaint tae ayrshire aboot lees posts oan social media. Whit a cheek they huv. c***s hae been gettin awa wae blue murder fur years. Nae shame and of course the league wull back them up as per
  13. Shortlees wul take sum stoppin in Scottish imo
  14. That's aboot the standard they can get the noo. The management team ur their subs the noo. Nae c**t wants tae play fur them. The dug huz eventually hud its day. Nae sympathy fae any c**t n hopefully they fold noo and ammy fitba in ayrshire can be guid again
  15. Nowt new here. Been dain this fur years. They hink they can do whit they want cos they get awa wae doin whit they want
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