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  1. This wouldn't have happened if David Amess has still been their mp.
  2. "Oh, I think the raw chicken might have leaked". f**k off, you get shit on your hand you wash it.
  3. I'm old enough to remember when you could say "They don't like it up 'em".
  4. Are they saying those are cues to have it put down? Bit harsh.
  5. The last words Icarus said were “it’s fine, I remember 1976”.
  6. That Cold war Steve fella will have an aneurism trying to fit all this in.
  7. Only for local jobs and businesses in Brum or elsewhere outside NI.
  8. I knew she had our best interests at heart.
  9. This is what I imagine the entertainment is like on a cruise ship. After counting out the body bags obvs.
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