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  1. That Cold war Steve fella will have an aneurism trying to fit all this in.
  2. Only for local jobs and businesses in Brum or elsewhere outside NI.
  3. I knew she had our best interests at heart.
  4. This is what I imagine the entertainment is like on a cruise ship. After counting out the body bags obvs.
  5. Well you’ll just have to think of another one to share with Nick.
  6. It can hit you slowly or hit you quick. Still hits you.
  7. You want Peter Andre turning up at your house? No, but a quick Google could make them a good shout if needed. Hope all is good HR. Take care.x
  8. My 15 year old son has just said “Aaron Ramsey’s gonna score and the Queen will die.” So proud.
  9. Elton was never going to sing “I’m still standing”, was he?
  10. Waiting for the re-wilding of their hunting moors.
  11. Given the shite state we’re in now I dread to think how bad things would be if they hadn’t been there. GSTQ.
  12. Probably booing him for causing damage to the Tory party more than anything else.
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