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  1. Next question is can anyone recommend and supply any drugs to help.
  2. Already triple bagged with heavy duty ones. I know I'm going to have to open the manhole cover again and feed it in washed down with the hosepipe.
  3. A couple of weeks or so ago I noticed a problem with our drains around the back of the house. There was a dodgy smell and some water on the paving. Like anyone else would do I ignored it and hoped it would go away, but it got to the point where the manhole covers started lifting up. To cut a long story short the drains are clear but I've now got 3 bin bags of shit and tesco double ply paper at the bottom of the garden. The bin men came today but I was too scared to put it out as I know how their machines break this stuff up. It would stink out the street and the angry bin men might try and hunt me down for revenge. What should I do with 3 bags of shitty soggy toilet roll?
  4. Give Pearce a break. He's painting a picture much the same way as Bob Ross did.
  5. Ecuador have taken the foot off the pedal - they might yet regret it. Or the gas has been cut off.
  6. Crows are far too hard to get this woke shit. They play rugby with dead swans heads.
  7. Did Peter Gabriel work at an abattoir?
  8. Discuss. I got a U in English Lit but a B in language.
  9. Harry Hill in his movie famously called his Hamster, 'Abu' Hamster.
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