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  1. Des Lynam 's wife has just poured that last glass of wine away.
  2. Maybe not, but thanks for making me remember Rik Waller. 😟 nintchdbpict000268306517-e1474357557757.webp
  3. Only Kenneth Williams buys those nasty pies.
  4. Turkish barbers setting fire to your ears in your homes will soon become more mainstream than indoor fireworks.
  5. 😀 Imagining something like the camera work on Unviversty challenge.
  6. Your brain just skipped forward 20 years, that’s all.
  7. Someone needs to start a thread called “Two town names”.
  8. “John Thomson, the owner, said: “The initial problem on Tuesday was caused by a flat battery. The battery had to be recharged.”
  9. A Bam duster? His story is that he was evacuated, but he missed his mum so much they sent him back. And then the only bomb landed in Baxter park. He also goes on about how much he missed his dad and how worried he was when he was serving in the RAF. He only found out after the war that he was a cook at a base somewhere near Great Yarmouth.😀
  10. My old dad, born in 1934, said there was only ever one bomb dropped on Dundee. So its not true?
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