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  1. Treat yourself to an extra poppy this year da'lin.
  2. I guess like many committed Christians, he was an enormous hypocrite. See also voting against helping the poorest in society repeatedly. I hope I'm wrong but I just see opportunists when it comes to these views.
  3. Terrible for his family and sympathies with them. But can anyone explain how a committed Xtian can support the death penalty? Same with animal rights and fox hunting.
  4. Are they going back by helicopter?
  5. I put it on for a couple of minutes recently and Bruce was asking the audience questions.
  6. Is this why drug rates are higher in Scotland than rUK?
  7. Thoughts with all those with a dead relative whose birthday it was today. Photo ready, comments prepared....
  8. Touchy subject but would a lot of our prostitutes have been sent back too?
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