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  1. Are the Greek news channels giving a shit?
  2. It was probably those slitty eyed rascals in Burma who finished him off.
  3. Shades of the opening scene from Pulp Fiction going on there. Maybe with a broken Nicholas Witchell holding the gun.
  4. Someone said 31 million on the tele earlier, but I’m not sure if that’s the number of vaccines given or how many time the word “rare” has been used on the news today.
  5. Ha, the other day AZ weren’t just British, but Anglo-Swedish.
  6. Wish folk would stop just referring to it as the AZ vaccine.
  7. Ireland is the only place that comes close to America with how backwards they are. Not all of it.
  8. They’re called wall charts and will be in all the papers a couple of weeks before the first game kicks off.
  9. 😀 Our whole family hates my wife for this. And that thing where she only peels off half the foil off a margarine tub.
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