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  1. If I was a horse I’d want more than a sugar lump to humiliate myself in front of a global tv audience.
  2. Aliens will never invade us as long as we keep up this dancing horse shite. Far too weird.
  3. Well if you tidied up for once she wouldn't have to do it all herself. Door slam.
  4. Wolf whistling indicates a level of stupidity which should be illegal in its own right.
  5. Alzheimer’s/ dementia is a cnut. A few months ago I went to stay with my parents for a few days. I was getting some food ready when mum said she wanted a mixture of spring vegetable and tomato soup. I checked with her several times that that was really what she wanted and she assured me she’d had it lots. A couple of mouthfuls in she paused and said “this has an unusual flavour”. She ate it all though.
  6. We're currently in an old rented house which has an Aga oven. It's an impractical waste of money, especially at this time of year, so we also have a small portable electric oven with 2 hobs on top. We also had one of these sandwich makers until Mrs Ferrino thought to sit it on top of the mini oven and instead of turning the oven on, put on the hobs, melting the sandwich maker.
  7. Yep, we're doing that. Just to add to the lolz , my mum, who was ok this time last year, is now confined to a dementia ward under a section 3 and can't retain for longer than an hour that dad has gone. I ended up breaking it to her all over again a couple of weeks ago and she said "why has no one told me?" Everyone at the hospital has advised against us taking her to the funeral. My daughter was particularly close to both of them. If I can't get my head round this, how can I expect her to?
  8. She wants to go in because she's getting mushy about the last day of term. I know what to do but just finding it difficult.
  9. The majority of folk bagged the last day of school. Is there a reason she wants to attend? If exams are all done then I think it's a case of "tough". I think your dad's funeral is more important than a final day skive for your daughter IMO. Yeah, I know. My wife's a teacher and my daughter is quite rightly saying she should now miss her end of term meal (girls are so stubborn). The logic would then be for us all to effectively isolate until the funeral which would mean my youngest son missing football training on Saturday and my eldest not being able to go to the gym. I do get her point of view.
  10. We're currently living in England and the kids are due to finish school on Wednesday. It's my dad's funeral a week on Thursday so I'm keeping them off all this week just in case they get snagged in a covid bubble thingy. His funeral was due to be on the 12th but my brothers daughter caught it so we had to rearrange. I'm getting moaned at a lot, especially from my 14 year old daughter who's going to miss her last day at school, but would you do any different?
  11. A tenner on her pre payed card is worth a blowey surely?
  12. Your big toes don’t like each other. So sad.
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