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  1. If these games were £10 I’d probably be at all three, I just can’t bring myself to pay £15 to watch us play a friendly, or Albion rovers/East Kilbride.
  2. Only a complete moron would fail to see what Moffat brought to the team.
  3. As above, if the Williamson that has appeared for the pars for the last 18 months turns up.. you’ll concede a barrow load down your right hand side. His only asset is kicking it 10 yards past players and chasing it.
  4. In normal circumstances I’d agree. They’re extremely lucky ANYONE is going to travel all that way to watch them on Saturday though, & the least they should do is acknowledge them. In fact they should be begging for forgiveness after the shite we’ve endured this season.
  5. Comfortable home win, 2-0. Pars to barely muster a shot on target and the players to run down the tunnel without so much as a glance towards the 47 fans who travel.
  6. Robinson has been a decent keeper for us. His clean sheet to games ratio must be one of the best in the league. considering we’ve been pretty shite for the majority of his time, he’s done more than ok. he comes across as a bit of a tit mind you
  7. Aye that didn’t go to plan. Can have no complaints about yesterday.. powderpuff upfront, absolutely honking at centre half, half decent in the middle of the park. Could say that about literally EVERY game we’ve played this season, with the exception of one or two games. Thought Crawford got the changes wrong aswell.. should have just moved beadling back to CB, Durnan hasn’t played in months and it showed (aye, clutching at straws.. he’s pish). We might aswell have played with 9 men instead of bringing muirhead on. End of this season is going to be a nightmare, we really need an out and out centre forward, a centre back who atleast resembles a footballer & a winger with some pace.
  8. Ofcourse there will. All the young boys will sit together.. ensuring absolute chaos. Can’t wait.
  9. If Faissal starts, he’ll run rings round league 1 muck like Benedictus.
  10. Genuinely got to the point where I won’t spend another penny on the club (minus rovers away) while Johnston is still in charge. It’s like the board are happy to write this season off already. 2-0 home win. aird and Clark to laugh at us. Johnston will still be in charge next week.
  11. Aye, on second viewing not a red. Hard to tell with the Steven bell one though, camera doesn’t catch it. Who cares.
  12. Shite game. Shite crowd (about 2500 announced as about 5000). The challenge from Moore was a shocker, red card all day long.. was genuinely such an easy decision for the red & I doubt he would have got much complaints. Ayr started better but seemed happy with a point in the second half.. we could still be playing now and we wouldn’t have scored. 3 games on the trot without a goal. 8/18 games we’ve failed to score. 6/9 home games we’ve failed to score. It’s unbelievable that he’s not been sacked yet.
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