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  1. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    Anyone else getting a wee bit concered where our first win in the league is gonna come with hearts away aberdeen and dundee at home the next 3 games its looks difficult and not something you wanna go on too long hopefully im just being too negative but with those the 3 games up next it makes it all the more painfull throwing that lead away on saturday but we shouldve had it finished by half time
  2. Referee Starts Facebook Page

    It does seem like a great idea but have to agree with the opinion of the majority already on here that it would have to be a blog but then im sure fans of one or both of the old firm would start dishing out death threats because any decision that goes against them is obviously down to the ref being of a certain religion MORONS
  3. Partick Thistle v Falkirk - League Cup Second Round

    Its good to see the club making an attempt to try and get the numbers up its the biggest moan of most fans and rightfully so so well done the board for trying something to get a decent number in its on the season tic as well this one so hopefully a decent crowd here
  4. The last time there when the hearts fans started singing wer going down with the hibees was quality i thought but still the hearts run is coming to an end
  5. hey cmon i thought you wer my friend as for hately i though he was the ref today
  6. Gotta be honest tynecastle is one of my favorite away days looking foward to it it would be just like us to upset all bookies and pundet tips
  7. Never happy to throw away a win against either of the old firm especially old firm wanna bes
  8. no even gonna try and deny being a rangers fan what a shown up all of yous are quite happy to be a rangers wanna be
  9. Its gonna be great to bring that lot back down to earth mind your not the first diddy team thats came up and went on a good run to start with itl all end soon enough
  10. How they killie fans can happily belt our every rangers song there is is beyond me from the billy boys to no one likes us is a total shown up id fall out with anyone near me that was to belt that shite out but then they wer the 1 team that didnt vote to get rid of them and bring on boyd and mculloch rangers fans without the bus fare total embarrasment of a team
  11. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    Hopefully a repeat of the last time we wer there honestly WHAT A NIGHT 4-2