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  1. Yonas

    FIFA 21

    Built a SPL team. played two Rival games and it can't compete with all the OP squad folk seem to all have with the same players. Just wish folk could have a varierty of squads instead of a sheep mentality to win games.
  2. Yonas

    FIFA 21

    Got a beta for Kick Off and Pro Clubs. shame nobody else to play clubs with. Betas previously have always been great games and by the time the full game is out a couple patches later the game a has changed for the worst as they bow to folk who can't play the game.
  3. Yonas

    FIFA 20

    Yeah it's shite. if anything people are playing more sweaty in terms of park the bus pace then cut backs watching all the replays etc. sunk most of the club into Prime Icons and got nowt in return. Only on it for the Player objectives.
  4. Think it's only to start Social Distnace sessions from what I have noticed after looking into it. Awaiting SFA to give clear guidance on the situation which takes them ages to figure out.
  5. Hopefully they will take on board what folk have said about the Scripting in the game. FIFA has it implemented aswell ruins the game as takes away the players skill level. From a company view it might attract more players who think they are good at the game.
  6. Yeah Online it can have days where it all goes your way and others where it;s nonsense and worth shutting off. similar to FIFA in that regard though.
  7. Servers having major issues?
  8. I wanted the Queens kits but not been able to find them for this season. Surprised there isnt a PES20 thread. been playing it quite a bit recently.
  9. Managed a win on Solo. with only 7 Kills. First win and only played Solos like 2 times. Enjoy playing a few games on this mainly in a team though.
  10. best of luck with this and hope you can progress up the leagues. Always enjoyed playing these types od saves.
  11. Yonas

    FIFA 20

    trying to exploit game mechanics for a advantage. ie constant through balls down wing then getting to byline for cut back 90% of the game. then watching all replays. could also be tactical parking the bus with 6 players staying back.
  12. Yonas

    FIFA 20

    was it a goal scored from a cross? if so that is a issue that can cause it to crash.
  13. Yonas

    FIFA 20

    Opened all my packs including a Ultimate Pack which the best card was a Conebal card which was poor. in the 30 odd packs i got about 5 walkouts. 3 special cards Fraser and two Huntelaars wanted 89 Fred but cba playing the game.
  14. Maxim Tsigalko To Madiera Hugo Rodrigues ( Lower Leagues Player) Butra (Lower League Player) Taribo West - Free Absolute loads of players to get. Shame this didnt want to work on my PC as damon tools wouldn't reconise it to mount it and my disc version of the game cant go into laptop as it doesnt have a disc drive. Settled for playing Champ Man 03/04 instead as I got that working. FMs struggle to load on pc.
  15. Yonas

    FIFA 20

    I have 32 but won't be using them tomorrow as pack weight will be down with the promo.
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