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  1. Rab b Nesbitt I would hope that Brydon and Keane start and Mcgregor is not pulled off again But that's for Management to decide on perhaps they were happy with the display on Saturday I wont make Wednesday so ill let you post your thoughts after the match
  2. Couldnt be much worse to be honest
  3. Lucky u You missed a real attacking fast moving display by a well set up team that threatened with every attack against a superior team or i could just be talking as much pish as what was on display today just as well Peter is bald as watching that garbage would make you lose your hair
  4. top 4 lol not a chance going by that set up today if ever
  5. FIRSTLY WW 3 points well done against probably the worst team in the league The starting 11 and formation was straight out a christmas cracker or spin the the bottle for who plays in what position a total shambolic set up taking Mcgregor off and putting Manson on in midfield when 2-1 up ? and Not taking a tiring Hall off ?REALLY ! Playing Ohara who was dreadful again ( takes a good penalty though ) in front of Keane young trialist up front was woeful not playing Brydon ? who is the best option either up front or on a wing we have but the management dont rate him obviously not playing Keane ? or even bringing him on is a shocker been our best player all pre season But in football sometimes management dont like players and Hislop and Bingham rate Ohara as a flying left winger in front of keane ( sadly they are the only 2 that think that and today proved that ) and they rate anyone from any position in front of Brydon WW were woeful today and as said Hawick were dreadful no wonder Peter was losing his temper
  6. perhaps you could wait until you actually start thrashing all the inadequate LL teams before lifting the title
  7. what a complete tosser EEEEEEEE KAYYYYY committed twice as many fouls on and off the ball lol
  8. your the joke mate Victoria went down when the wind got up , but I did see him assault a WW player of the ball that was ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,yes you guessed it missed by the officials far superior team 1 shot 1 goal 1st half and 2nd half WW dominated but did not score not a sore loser just a fact that with a decent ref EK would have lost
  9. Dalbeattie Star 2 - 2 Cumbernauld Colts East Kilbride 3 - 0 Selkirk East Stirlingshire 4- 0 Vale of Leithen Gala Fairydean Rovers 2 - 1 University of Stirling Grenta 2008 3 - 1 Civil Service Strollers Hawick Royal Albert 3 - 1 Whitehill Welfare Preston Athletic 1 - 2 BSC Glasgow Spartans 3 - 2Edinburgh University
  10. East kilbride players and management were a total disgrace and if the ref had any baws they would never have survived wi 11 players on the park
  11. Friday 29th July 2016 University of Stirling 0-4 Spatans Saturday 30th July 2016 BSC Glasgow 3-1 Gala Fairydean Rovers Civil Service Strollers 3-2 Hawick Royal Albert Cumbernauld Colts 3-1 Gretna 2008 Selkirk 7-0 Preston Athletic Vale of Leithen 2-2 Dalbeattie Star Whitehill Welfare 0-4 East Kilbride
  12. Totally agree but he is miles away from Full fitness and i cant see him getting any game time soon as stated WW have an abundance of centre mids
  13. Agreed but he is a midfielder lol With their full 1st choice 11 out i would hope WW will do well maybe not on Saturday but certainly better than Preston A couple of positions perhaps still up for grabs and depending on the formation may decide on that Where to play Martin ? is Manson a winger ? start young AAron ? drop John Hall ( although i heard he was suspended anyway ? Keane at left back or winger risk playing Ohara or play the trialists again ? 442 352 4231 343 all part of the fun ps pedro as for the cupboard being bare , the manager stocked the cupboard so thats his problem
  14. If Gormley is out long term WW have a serious problem again as they had last season NO GOAL THREAT and too much expected of young Brydon who received no service from a disjointed midfield Not the strongest of starting 11 s but expected better from most of them as for the trialists they were almost non existant Aaron Moffat and Keane did very well last night the rest were well well below the standard required so as a pre seaon friendly at least the manger knows who wont be in his starting 11 on Saturday
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