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  1. How are folks getting on with the floodlights gig?
  2. Rangers, Hamilton Accies, Kilmarnock
  3. Had there been a proper pyramid system in place over the last 50 years it doubtful that even some of the top league clubs would still be around.
  4. Massive crowds for what is glorified Junior football at twice the price.
  5. If anybody is interested tonight’s score Cambuslang Rangers 0 Auchinleck Talbot 3
  6. Best hope for peace at that time would have been to have sent in UN troops.
  7. Hardly the end of the world Berwick Rangers dropping into the Lowland League. The LL is just another East of Scotland League with a couple of faintly westie teams in it, so travel is hardly a problem.
  8. Morton were top of the league for several months in late 1979 Wasn’t it a really bad winter that season.
  9. I see two good managers there both with access to serious money at some point. The rest would have a problem managing the local Asda.
  10. Well done to Rutherglen Glencairn on winning the Championship
  11. In the brave new world of Transgenderism that highly possible
  12. People before Profit are of course the 50 years on version of People’s Democracy. PD ultimately tipped the Failed State over the edge back in late1968/1969 by failing to listen to the moderates in the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association (NICRA). The republican traditionalists of the late 1960s must have cheered themselves hoarse at somebody like McCann and Devlin grabbing control of the NICRA. Trots cause chaos and bingo it’s hello phone Seamus in Boston time again. Always thought Big Ian took the flak completely and McCann got the cuddly bear prize for the events in those couple of years. Truth was McCann and cadre took it right to the edge. Anyway McCann wouldn’t shoot you. His style would be more the re-education camp in Donegal. After a couple of years of dialectical materialism you’d be the model citizen of Connollygrad.
  13. I’m bemused if not a little surprised at you bring a fanboy for Eamon McCann whose ultimate political goal would be a 32 county socialist republic within a world ran by the Fourth International. Now’t as queer as folk as the DUP would say or then again, maybe not.
  14. Trying to figure out what is the positive part of electing a lifelong follower of Trotsky.
  15. In the 1970s the SNP were very much to the Right as seen in the failure of the party to break through in the Central Belt
  16. Wouldn’t be any chance of you trying to promote that on some of the lower league forums.
  17. Better not let the Uber Pyramid Supporters in the lower leagues see this. Trying to sell a pyramid is hard enough without the thought of one team ever making it up once every 5 or 10 years.
  18. Labour MP openly hugged the local National Front organiser.
  19. Picking Rangers or Celtic as part of a club name is always going to be an issue in Scotland; surely you would agree? Is/was the Rangers part of Cove’s name a shout out to The Rangers? I never think of Berwick Rangers being particularly, well Rangersy.
  20. Real outside guess here as someone who has never seen Cove live or looked at Cove’s social media pages. Cove wear blue shirts, correct?
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