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  1. £12K for a final. And punters on here tried to say the Peasy management/committee fall out wasn't over money. lol
  2. One team from North and Midlands in the quarter final. Wonder when one of them will reach a final never mind winning it.
  3. Massive respect mate Joined 2013 13 posts 4 on here in an hour. lol
  4. Would Blantyre or Cambuslang have had a full team if it was Celtic in those finals? lol
  5. Guessing the old ex Juniors from the West will end up bossing this cup.
  6. Clyde won't be thrown out as NLC are complete shitebags and the the worst organised council in Scotland. lol
  7. Threave Rovers have been in more leagues than Rangers.
  8. Kirkudbright to Campbeltown by road. Nearby lol
  9. No idea, car broke down at Strathaven, couple of guys from Blantyre on their way back from Seville tried to help. Some other guy from Cambuslang offered a lift but he seemed a bit lost. Think he said he was going to Darvel.
  10. Tranent 5 St Cuthbert's 0 Latest score
  11. Pretty sure there's quite a few in the North juniors which given they also mention highland league is eminently a possible for them. Why don't you go and watch them then.
  12. The Juniors might have been still around been had the SFA years back opened the big Scottish Cup up a bit to the top say 10/15 clubs in each Region.
  13. Always thought it looked a good set up at Dumbarton. 2000 seater stand with plenty of room for development if you needed it. Never really put you in the Albion Rovers bracket.
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