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  1. Notice the lads along with a great many others in the Wosfl haven't really grasped the reality of the pyramid when it comes to relegation. At the outside it could be 5 down but more likely 2 down. This 3 up 3 down idea was a passing throw away remark by a blazer. Certainly 3 up but 3 down is only one scenario.
  2. Didn't the Alloa faction move to Cumbernauld?
  3. Hopefully Talbot win the play off at the end of season. That is, if they really want to.
  4. Glad to know it was a peaceful 12th of July. Only 6 arrests it seems. Pity Scotland was let down by my troglodyte neighbour who decided if was show time and challenged all and sundry in Belfast to fight whilst wearing a Sevco shirt. Which you just might get away in Glasgow's George Square but on the main parade route at the 12th of July in Belfast, maybe not so bright. Local gossip tells me he was saved by armed cops. Moral of the story, give the Buckfast and high powered meds cocktail a miss. Luckily the Belfast authorities slapped his wrist and turned a blind eye to previous jail time for attacking a Glasgow ambulance crew. And of course the whole street knows. lol Or is it, LOL.
  5. Possible to be a raging Banjo Country redneck bigot and be completely affable at a personal level. I met the late Ian Paisley a number of times. Couldn't be nicer. Complete bigot of course.
  6. Every success to all our member clubs in the Big Scottish. Hopefully in the years to come a lot more will join them.
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