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  1. West Region KO times

    Odd considering the West AGM stated you could play under floodlights on a Friday night if both teams agreed.
  2. Best Fixture this weekend for The Neutrals?

    Hopefully get a good crowd there.
  3. Local Council c***s

    Wasn't there another one on Renfrew council?
  4. Junior football, what is the future?

    3 leagues of 16 teams each now in the East depending on who else decides to do a runner.
  5. John brogan

    Remember the bad winter about 2010??? the media reports were the likes of Albion Rovers got an emergency payment of £13,000.
  6. Never sure if boardroom members in general were drunks, loonies or would be martyrs but Scotland was full of them. Problem was the only thing worth anything was the land the ground was built on and the odd player that could be flogged to the Glasgow two or England. £25,000 would get you into most diddy Scottish boardrooms from Forfar to Falkirk. If you added up board members in Scottish clubs over the last 40 years you could fill a couple of Dreamliner aircraft. Imagine the chancers that must be sniffing around the Lowland League etc.
  7. Still hated by East Stirlingshire folk the world over.
  8. John brogan

    Doubt there will be any problem with money at Albion Rovers.
  9. John brogan

    rabbie, you joined P&B 5 minutes before you posted this, tell us more or have you just joined to slur the man's character.
  10. Auchinleck Talbot 2017 / 2018

    2 Trebles?
  11. Another fixture moan

    Is there a date? Sure i saw Pollok playing a couple of years back in the second week of June.
  12. Another fixture moan

    Everything should be finished about 3 three weeks before teams returning for pre season training.
  13. The Albion Rovers Thread

    Puts a team together with two blaws at ragman's trumpet. Don't see the problem.
  14. Best Fixture this weekend for The Neutrals?

    Rutherglen Glencairn v Irvine Meadow for me. Both of them need to win to try and grab a place in the top league.
  15. Edusport Academy

    Is that another way of saying good luck to them but who gives an eff if they fail?