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  1. Last sentence has been the case for a few years now. Our Performance and rest of yesterday's results shows how tight this league will be and I won't be reading too much into how the league table is looking just yet as I can see it changing several times throughout the season
  2. Anyone know the scorers in this game? Few ex bankie players involved
  3. Had heard they spent a bit of money this window and got some good players in. Also told they gave pollok a hard game Saturday
  4. Good luck (bar 2 games next season) to him. Good player and really nice guy
  5. Rossvale seem to be making a few good signings. Also after hearing some of the players they have contacted fair play to them for showing ambition
  6. Fair play to pollok making some very good signings early doors, real statement of Intent. Got to hand it to management etc who are able to dedicate so much time and effort into the off season when it's only supposed to be a part time commitment.
  7. All the best to Danny McKinnon next season
  8. To me Yoker seemed to have a few really good individuals but just didn't seem to click collectively, having said that they always seemed to give the bankies a good game. However.. I don't for one minute think refereeing is an acceptable excuse for the reactions you get from their dugout. referees get used as an easy scape goat far too often at this level
  9. Was excellent for us, there were games he was head and shoulders above the rest of the park, albeit at a lesser level than where he may be going. Will be very tough to replace
  10. Only 8 resigning leaves a bit of a rebuilding job for the management team
  11. http://www.clydebankfc.com/squad-news/ disappointed to see little, kasubandi, McGill and halliday go but wish them all the best. not seen any of the players left linked with moves, aside little, on here? notiable that club captain Barclay has neither been confirmed leaving or staying, will be interesting to see how that unfolds. As for bubba would expect him to move on. Great to see Johnny allan will be back in doing pre season
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