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  1. Pollok m8 fkin farce , should be away to beith on sat
  2. Aye that soft that talbot failed to break it in cup final[emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  3. The Moore the merrier [emoji3][emoji3][emoji3]
  4. To be fair he didn't put a timeline on the length of the break [emoji3]
  5. Shock, horror, a dodgy penalty at Pollok, oh that's right it's only dodgy if it go's against you, just a pity talbot missed it ????????
  6. Ally mcoist, Walter Smith, and Billy Thomson, been spotted ,
  7. Young supporters are the future of the juniors and should be encouraged to come along to the games, Kilbirnie and a fair few other Ayrshire clubs let the kids in for free , (league games) if it's a cup tie you have to consult the other club as they are due half the gate , don't know if Pollok actually contacted talbot or if Pollok charge kids every game, If you let the kids in for free they then spend their money on pie, sweets ect, plus it might get more paying adults in if their kids want to see a match with their pals .
  8. What I've been told is it's Walter Smith, Billy must be his assistant [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  9. Got one m8 along with summit else, [emoji16] sssshhhh
  10. Sure do , Just being mischievous m8 , telly shit,
  11. Psml long long time ago m8 no secret, Just correcting some inaccurate facts , as don't want folk to think we're loaded [emoji16][emoji16]
  12. I know the maths and it ain't £200 a week , One player out of a squad . Out of interest who was the player ?
  13. Club training at Benburb suits player's as most central for them afaik, and it doesn't cost £200 a week, New facilities could be an option once their up n running but think you will find it won't be any cheaper than where we are just now.
  14. And so it starts, the rumours will be flying , Would imagine job will be advertised and see who shows an interest, As for Henderson probably couldn't afford him
  15. No truth in that rumour at all , swifty didn't resign until today,
  16. Good support through from kirky, apologies for lack of pies (due to late fixture change ) Best of luck for the season
  17. Boyd is playing in a lower league and doing well. Boyd in premier didn't do as well , a fair few ladeside fans said he wasn't good enough for us at the time , great to see him doing well
  18. Nothing wrong with pitch , Meant to be a burst pipe that's put game off, that's fortunate for Dalry as they had a few players missing today [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  19. Talk about negativity wow all this crap cause management have offered to let some players and coaching staff from ammies attend the odd training session. As for 3 of your points 1 the clubs will not be able to use big pitch whenever , that would be up to our groundsmen. 2 I can't see machinery being used on pitches out the back, council have bigger and better machines at their disposal . 3 I'm led to believe that community club will be as involved as ladeside so if this venture were to go ahead hopefully it won't go Tits up .
  20. Easy answer for you , if you ain't happy with the people that according to your statement "have no balls" . Come along to the AGM tomorrow night and join the " no balls" group season ticket holders welcome
  21. Big mick has assured swift that his job is not a problem (obviously his job availability has changed from before ) good move as big mick is full of enthusiasm and should help forde get his game back on track
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