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  1. If Arbroath and KH draw and KH won on pens, we couldn't better them with 8 PTS. If Arbroath win on pens , it would come down to goals scored (if we finish on 8). Need to win imo, but you never know - there could be an upset or 2.
  2. Don't think we have any chance with 2 point win. Even a win might not be enough. I think M#######l will score enough so we will probably end up second with a win. Dunfermline should win and be uncatchable and Hamilton could also score a few. If there is a winner between Arbroath & KH, they would probably finish above us. A lot of its and maybes - need to win first and foremost
  3. I wouldn't say results were disastrous under Archibald. The team had no pre-season and took a wee while to get to grips with our game. After that they were excellent. I would take that team ahead of anything I have seen since
  4. I don't know either lol. Assumed it would be legally binding contract. You often hear that a player has signed a pre contract agreement. Regardless, Airdrie will not be involved in any negotiations. As Ayr diamond says, we are benefiting from his services, but we don't own him.
  5. You, or any club, could 'get it done now' by agreeing a deal directly with the player (if the aim is to sign him for next season). If he signs a pre contract agreement, surely he can't sign a contract elsewhere? No need to involve Airdrie.The player will decide where he goes next.
  6. Not sure why any club would want to pay a fee and loan back when player will be free to sign a pre contract agreement in January.
  7. Think he probably meant you would be at home when we next meet. So no additional away games
  8. I remember a missed penalty in a televised game against Clyde (i think) at Broomfield where he skied it over the bar. Not much else tbh
  9. Not sure he developed further at Livi. He was class, as you say. Doubt we would have gone down - we were getting better by the game. Agree about Scottish Cup - we had a good chance of going to at least Semis. Anyway, all water under the bridge. Just a shame - who knows where it could have taken us.
  10. My recollection was Broto's fee was much higher. My memory obviously isn't what it once was! The Fernandez cash would have covered costs mind you, and given project a kick start. Whether he could have kept producing players to sell on is another matter. He clearly thought he could. We will never know. Hopefully, we can do something similar going forward. It would be good to see such calibre of player in a diamond again. Not seen much since!
  11. Had he managed to conclude a deal, the money Celtic paid for Fernandez and Broto would have covered all of that many times over. Unfortunately, it was not to be
  12. Quite a large bit of luck though. Don't get greedy. I was gonna go on about Blair Nimmo, and his hand in your good fortune, but i will resist.
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