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  1. Lets say a game which would normally be expected to be c.10k,clubs could just print 9999 tickets and dodge the passport issue.
  2. Up until 9999 fans are in, they don't have to check anyone ? Then next person onwards can be checked. Even all ticket games, the attendance can't always be known beforehand as some don't turn up for various reasons.
  3. Was in this wonderful edifice for WC qualifier v. Sweden,1981 ish.Crowd was 80k plus,I think.Never felt 100% safe.
  4. This could be fun...using the above.. my name would be...Owners Snack Crabs, my offspring.. Nation Closer Seated. None are my current home. What would your silly name be?
  5. Where the flats start on the left,you can see a small lane.two bliocks up from there was where I had my first flat...handy for the fitba.
  6. It's well woth it...gets even weirder .
  7. Ah,the dark forest theory..i.e. in a forest full of predators and prey, both do their utmost to remain "invisible", as soon as they do anything to reveal themselves then they are at a disadvantage See the book The Three Body Problem by Cixin Lui,and its follow ups The Dark Forest and Deaths End. A bit of a read, and it is fiction , but makes you think .
  8. Search for "ashens" on youtube...guy puts random words into Wish,and sees what he gets ..quite amusing.
  9. "To benefit Scottish football "..so can we safety assume there will be no none -scottish players allowed ?
  10. Think "flat earthers" are thickos? Want to see them getting shot down in flames? Then go to ..SciManDan on YouTube....and enjoy.
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