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  1. Barry Robson appearances.. DundeeU..145 ICT..135 Aberdeen..60 Celtic..42 Scotland ..2 BBC gossip quoting The Herald,he is a former Scotland and Celtic player only.
  2. Coefficientwatch

    Think you maybe right. so aberdeen get less money than Hibs and Sevco,because they start later.Financial penalty for finishing higher? That can't be right.
  3. the courts open on a sunday now
  4. Its maybe educational.....if you dont stick in and work hard,you might end up here permanently.
  5. Local Council c***s

    The off road line to the west of Haymarket could have been guided busway for a fraction of the cost...but that doesn't look so good.
  6. Local Council c***s

  7. Local Council c***s

    Lack of flexibility...new housing estates and the like being built post war could have bus transport almost instantly,without any major infrastructure having to be built,Also operational problems with older tram networks using "middle of the carriageway"stopping,causing a lot of congestion as other traffic could not pass a stopped tram.Breakdowns in a tram system will result in a whole line(or system)having to be closed,whereas a bus broken down causes very little congestion in the grand scheme, as other traffic can normally get by,and buses can be rerouted when required,trams cannot.
  8. Do you love Jesus?

    My favourite cheeses are Red Leicester and Wensleydale.
  9. Policing Costs

    Season before last,Aberdeen v Accies was considered such a high risk fixture,that they sent up the mounties to keep order.Wonder how much that cost.
  10. They weren't relegated,as they no longer existed.A company called Sevco applied to join the league,and,after being allowed in as a NEW club in front of several other more worthy non league clubs,promptly changed their name to The Rangers.If they had been told at the time that they could not use the word "Rangers" in their name,non of this fuss would be going on now.
  11. Potential second poisoning incident?

    My former brother on law lives there...hes a c""t.
  12. League Cup Group C

    https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@57.1151243,-2.0931382,16z?hl=en the wellington
  13. League Cup Group C

    There is a hotel on Wellington Rd just south of junction of Redmoss Rd..about 10 min walk(assuming its still open,haven't been up that way for ages)
  14. Europa League 2018-2019

    Ah..OK,see what you mean ,cheers for that.
  15. Europa League 2018-2019

    Atalanta were one of Aberdeen's potential opponents,so were already in it.