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  1. I don't think you quite grasp why we ended up with a compliant stadium. I'm just about over Danny Devine, but don't talk to me about Mutombo.
  2. Didn't the statement say they were transferring the ownership of the land to the club within 7 days? Did this not happen as planned?
  3. Everyone on here lending their expertise and opinion to the fan ownership meetings to make sure the shares get handed across in time, there's a solid plan going forward and we clear out the dead wood from the boardroom? Cracking stuff.
  4. This should become a thing. Injury updates, good week in training, score prediction from the management team.
  5. I don't know much about Colin Weir as a person but If his intention is to be in charge then, for a man with a bucketload of cash, he's certainly taking a long and winding road to try to make it happen instead of marching in the front door with a blank cheque.
  6. I know it would be classic Thistle, but he's already got permission to join us. The compensation is a point that can be ironed out down the line and doesn't stop the deal.
  7. Hi friends! We're only here to ask how Ian and Kris are doing, honest.
  8. Not usually one to celebrate a booting, but get it round ye Caldwell.
  9. Immediately prior to that, he kept us up for our longest run in umpteen years. Immediately prior to that, the dinosaurs died out. We get it, you like Caldwell, but please stop.
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