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  1. David Turnbull

    Didn’t see that coming are you David turnbull ? Lol
  2. Belgium vs Scotland

    McKenna has been really poor last 3 or 4 scotland games
  3. Scotland vs Cyprus saturday match thread

    Robertson got man of the match but I though Fraser was outstanding. Not only did he look the good in attack but his work rate was fantastic to the point be looked like he was about to collapse at the end of the game. On to Belgium mctominay will surely start here and can see Burke coming in for Brophy.
  4. Scotland vs Cyprus saturday match thread

    Playing Fraser Russell and Forrest for example they could rotate positions up front through the middle
  5. Euro 2020 Play-offs

    Ukraine hammering Serbia 4-0 after a good draw in Portugal we could end up playing Serbia after all
  6. How is it decided if the final is home or away?
  7. Liam Henderson

    Great comeback from 2-0 down first leg
  8. Scotlands last genuine world class player?

    Patrick vieri was a great defensive midfielder also
  9. Scotlands last genuine world class player?

    Ur saying lambert was better than Roy Keane? Thought Dino baggio was excellent also and Edgar davids signed for juve in 97 also
  10. Scotlands last genuine world class player?

    Ha ha true. yeah its strange thinking back it was a fantastic signing for a Scottish Club at the time to get a current European cup winner. Cant be to many examples out there of Scottish clubs signing current European cup holders.
  11. Scotlands last genuine world class player?

    Deschamps Vieri Keane makelele dunga Dino Baggio Edgar davids Aron winter Andreas Moller mijatovic simeone were all better in my opinion.
  12. Scotlands last genuine world class player?

    Your obviously a Celtic fan then
  13. Scotlands last genuine world class player?

    As with all these debates it depends on your definition of world class. For me top two or three players in that position at any given time. For that reason I wouldn’t say lambert was world class.
  14. Scotlands last genuine world class player?

    If lambert was world class he wouldn’t have ended up at Celtic for 2 million. Also only 40 caps for scotland not that great really. He was a very good player but to say world class is a step to far.
  15. Scotland squad face June

    Against cyprus I would play - Marshall Robertson McKenna Mulgrew O’Donnell McGregor McGinn Armstrong Fraser Forrest Russell against Belgium we mctominay in for McGregor if everyone fit.
  16. Scotland squad face June

    The si ferry interview with Barry Bannan last week was quite interesting he seems really committed to playing for scotland. He’s a bit unlucky not to be included although our central midfield is really strong.
  17. Scotland squad face June

    Overall happy with the squad our midfield looks really good. I would say mcburnie is unlucky 22 goals and 4 assists in championship is unlucky not to make the squad.
  18. Scotland squad face June

    He said he wouldn’t chase those who have retired. Cooper hasn’t retired.
  19. Steve Clarke's coaching team

    Ideally u want Cathro a top coach and Austin McPhee a top analyst. Great team would be Clarke Cathro McPhee and Maloney but unfortunately this won’t happen
  20. Euro 2020 ticket prices

    If Scotland actually qualify and we were playing at Hampden how many tickets would be allocated to travel club members?
  21. Scotland squad face June

    I think mcburnie has potential remember he’s only 22 and still improving. He scored 22 goals last season which was 6th place in scoring charts.
  22. Next Scotland Manager

    I hope Clarke gets the job my worry is they don’t agree terms like O’Neil then gemmill gets the job
  23. Next Scotland Manager

    You don’t sack a manager on the way up. We were unbeaten in 2017 and in good form. If we were going to sack the manager ( which I don’t think we should of) do it after Euro 16 qualifiers
  24. Scott McTominay

    Czech Republic 2-2 Slovenia away Lithuania home