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  1. Next Scotland Manager

    I hope Clarke gets the job my worry is they don’t agree terms like O’Neil then gemmill gets the job
  2. Next Scotland Manager

    You don’t sack a manager on the way up. We were unbeaten in 2017 and in good form. If we were going to sack the manager ( which I don’t think we should of) do it after Euro 16 qualifiers
  3. Scott McTominay

    Czech Republic 2-2 Slovenia away Lithuania home
  4. Moving forward

    Didn’t realise Harry soutter accepted a call up to Australia under 23 squad last month. Supposedly he’s been doing well on loan to fleetwood
  5. Alex McLeish Is Sacked.

    Could just do it at the end of sportscene
  6. Strachan or McLeish?

    Under Strachan we beat Slovakia Slovenia Croatia twice, drew with Poland twice, drew with England . We have regressed massively in our tactics, style of play, squad morale and results.
  7. Strachan or McLeish?

    Lol whit I can only assume you don’t watch or go to games with that comment.
  8. Euro Qualification Group

    Just watching n Ireland play Belarus and Austin McPhee on the bench . A top class analyst worked at World Cup with mexico and has a proven track record. Maloney on the Belgium bench tonight. Our recruitment strategy if we have one is awful.
  9. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    They should all be given medals and their money back for sitting through that.
  10. Next Scotland Manager

    What Strachan said is spot on . He’s not going to say the call offs weren’t all genuine but that’s what he was meaning when he talked about the players who are there
  11. Next Scotland Manager

    If we draw or lose to San Marino I think McLeish will go . If we win I can’t see it
  12. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    We haven’t got steadily worse though we improved from Levein to Strachan went unbeaten in 2017 were looking like a team then he got sacked. I’m now thinking is McLeish actual worse than burley. Steve Clarke would be great that’s who I wanted to get the job when Strachan sacked but can’t see him taking it. We were hammered in Israel should have lost by more this was 3-0 going on 5. Two of our worst defeats in history and the fact that 5-10 players call off every gamer and McLeish should go ......... but sfa won’t sack him.
  13. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    Can you not see the difference in level of performance? Style of play? Level of commitment to the national team, tactics?
  14. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    I kind of agree but in my opinion the level of call offs would never have happened under Strachan. Tactics seem wrong half of the time . Seems not to be a great team spirit also which also lies at the managers door also. But your correct players have to take responsibility to.
  15. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    When did we start playing long ball?