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  1. Was a good squad when we look at the the teams Was only 11 when we played in this group but remember this game. Looking at Group now we had a bit of luck in the last game Bulgaria drawing with romania and the game before romania beating Switzerland but looking back it was a very good squad.
  2. Looks likely it will be played behind closed doors nows
  3. I would love to have ajer at centre back would improve our team.
  4. Which is totally bizarre when you think about it do we have the biggest variance in the world between quality of midfield and quality of defence. I’m running through teams and can’t think of many.
  5. our midfield looks the best it’s been for decades - mctominay Christie McGinn McGregor Armstrong Fraser Forrest Gilmour value of these 8 players must be close to 200 million
  6. Marshall Robertson Palmer Cooper Hanley Mctominay Mcgregor Armstrong Forrest Fraser Griffiths That would make our bench not to bad either with the likes of Christie mcburnie Naismith fleck Jack McLean and Burke
  7. He’s mentioned loads of times that he wants to get back into the scotland squad I would argue he is one of our most committed players.
  8. I would agree that’s why I would start him with mcburnie and naismith to come on if we are struggling at any point. His biggest asset is probably his link up play and not the goals anyway. The point I was trying to make was that people are quoting mcburnies record for scotland which are mostly sub appearances I think he gets unfair criticism and I think he could be an important player in the future.
  9. The stat is correct he’s played 19 times for scotland has 4 goals 2 were free kicks against england the other 2 were goals against Slovenia away and the other Malta at home thus 2 goals from open play in 19 games. I’m glad griffiths is back he will be a real asset in these games and I have been impressed by his link up play also recently thus the likes of Armstrong Forrest etc will benefit.
  10. 2 goals from open play in 19 games is hardly a good record . In saying that I think he should start based on current form with mcburnie to come on if needed.
  11. I seem to be the only person who applied originally was unsuccessful and have had no emails including in junk lol. If Scotland make it hope to get tickets through travel club but only on 10 points so if we only get allocated 3000 tickets looks like I may be watching on tv.
  12. I have 10 points so far going by website that puts me about 3725th
  13. If we are lucky enough to qualify how many points would be needed to get a ticket to Scotland v Czech Republic / Croatia / England games?
  14. I would play an in form Leigh Griffiths against Israel think he is our best option. Don’t get the anti mcburnie feeling however griffiths has scored 2 goals from open play in 19 caps one of which was against Malta the other Slovenia away. he had 0 goals in 14 games until England game and many more mins on the pitch without scoring than mcburnie but can’t remember any criticism for his lack of goals. Griffiths has had good games but also soon really poor games for example in the 3-0 defeat by england where an easy ball to snodgrass would have put him through or Slovenia at home missed loads of chances subbed after 50 mins. Overall all though I would start him and have mcburnie Naismith and shankland on the bench if needed later in the game.
  15. Seems their is quite a big variance as to how long broken ankle takes to heal 13 weeks and 4 days till the game. At least we have Armstrong and Christie who can play that role but will be a big miss if he’s out.
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