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  1. Andy Robertson has been excellent for scotland over his 34 caps. The last campaign I agree his form dipped but that was 6 games of the 34 caps -also he was man of the match against cyprus- 2 of the 6 were against San Marino where he done well. Seems like a lot of fans on here quick to base all his performances on 3 games in the last campaign without looking at his performances over 34 caps.
  2. Not really heard many commentators mention it but mctominay would prob have had an england cap this year and in my opinion is better than rice and winks. I wasn’t a mcleish fan but the best thing he done was getting mctominay to pledge his future to Scotland.
  3. Rangers fans will argue that jack is better Celtic fans argue that McGregor is better. Mctominay is miles better than both.
  4. I think I have 10 points so far and going by the website if you add up all supporters on 10 points or more it amounts to 3479 fans. 9 points - 4106 - 8 points -4785 7 points-5961 6 points- 7313 5 points - 8922. You would like to think those on 7 points would get option of tickets if we qualified
  5. Ie if we beat Israel and Norway beat Serbia that is which I think is most likely scenario
  6. Also I wonder for the Norway game how the tickets will work can’t imagine it would be 50 50
  7. I have ticket for the middle hampden game hoping I can get tickets via travel club but depends on how many tickets are allocated to each game. I would have thought if we qualify travel club members would get a good chunk for Wembley
  8. For supporter club members I mean
  9. How many tickets will get allocated for the 2 hampden games and the Wembley game?
  10. He played some of his best games for scotland in the defensive midfield role. Strange choice to have in a worst 11. Webster Stephen Caldwell Russell Martin Paul ritchie Stephen crainey all contenders
  11. Fraser has had 2 serious knee injuries and lost his place in the Bournemouth team the week after he returned from San Marino Russia games. this may be a factor in the amount of games he plays as if he does get another serious knee injury he will end up like McFadden from 28 onwards.
  12. Mctominay is our best defensive midfielder and is a level above brown
  13. I think Norway will beat Serbia at home. Serbia aren’t great away and the sides quite even
  14. Mctominay has one of our best players when he’s played. If we are to drop any midfielder just now it would be McGregor who has underperformed. McKenna and cooper would probably be our first choice centre backs with Robertson LB and Palmer RB. In games still so far their are to many chances being created by the opposition we are very much reliant at the moment on our opponents not hitting the target or Marshall having a good game which isn’t ideal. Our team cap wise is very inexperienced but on the bright side Robertson tierney McKenna bates mctominay McGregor Fraser Christie McBurnie McGinn Burke souttar could play together the next 5 or 6 years so with good management expect us to improve year on year. But I’m an optimist lol
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