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  1. So back to Domestic football again for us this weekend, with what could be a tricky tie v Shotts Bon Accord. From recent results it looks as if Shotts have improved significantly since our game at their ground before the Xmas break. Will be interesting?? As always lately, it's a "must win" game, to keep our chances of either winning the league or automatic promotion going on. Hopefully back to an almost, if not fully fit squad to drive us on to winning ways again in the league!! Mon the Kilsyth!!!!
  2. Where's all the Penicuik supporters on here. Sure they must have something to say about the game, expectations etc??
  3. Not a bad travelling support by sounds of things. Fair play to the guys for getting behind their team!!
  4. I'm sure Penicuik will be right up for the game too. Easily their biggest game of the season also. Difficult place for the Rabs to go to! Are there many Rabs supporters going to make the trip East??
  5. Pretty sure knowing our luck that'll end up being us lol. Wouldn't be popular amongst supporters at all
  6. Stick a big advertising score board or coloured net up with some sponsors hung up, and that would soon sort them lol. Surely an inexpensive way to resolve the situation whilst improve the ground too!!
  7. Was the game filmed?? Mussy usually film the games??
  8. How's the game panning out?? Rob Roy well in control and should be further ahead, or as tight as score line suggests??
  9. Sounds pretty ridiculous to me! Thorniewoods pitch isn't the best, but the temps and weather conditions have been decent in the West. Cold: yes, but not frozen. Pitches should easily be playable on a day like today!
  10. Neutral game today for the supporters to get their footy fix lol. Along the road to Camelon v Kelty could be a good replacement for me!
  11. Another great piece of business by Kelty. Always a step ahead of the others!! No wonder they are my team of the season. Cant see anyone being close to them in the league. Too strong all over the pitch. Still fancy the Wee Hearts to go all the way in the Scottish too. I'm sure some of the teams in the West will give u a game, but I still think you're the team to beat this year! The signing of sheerin cements this now.
  12. Id be surprised if there's a large crowd down there on a Saturday night. Shame!! Even a big ask for the "home fans" if you can call them that! Atleast both teams want the game played. Credit due there!!
  13. Dont think there is any covered terracing at all at the ground? I know there is an uncovered seated area though. Open to the elements
  14. Oh here we go again. I stick up for your club and you're still not happy ffs lol
  15. Wot an absolute joke lol! Sure they would've made a few quid in the bar , pie stall etc lol. Good crowd in attendance I'm sure. Only needed a couple of staff to be on site too, who could have been drafted in from other Glasgow Life venues that do actually work a Saturday night shift. Numpties the lot of them! Feel for the Roy a wee bit here. Benburb a cunt of a place to get to for both teams. Yes you are actually hearing this from a Kilsyth supporter lol
  16. Time for you to go back to school!! No thanks for your input
  17. When u guys covering a Kilsyth game lol?? Maybe need to relocate somewhere in Ayrshire You always seem to cover the good games
  18. Away you go and take a chill!! A simple question was asked. All I, and other supporters (Kilsyth or not) were looking for was a little clarity on the matter?? Not a lot to ask for really??
  19. Couldnt agree more! All Junior clubs need a feeder team, whether it's a very good under 19's/21's or a decent amateur team to tap into. Players can slip through the net or develop late on. Preferably the younger element would be my first choice!! Makes good long term sense for finding players to add to the team and great financially if there are little outgoings!
  20. Come on, spill the beans. Little bit of honesty might do you lot a favour. No Junior supporter, rival or not wants to see another club in financial difficulty or go under!! Wee bit of truth please Rob Roy??
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