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  1. Fingers crossed the pitch holds up. A lot of rain to continue tho by looks of things
  2. Hopefully a good wee crowd in on Saturday to cheer the boys on too!!
  3. I'm sure one of the Glens supporters normally find the games??
  4. Any highlights going online from yesterday's game??
  5. Irvine Meadow seam to be going about their business quietly and positively. Won't be surprised if they make it to atleast a playoff spot!!
  6. Gutted to miss the game today but to say I'm pleased with the result is the understatement of the century lol! Well done to the players. Fantastic effort. I'll be enjoying a few beers tonight big time!!
  7. Good luck to the team today!! Just keep winning!! Can't make it because of work commitments, so hopefully a positive result will cheer me up later!!
  8. Game must be in doubt surely??
  9. Great post, and totally agree! Great finisher of a ball if given the service he needs!
  10. Says 11 goals for the season on the Clyde website. 2nd top goal scorer behind Peter Macdonald at 19 goals
  11. I see the boy Gormley who is so shite he scored again yesterday lol
  12. Surely you'll get the game on today?? Some rain overnight and to rain a bit this morning / early afternoon, but can't have been bad enough to put the game off surely. Im sure all the guys at Maryhill will have been working on the pitch all week to make sure it has its best chance to go ahead.
  13. Totally different scenario!! We had so many factors going against us that week. Half the team missing, either through injuries, suspension or absences. Was a disaster of a time to play them in the replay! Could see it coming beforehand. Couldve been so different with a full strength team. If the Rob Roy get at them from the word go I wouldn't be surprised if they beat them. Sawyers should cause a few problems as from what we saw in the first game, the defence were vulnerable along with the new keeper.
  14. Great wee venue Winton Park. Love a visit!! Still need to try and get to one of the games under the floodlights some time!
  15. Think Corey's jumped ship too soon. Should've stayed on a bit longer and fought for his place IMO. Best of luck to him anyway! Good to see the Manager bringing someone with good experience in quickly to compensate the loss.
  16. Huge game for the Candy this weekend I see. Could be a cracker??
  17. Forfar, Elgin City, Dumbarton in recent years??
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