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  1. 9 hours ago, ShahktarYerMaw said:

    A Celtic youth going to Kilsyth Rangers. The world's going mad!

    Why not??

    A great place to get back on track. Lovely wee Junior ground with a Fantastic playing surface to play your football, being in a team playing at a high standard in one of the strongest and most competitive leagues around, and being supported and enticed to develop by some really experienced Junior players already in the squad.

    I can think of worse places to play my football. In fact, many more young players could learn a lot from playing here at this level!!!

  2. 2 hours ago, Shawfield redemption said:


    Very fast forward/ winger

    Looking for junior club

    Played junior last season

    Season before league 2 senior

    With Celtic to 17 s

    20 just now


    Was also on trial with senior club league 1 last season




    Kilsyth Rangers please!! 

    Euzi, might be able to assist you??

  3. 1 hour ago, GLESGABOY said:

    If you look at the rest of the ground it may well be that they exhausted the budget that they had....

    Fair enough, but was just a thought!

    I think when you look at what for example Renfrew or Blackburn Jnrs in the East have done, and compare it to New Tinto, you can see that it is achievable to build a new ground on a smaller budget but keep to the Junior type of ground tradition.

    As I said, Benburb a great old club though!!

  4. What about Renfrew's new ground??

    Covered terracing pretty small, but a better alternative to Benburb?? A better atmosphere too I would reckon??

    I look at Benburbs New Tinto Park and I wonder where the planning and thinking behind it came from?? 

    A strange looking seated stand with absolutely no cover on it (in Glasgow) lol?? Very little real terracing for supporters to view the game from.

    The ground lacks any real class / heritage or tradition too, and looks as if it's just been thrown together.

    This is by no means a go at Benburb btw. They're a fantastic old club with great tradition. I feel that the new ground doesn't represent the club the way it should have! I played at the old ground and it oozed in all of the above mentioned!!

    Im amazed that the planners didn't go for a good sized modern raised covered terracing area  on one side of the pitch (similar to a Kelty or Kilbirnie) for supporters to watch the game from.

    The rest of the ground could have been left as open raised terracing and the club slotting in at one end of the ground behind a goal?? 

    If the money was there then a small 200-500 covered seated stand at the opposite side to the terracing could have been incorporated?? 

    Surely this would have been on the same budget as the current setup they have?? 


  5. 4 hours ago, honestbuff said:

    Kilsyths didn't take their chance night when buffs were thread bare with only 11 signed players available and their 2 centre halfs missing. Different story on Friday with Tommy, Mickey and moffat back. Would take Prentice in a minute to buffs, the remaining majority of kilsyth team no better than our u19s.

    You must have some team of u19s then!! 

    Pretty disrespectful comment considering how strong and well Kilsyth have been this season in a very competitive league!!

  6. The result will also depend on what Kilsyth team turn up on the day also.

    If Kilsyth return to the free flowing football we were playing for the first 3 quarters of the season we're in with a great shout. 

    The way we played earlier in the season, dismantling teams, I would've been feeling confident coming up against anyone!

    We've been dealt a hard run of games within such a short period of time this season, which in turn allowed us to drop stupid points, pick up injuries and loose players to work commitments etc.

    I didn't see any other teams around us playing the amount of games in the fortnight we did?? As for Girvan, the league seemed to bend over backwards for them?? Maybe I'm wrong??

    We've had a few howlers officiating our games this season too. I hope we never see the likes of a Chris Mctiernan performance again at any game, never mind ours!!

    I can hear the "sour grapes" comments from other rival supporters as they read this, but it's been a tough one to take at the most important end of the season. All we want as a club within the SJFA setup is a fair crack and some consistency across the board, and I think anyone involved in football would agree. 

    But you know what, we carried on fighting and we're still in the mix to potentially go up. A little bit of luck (for a change), some positive support from the fans and maximum effort from the players and you never know?

    Mon the Kilsyth!!!!

  7. C'mon lads, one last push today!

    Hopefully Yoker will do us a turn and get a result against Girvan.

    Bout time someone done us a favour this season after the luck we've had of late (referees / fixture congestion etc). 

  8. Anger would be the understatement of the century after our game at Peasy today!!!

    The referee was a disgrace and needs to take a good look himself. I honestly hope there was a referee inspector their today, because this guy has a clear problem with our team.

    Nicky Prentice on endless occasions fouled and kicked when on attack, yet nothing was seen or done about it. Yet we get a man sent off (a player who wasn't even involved) for as soft a penalty you'll see anywhere??? 

    If anytime a decision has changed the entire complexion of a game it was this. 1-0 Kilsyth after a great headed corner and looking fairly strong and in control, then the most ridiculous decision given against us ruins what was a very decent game.

    Time and time again it was ridiculous decisions against us and nothing going the opposite way.

    Paul Mcbride was then sent off for apparently saying something, that then had to be pointed out by a linesman as being his 2nd yellow card lol. Absolute comedy moment lol!!

    It's nothing to do with sour grapes or that, and I'm sure any neutrals in attendance will agree on the farcical performance from today's ref. You can accept losing when the other team has won fairly, but not when the referee is quite obviously biased and would be as well wearing your oppositions colours.

    Hopefully karma comes back to this idiot of the game!!


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