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  1. Why not?? A great place to get back on track. Lovely wee Junior ground with a Fantastic playing surface to play your football, being in a team playing at a high standard in one of the strongest and most competitive leagues around, and being supported and enticed to develop by some really experienced Junior players already in the squad. I can think of worse places to play my football. In fact, many more young players could learn a lot from playing here at this level!!!
  2. Kilsyth Rangers please!! Euzi, might be able to assist you??
  3. Fair enough, but was just a thought! I think when you look at what for example Renfrew or Blackburn Jnrs in the East have done, and compare it to New Tinto, you can see that it is achievable to build a new ground on a smaller budget but keep to the Junior type of ground tradition. As I said, Benburb a great old club though!!
  4. What about Renfrew's new ground?? Covered terracing pretty small, but a better alternative to Benburb?? A better atmosphere too I would reckon?? I look at Benburbs New Tinto Park and I wonder where the planning and thinking behind it came from?? A strange looking seated stand with absolutely no cover on it (in Glasgow) lol?? Very little real terracing for supporters to view the game from. The ground lacks any real class / heritage or tradition too, and looks as if it's just been thrown together. This is by no means a go at Benburb btw. They're a fantastic old club with great tradition. I feel that the new ground doesn't represent the club the way it should have! I played at the old ground and it oozed in all of the above mentioned!! Im amazed that the planners didn't go for a good sized modern raised covered terracing area on one side of the pitch (similar to a Kelty or Kilbirnie) for supporters to watch the game from. The rest of the ground could have been left as open raised terracing and the club slotting in at one end of the ground behind a goal?? If the money was there then a small 200-500 covered seated stand at the opposite side to the terracing could have been incorporated?? Surely this would have been on the same budget as the current setup they have??
  5. Easy win for the Glens on Saturday. no disrespect to Perthshire, but Glens far too strong. Huge step up in class for the Shire playing the Glens. Treble it'll be this year for you guys I think
  6. Well done to the Glens yesterday!! Thoroughly deserved on the day. Fancied the Glens all season, and I'm sure some of the regular Glans posters on P+B will back me up on my point Great effort from the best junior team in the country this year!!
  7. Well done to Maryhill on consolidating their league status for next season. Fantastic effort from them at the end of a difficult season to get the key points on the board!!
  8. Too many games in a short space of time hurt you, when other promotion chasing teams around you are being favoured by the league and being given exemption from this!!
  9. Tomorrow's Attendance guesstimate??? Will the 9k mark be broken?? Hope so!!
  10. You must have some team of u19s then!! Pretty disrespectful comment considering how strong and well Kilsyth have been this season in a very competitive league!!
  11. C'mon Kilsyth!! Best of luck tonight. Let's finish the season on the high we deserve!! Gutted I can't be there due to family emergency!!
  12. Away you go and start diggin the foundations to your new ground
  13. Clearly nothing better to talk about on the Clydebank thread. No wonder the Bankies support gets a bad reputation lol. They got promoted and well done to them. Maybe best sticking to the papers thread or the Rob Roy thread if you've got nothing better to say!!!
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