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  1. Once your ram shackle mob install actual toilets we’ll allow you to come on here fishing for bites.
  2. Decent enough point. Either the Bonnyrigg Twitter updater is extremely biased or they absolutely battered us and we’ve stole that point.
  3. Jesus. A Lynch and McNiff partnership at centre back. Carswell off at half time. I assuming he’s had a knock?
  4. Does anyone know why we don’t have a fixture on the 10th of December? Was doing a but of forward planning for work/attending games purposes and noticed we don’t have a fixture, there are only two League 2 fixtures that weekend and the only League 2 club involved in the Challenge cup are Elgin who we’ve already played twice. Am I missing something?
  5. Judging by what I’ve seen from the documentary he seems to be trying to implement a style play over just trying to grind out results. For someone who’s spent a fair whack of his career in the Scottish lower leagues it seems like an extremely naive approach when you have a squad full of Lowland league players. I don’t particularly dislike Ferry himself but it is quite entertaining watching this circus act make an arse of it.
  6. I’m sure we played them away fairly recently? Perhaps under Aitken?
  7. Ah well, we didn’t get the fun Linlithgow away day but at least it’s an easy one.
  8. Normally I think Orsi lacks that final ball but on Saturday he was whipping some lovely crosses into the box, especially in the first half.
  9. No chance they’ve not included the disallowed goal, the absolute fuds. Edited to add: that wee fan of ours jumping about infront of the Clyde fan at the end is extremely lucky he didn’t get a slap!
  10. Which makes the decision to narrow our pitch for the purpose of long throws (which we rarely score from) seem even more bizarre. Have we scored any goals at home from one of those long throws?
  11. Tbf you deserve that for taking them at that price away from home and playing on a coo field!
  12. I thought we were excellent last night, there was a spell towards the end of the game where it got a bit nervy after what looked like a flukey goal for Clyde, but overall we dominated from start to finish and it could’ve and should’ve been more. I thought the decision to chop our early goal off was a bizarre one and if it was given for a foul against the keeper then I’m even more confused by it. I was watching on a pixellot stream so I’ll await a better view/replay before I get too critical. From our point of view there wasn’t a failure in the team but two players really stood out for me - Kalvin Orsi and Davie Wilson, I thought both of them were superb. I was extremely critical of Wilson’s early performances so fair play to him, he’s starting to look like a really handy member of the squad. A special mention for Ryan Wallace who is starting to hit some form for us, I really hope he keeps his place in the team. Hopefully Buchanan’s injury isn’t too bad and he’s fit to play against the hammer throwers this weekend. Clyde were seriously poor, that’s probably the most dominant we’ve been all season and we compete in a league full of gangs. I was genuinely shocked by how dreadful Neil Parry was, he looks like a shadow of the guy who was at Alloa, a proper flapping mess who doesn’t appear to comminucate with his defenders at all. A winnable tie in the next round please (I quite fancy Linlithgow away) and if not then one of the two turds away which I absolutely would not be attending but could allow us to bring another striker in.
  13. Linlithgow or Celtic away please. I’ve nae idea if Linlithgow is a good away day but my cat is from there and things in this household could get a little tasty if that one comes to pass. Celtic away for the obvious reasons, I don’t suspect we’ll go that much further so we’ll take the pay day if we aren’t getting a winnable tie.
  14. Rather pleasing. At least Clyde fans can sleep easy knowing their promotion winning team who finished 2nd in League 2 in 2019 would pump us.
  15. That’s been a superb half of football from us. Christ knows what Orsi has been smoking recently but I’ll take a score bag please. I can’t see Clyde being as honking as that in the 2nd half, I’d like to see us go for a third and try to kill the game off.
  16. The Clyde fans appear to be going from bursting into song to absolute seethe in a split second.
  17. When Duffy first joined us and he had to work with Stevie Aitken’s squad we played some fantastic stuff. When he got shot of them all and brought in his own jobbers we were absolutely horrendous to watch!
  18. It’s a steep one but I’ll most certainly be tuning in.
  19. Aye I’m working until 7pm so I’ve nae chance of making it unfortunately. I noticed Clyde streamed their game on Saturday (I’m assuming the blackout has been dropped due to the WC) so I was hoping there would be a stream available for this one.
  20. What’s the chat about a live stream for this one?
  21. I’d imagine we’ll have them up on Youtube at some point over the next couple of days.
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