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  1. Given that duffy has already signed McCluskey and Crossan and has a winger on trial I think we can safely assume the 352 isn’t in his plans. I thought in our last encounter that both Clyde and ourselves looked a bit ropey at the back but they posed a far bigger threat going forward. If we are to have any chance of getting a result we simply need to start creating more chances and we need our strikers to start putting said chances away. I’ve been massively unimpressed with Jones and Johnstone so far, I’m not against both of them being dropped. I don’t believe we’re good enough at the back to shitfest a 1-0 against a team with decent attacking quality so we really need some goals.
  2. I’ve watched 2 of the games on a firestick via the firefox browser and the other on my laptop through firefox. All of them have worked fine.
  3. I’m sure you are capable of better performances, Robert.
  4. A real stinker of a game so far with us probably being the stinkier of the two. Big Jones is rotten, I’d be hooking him for Wilson asap.
  5. So with the start of the season now upon us we enter the first game of the shortened season with only 15 (potentially 14) available players. I know Duffy is a decent gaffer and that but my god is he frustrating when it comes to building a squad. We must currently have the most underprepared squad in the entire SPFL.
  6. It’s fair step up from Fort William to League 1. Not exactly a signing that inspires much confidence but I’m willing to give the lad a chance.
  7. I remember the big jars but I always thought they were Bovril ones. I was just a nipper at the time but I could've sworn they were Bovril. I'm sure they were a pie stall thing for a while, ran by the Coopers who own the insurance gaff that used to sponsor the stadium.
  8. I suspect Forfar will be one of our direct rivals this season in terms of trying to avoid the bottom of the league rather than challenging for the playoffs. With that in mind I'd really hope we'd be looking to take advantage of their dire sounding defensive situation but unfortunately with our current squad I'm not so sure that we will. Will we really see a flurry of signings between now and Saturday? I'm not convinced. Given that Clyde (who I'd consider another direct rival) are our opponents the following week I can't help but feel we're hugely under prepared for what is two important opening games. Even a couple of additions before the weekend could go a long way to balancing out our squad a bit.
  9. We stated, quite clearly, that we would refund folk. Do you need a daily update or something?
  10. I reckon prime Wardrop could cope with that no bother but we haven’t seen anything like prime Wardrop since he returned. He looks a yard or two off the pace and seems to be struggling with the basics. It may well work fine but I’m really not sure how he’d get on there at the minute.
  11. Not to mention, we would be starting the season with Brennan between the sticks and Pettigrew on the bench if Duffy had got his way. Thankfully he never and he had to put a bit of work into finding a new keeper. If he managed it with Dabrowski I don’t understand why he couldn’t have done similar in terms of replacing some of the less than impressive performers we retained from last season. I think our biggest hope now is Duffy pulling off a couple of quality loan signing because I can’t see us plucking a McKee out of thin air this season.
  12. I’ll be honest, Saturday has me slightly concerned about how the squad is looking. Understandbly it’s probably one of the most difficult seasons in living memory for the gaffer to build a squad but at the minute it’s looking very imbalanced. I’m also slightly concerned that if Denny Johnstone doesn’t produce the goods this season then we really don’t have much else up top. I’m seriously not convinced that Robert Jones is good enough, we need to hope this new guy is up to it. We desperately need a few bodies in for Saturday, preferably a pacy winger being one.
  13. FWIW I thought Dabrowski could have done better for the first. It was a great hit but he was in a decent position to save it.
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