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  1. Did we not also have some sort of large plastic Bovril jar that they used to serve pies from? I was a young whippersnapper so my memory is hazy. I’ve tried to find a picture on google but had nae luck.
  2. Is it not just the same thing that was posted on the OS? I never actually read it after seeing the heading thing as I’d already read an article with the same heading.
  3. Would suit us to null and void this shit show of a season.
  4. I reckon Smith will be number 1 unless Duffy is confident chucking the youngster in at the deep end. He has a decent pedigree at least so I’m guessing he has something about him. As much as Smith had a decent game against Airdrie I can’t say I’m overly delighted about us heading into the second half of the season with him as no1. I thought with Hibs signing that guy from Arsenal that we might see big Kev back at some point this month but I’m guessing that ship has sailed now unfortunately.
  5. I do agree aye, but it’s slightly concerning that Duffy wanted to keep him and he’s ended up at a club in the division below. It was only a few days ago Duffy was saying he expected him to stay. I just have no confidence in him to find a decent replace/good player for a different position. Every transfer window under him just seems to get worse.
  6. f**k me. I’m not surprised he’s gone elsewhere tbh, we’ve played him in his natural position once. Duffy seriously needs to get the finger out.
  7. Whilst I’d agree, the lack of cashflow certainly wont be helping with the above. Streaming revenue wont be the same as matchday revenue but it’s also better than zip. We’ve only had 2 home games in 2 months. I see there is an inspection planned for 1pm today so I think we can safely write this weekend off.
  8. Minus 3 showing on the car in Dumbarton this morning. Tomorrow has no chance and even a switch to Sunday would struggle IMO, the ground has been frozen solid for well over a week.
  9. The young lad shouldn’t even be anywhere near our bench, nevermind starting. I’m for having these young lads training with us or even travelling with the squad on matchdays but they are nowhere near ready for this level of football straight from Dumbarton Utd.
  10. To be honest, Duffy has muddled his way through every transfer window since he arrived and I fear this may be one too many. His approach to transfers, his lack of urgency and his general lazyness with signings has me concerned. The full squad in general could do with a bit of work and now we have to try and replace our best player, who has quite literally earned us points on his own this season. For all Duffy seems like he’s a good man manager I’m seriously concerned at the state of the squad just now and he’s not really shown anything with his signings so far that would suggest he can even do some minor surgery on a squad that desperately needs it. The postponments, the general standard of player/imbalanced squad, the lack of goals, our best player leaving at short notice in January - it all just feels a bit ominous. Hopefully I’m wrong.
  11. That sounds like a load of shite. He couldn’t have looked anymore confident if he tried. He’s been recalled by Hibs because they need a goalkeeper.
  12. That’s an absolute fucking disaster. Christ knows what Duffy will do now, I genuinely wouldn’t be surprised if he went with Smith as first choice for the rest of the season if he’s managed to overcome his injury. Either way I just can’t say I have faith in Duffy to find an adequate replacement.
  13. I’ve also just remembered that Hamilton’s loan is only until January and I’m pretty sure Church only signed a short term deal. I’d rather keep Hamilton, despite his indifferent performances, as once again I don’t think we could replace him with better. I’d probably rather Church left with our best wishes and we signed a proper winger instead. Either way, Duffy needs to sort it out asap. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - if he does his usual and bumbles through January without dealing with things until the last week then we’ll be in trouble. I also wouldn’t be against a few bodies leaving to be replaced with more effective players. Forbes (highly unlikely), Denny, Jones & Morrison would be my candidates.
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