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  1. On the subject of ownership the Trust have been very quiet for a while. We haven’t had an update from them since June and that was a statement opposing colts. It feels like they have gone from being really pro-active on ownership matters to mostly just silence. Given that we have an elected representative on the board I’d expect a little bit more clarity on what’s goingon/what they are pushing for in terms of communcation from our mute owners. Obviously a lot of stuff can’t be made public but a wee update wouldn’t go a miss. It almost just feels like the rep is just another board member rather than a fans rep tbh, plenty of showing face for photo opportunities and the likes but very little actual communicating with the supporters who they are supposed to be representing.
  2. That’s a concerning result and performance for me and that’s us now conceded 8 without reply in the last two games. The feel good factor is slowly draining away. First half we more than matched Queens Park and I was hopeful that we’d look to build on that and take the game to them in the second half. Unfortunately we done the opposite and our arses collapsed. When your captain gives away a penalty as daft as that then you always going to struggle. I didn’t like the lineup today and I didn’t like the way we handed Queens Park 3 points without having to get out of 2nd gear. Faz really needs to sort it out before we play an inform Airdrie next weekend.
  3. Old school indeed. Just make sure you have cold hard shillings cause we don’t have modern technology. Once you actually get through the turnstile everything turns black and white.
  4. I thought the same. It’s almost in a roundabout way saying they’ve managed to prove Quitongo made it up. I seen his brother dropping a tweet that suggests he isn’t best pleased with the outcome.
  5. Young Callum Wilson scoops the League 1 player of the month award for September and I’m absolutely delighted for him. He’s come to the club, won himself a deal as a trialist, took his opportunity when injuries cropped up and he looks to be flourishing under Faz and McKeown. He still has plenty to learn but it’s great to have an exciting young prospect on the books for once. His attitude and work rate are spot on but this guy also has natural ability. If I was the gaffer I’d be hounding the chairman to get a new deal on the table pronto.
  6. I am absolutely not denying that we thoroughly deserved to lose that, conditions were the same for both sides and we failed miserably to adapt. To call it off at 3-0 would’ve fairly ridiculous as well, by that point the game is done and you are as well just playing it to a finish unless conditions are endangering either players or supporters. However, when the goalkeeper is taking goal kicks that are going out for opposition corners that’s is absolutely in the territory of questions being asked with regards to why the game is being played in those conditions. Not a chance that’s the norm for a game at Balmoor and if it had been 0-0 I don’t think anyone would’ve had any complaints if the ref had called it. In summary calling it off at 3-0 would’ve been daft but you can’t say those conditions weren’t at the very least bordering on abandonment territory and had it been a draw or a narrower lead I reckon it may well have happened. I’ve attended at least two Dumbarton games that fell victim to very similar conditions.
  7. Sourdough Sam really going for it out there.
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