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  1. Unfortunately I’m working on the Friday night or I’d be there with bells on. A Friday night away game is a rare pleasure and something I’d love to see more of.
  2. I remember being pished at Forfar back in the old 3rd division days when I was a young whipper snapper. I bought a bridie midway through the first half and by half time I had demolished 3. I remember them being absolutely glorious but I was in no fit state to be providing accurate culinary critique.
  3. Players taken off the field in Seattle due to an unlicensed drone in the air.
  4. According to some reports this weekend didn’t suit as some of our players had booked holidays due to having a pre arranged free weekend which is fair enough I suppose. I’m still not entirely sure why we felt the need to agree to the game so quickly tbh. We will not doubt have to contend with some rearranged fixtures throughout the winter but we’re a good couple of months away from freezing temperatures and I’m sure our players would benefit from having advance notice. Not that it’s any sort of excuse, by all accounts Stranraer more than deserved the 3 points this evening.
  5. At least we ruined the evening for those absolute virgins who take betting tips from randoms on Twitter.
  6. I’ll be honest, McGeever being chucked in after barely kicking a ball for year is giving me the absolute fear. Carswell has been instrumental so far.
  7. They are a bizarre wee club with a real chip on their shoulder about something. Who knows what it is. Where was that posted?
  8. DeeJay Dallas > Tom Brady. Bizarre stuff.
  9. Been away for a couple of weeks so missed the opening week. Still got a few days off so I’ve got the beers chilling and just clocked that Seattle are on Sky at the back of 9. That’ll do!
  10. I get what you are saying but if not being great is limiting the opposition to one chance whilst creating plenty at the other end then by god I’ll be delighthed with not being great the rest of the season!
  11. Just clocked that we have highlights up… unless they are hugely biased it looks like we absolutely dominated that game yesterday. We could’ve and should’ve been at least 3 up by the time Bonnyrigg’s only chance of the game appeared in the 88th minute, albeit it was a glorious one and should’ve been taken. Again though, I wasn’t there and I’m purely basing that on the highlights but it looked like a really dominant performance in which poor finishing could’ve cost us.
  12. Seeing quite a few comments on Facebook and the likes saying we were poor yesterday. I wasn’t at the game as I’m away but I kept an eye on the bet365 app (if only I could pay for a live stream) and it genuinely looked like we were battering them a bit up until about the 80th minute. By that point they’d only had 1 shot off target according to the stats. The Twitter commentary also seemed to suggest we’d missed a fair few good chances and in all honesty it sounded like we should’ve been about 3 up. Were we really that poor or was it just a case of naturally sitting a bit too deep in the last ten whilst they pressed for an equaliser? I appreciate stats and following Twitter commentary is nothing like watching the game but I was surprised at seeing comments about how poor we were.
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