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  1. Absolutely brutal stuff. He may be the most boring man on earth. Who was your favourite player Murdo? ”I don’t have a favourite player”
  2. Ah maybe I’ve made a mistake, I thought they were letting folk download it for hee haw, never realised it was a trial thing. Either way it’s well worth it.
  3. A really impressive amount raised so far, if we can get to 10k that will be a massive boost. I hope you never paid for it, they are giving it away for free just now!
  4. I can't believe this absolute slog of a season, that we'd all happily wrap up tomorrow, is actually set to last months longer. It's like escaping Fritzl's basement and getting to the front door only to find it's locked and made of bullet proof steel.
  5. @RutherGlen - spends entire thread flapping his gums about Dumbarton and wanking himself silly over our shan performance yesterday. Also @RutherGlen after the WKDs wear off - "I wish we could concentrate on our own team and management a bit more rather than constantly bickering about ex managers, players and other teams." What a chump.
  6. The hatred towards Duffy from some of the Clyde fans is oddball behaviour. Him leaving for bigger and better things has clearly left a sour taste in their mouths. Given some of the absolute nonsense gaffers they've had in place over the last 15 years, Duffy must be regarded as one of the only success stories of some of these wee guy's lifetimes.
  7. @RutherGlen trying so hard to get bites that he's on the verge of popping a vital artery.
  8. You sound pretty "furious" Aye, I could barely type through the tears and snotters.
  9. Only a fucking moron would truly believe that the manager and all the players sat down before the match and agreed to not try and win the match. It's called playing shite whilst the opposition played well. Today was also our 4th match in 12 days, over the course of that gruelling schedule we've taken 9 points out of 12, only conceded in one game and effectively confirmed safety. I think you'll be hard pushed to find any Dumbarton fans who are "furious".
  10. I mean we're playing Clyde, not Real Madrid, I doubt it will be 11 men behind the ball trying to snuff out the free flowing Cumbernauld galacticos and frustrating them into aimless punts. We certainly wont be going gung ho but only last week we played the league leaders and had a good go at them. We'll be well organised no doubt, but if I'd be surprised if we rock up to Broadwood and park the bus. For some context, here's the stats from our last visit...
  11. What a bizarre team we are. From looking like an absolute gang of shite for two solid months to 3 wins on the trot and 0 goals conceded.
  12. I was slap bang in line with it, he most definitely was.
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