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  1. The Sons 2018/19

    My sources tell me they are seething.
  2. The Sons 2018/19

    My sources tell me they weren't happy about his reluctance to wave at the fans.
  3. The Sons 2018/19

    It looks like Ian Durrant will not be joining Morton as assistant manager. There were a few rumours floating around that he was.
  4. Marvel's Spider-Man

    Aye, it's the last one. I'll give that a bash, it's the swing that's killing me with the moving waves.
  5. Marvel's Spider-Man

    Had to give up on my first mission last night. It's one of those research missions - cell tower frequency. An infuriating task.
  6. Airdrieonians vs Dumbarton

    I don't think you'll need to worry about that tbh.
  7. Marvel's Spider-Man

    Aye, not sure I've managed to unlock/purchase a bomb yet. I've mostly been using my suit power to fart out a series of webs that hits everyone in range but some of the big b*****ds seem unfazed by it.
  8. Marvel's Spider-Man

    Managed to sink a few hours into this and I'm thoroughly enjoying it so far. Only done one stealth type part of the story so far but really enjoyed it. My only very slight criticism would be that when your are surrounded by 10 guys it can get a bit button bashy, I'm hoping as my brain remembers all the buttons for different moves and gadgets etc that aspect will improve. MJ is a wee boot.
  9. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    I think Duffy or Robson would be decent appointments. Robson is obviously a complete unknown in terms of management but I just have a feeling he'd do well. FWIW both of them would top of my list of realistic replacements for Aitken if he left.
  10. Airdrieonians vs Dumbarton

    I don't think a score draw is a bad shout for this. I'll be hoping we can win it after a positive result at the weekend but I think a draw is the most likely outcome. Impossible to predict how we'll line up but I'd probably go with the following: Adam Ballantyne Dowie Allardice Dyer Forbes Thomson Carswell Barr Aitchison Gallagher If Hutton is fit he will start IMO but. Thomson put in a decent shift up top on Saturday but I prefer his drive from midfield (something we're currently lacking IMO) and I think Gallagher deserves a shot over Loy. Loy did look pretty decent when he came on against Montrose, despite missing some sitters, so I'm not against him starting. Apologies for any shite formatting in the above. The app is a lottery for such things.
  11. Dumbarton -vs- Montrose. Double Header

    You should get a job designing birthday cairds.
  12. The Sons 2018/19

    If he can pick up 6 or 7 points with improved performances from the next 4 games then no. I wouldn't consider him safe until the end of his contract but it would at least buy him more time to try and put things right. I'd agree regarding knowing his best 11, something I feel he's been guilty of in previous seasons as well, particularly last season and I think it's something he really needs to figure out. A settled squad with our best 11 would go a long way to helping us put a run of results together.
  13. The Sons 2018/19

    For me, no. If he can turn it around I'd happily hold my hands up and say I was wrong about wanting him booted. The problem he has now is that he needs to turn it around quickly and we have a tough run of fixtures coming up (Airdrie away, Raith at home, Stranraer away and Arbroath at home). If he can pick up at least 2 wins and a draw from those 4 I'd say he deserves more time, especially if we're seeing a major improvement in desire and performance levels from the players. The Abroath game will be 1 game into the 2nd quarter and I feel that would be a fair time for the board to make an assessment. I wouldn't say I'm confident in us picking up 7 points from those 4 games based on what I've seen so far but I'd be delighted to be proven wrong.
  14. Dumbarton -vs- Montrose. Double Header

    Well no. As highlighted above almost every team will experience a lull in support during a poor run. In recent years I'm fairly certain Ayr and Dunfermline were pulling in far less punters when they were struggling in League 1 than compared to doing reasonably well in the league above. No doubt there will be a few fair weather home fans choosing not to attend but our crowds have mostly been impacted by dwindling away supports. I also highlighted above that in recent years we've had games against the likes Hibs, Hearts, Rangers and Dundee Utd which will always attract non regulars. We also have the issue of having an ageing support, year on year that will have a small impact. To say "supporting Dumbarton is a subjective thing" is quite clearly a load of shite when it really is a small percentage of regulars choosing not to attend due to poor form and the brand of football. What a good run of results will actually do is attract a higher percentage of non regulars to attend and gives us an opportunity to potentially convince them to become regulars. Given that we haven't had a good run of results for a long time we have been devoid of that opportunity for the last 18 months.
  15. Dumbarton -vs- Montrose. Double Header

    In an ideal world everyone will attend regardless of performances/results but the reality is that most teams at every level with see lower attendances during poor spells. We've been fairly rank rotten for a while now, playing some fairly turgid stuff at times and the attendances have most definitely suffered. Personally I attend regardless of form or results but not everyone is the same. We also have to face the reality of a huge decrease in away crowds and less 'glamour' ties which normally attracted a few fair weather fans through. I'd be surprised if the main core of regular supporters is down a great deal on previous seasons.