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  1. Funnily enough, the very man we’re discussing as being undroppable from the starting 11 of the team sitting atop the table came with some seriously honkin’ reviews from fans of the team referred to as “horseshit” above. Fitba eh.
  2. It’s not a big deal in the slightest. I don’t how East Fife’s ticket system works but my mate purchased one for a Dumbarton game whilst walking to the ground, and as Moonster says it was a lot less hassle than him hoofing it to the nearest cash machine and lifting extra money he doesn’t need to spend. Do you need to buy East Fife tickets a week in advance or is this just ‘old man yells at cloud because he doesn’t like modern change’ type nonsense? Drag yourself into the modern world you old grumpy fart.
  3. Yea, you’ve got the wrong Grant. Ray Grant had a successful spell for Clyde, under Lennon, where he made over 100 appearances before moving onto Alloa. I’m not entirely sure Danny Lennon would’ve had to scout him much based on that tbh and I’m not sure his one shitey season at the Binos would negate his 3 decent seasons under Lennon at Clyde. Not entirely sure why you think he played for you for “years” unless there’s another Grant out there.
  4. They don’t, but it doesn’t mean a good player for this level, who’s playing higher up the chain, hasn’t asked to be released due to lack of game time. Either way, I think you’ll be onto plums trying to get someone as effective as Fotheringham.
  5. You can still sign free agents, as long as they were released before the window shut.
  6. You might be in for a bit of a shock if you think oor Ryan is an upgrade in that department!
  7. Big McGeever was solid enough for us before his injury but unfortunately he’s barely kicked a ball for the best part of 2 years now. He’s absolutely miles off the pace and the very few occassions we’ve had to rely on him have been a total disaster - a 7-0 pumping off Rangers B and a red card within 20 mins against Forfar last month. Good luck to the guy, but I think it shows how far off it he is that we’ve loaned out our club captain for a bit of a puddin’ in Grant.
  8. Grant is a bit of a donkey but Ryan McGeever was so far off the pace and lacking in match fitness it made sense to loan him out. I didn’t even feel comfortable with McGeever coming off the bench, nevermind having to start a game. At least Grant has plenty of games under his belt and should be fit enough to provide backup.
  9. It didn’t work out in the end up but I’d still rather see us take a punt on a young guy like Wilson than some washed up old loser who’s just after a kick about and some pocket money. Hopefully a fresh start will do him some good and he can have a decent career at whatever his natural level is.
  10. Lovely stuff. Keeping those daft hammer throwers rooted to the bottom is simply a bonus.
  11. If you’d told me this time last year that we’d have effectively swapped Josh Oyinsan for Russell McLean, after a honking relegation, it would have certainly raised a chuckle.
  12. I see our old pal Josh Oyinsan has signed for Peterhead. I must admit, I fully expected him to melt into complete obscurity after a fruitless couple of years with Hornswoggle Wanderers and Stannington Town but the big man is back in the promised land.
  13. I’m not entirely sure I’d be keen to throw either of them into the starting 11 if/when required. McGeever understandably looks a good bit off the pace and his start at Forfar was a bit of a disaster that arguably cost us the game (I’m not saying we would’ve definitely won but we had nae chance after an early sending off). He’s a good defender at this level but if I was the manager I’d be considering loaning him out and signing a short term replacement that’s ready to go. I personally don’t think big Lynch is good enough for this level and I wouldn’t be against us moving him on permanently and seeking a permanent replacement. As it stands if any of the current back 4 get injured I think we will be massively weakened given the options we have in reserve.
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