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  1. Fair play to the lad, if he continues on the same path it wont be long until he’s getting a call up for the Scotland squad. I thought he was fairly honking in a Sons shirt and was highly critical of him but in hindsight there weren’t many strikers who flourished in a Sons shirt during that wee fanny’s tenure.
  2. I certainly wouldn’t be expecting a “barrel load” but if his attitude is right and he stays fit he should get a few goals. Both of those are big ifs. Duffy is notoriously good at getting the best out of players and had to work very to get Layne firing, including dropping him and giving him a bollocking when he wasn’t playing well. He also took him to and from training. If McInally can invest that sort of time into one player and he doesn’t get injured I’d expect around the double figures mark in terms of goals. His goals come in bursts, he’ll score 4 in 4 then go missing for a month or two before hitting a bit of form again.
  3. That’s correct, he was always very effective in behind the striker but often went hiding when he was deployed out wide.
  4. Unlike a certain former manager he can hawd his water.
  5. Aitken is really showing himself up for the absolute fanny that he is with some of his recent nonsense. I thought he would have been a bit more humble given the disaster he had with us in League 1 and the fact he’s now dropped down to the Lowland League but his ego is ballooning. He should do himself a favour and take a step away from spraying his shite all over the media.
  6. MacKenzie is a great signing for this level if you can keep him fit.
  7. Is there any actual substance to the Rohan Ferguson rumours or is it just someone taking a wild guess? I’m guessing Duffy must have something lined up if he’s punted both our keepers. Speaking of Fergusons, if we could tie up Sam Wardrop and fling a deal the way of Ferguson, Davie then i’d be very happy with how the defence is looking. He didn’t seem to have a great season at Peterhead but I thought he was a consistently solid 7/10 with us and was able to cover a couple of different positions. With Wardrop’s injury record it wouldn’t be a bad idea having someone who could slot straight in there should he pick up an injury.
  8. I hate comparing Scottish football with English football but it’s regularly touted as ‘the best league in the world’ and it wasn’t any worse than what was served up for the first few weeks down south. When the players haven’t played regular football for months on end you’re almost guaranteed a few sluggish looking games to begin with.
  9. I wonder if she’ll boycott all the clubs on the “voting list” who will be providing her with hospitality this season.
  10. Al Frame sounds like an absolute wet wipe, he’s not welcome in Dumbarton, we’re boycotting him the loser.
  11. Given that we’ve lost our best creative player, our player of the year and our top goalscorer it would be good to get an update from Duffy to see what his plans are.
  12. Hugely disappointing that McKee is gone but it is what it is. I just hope that his replacement can create as many chances as he did, that signing will be pivitol.
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