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  1. Stopping people replying to social media posts is absolutely pathetic stuff. It doesn’t surprise me in the slightest, they’d rather bury their heads in the sand that accept the deserving criticism head on. We are a complete shitshow and the only real avenue of direct communication that supporters have with the club is now blocked because they don’t like hearing people’s honest opinions.
  2. I’d rather we didn’t associate ourselves with a celebration of anything royal family related, even if it does make money, but each to their own. I’m not entirely sure the public of Dumbarton will be queueing up to celebrate some old cow with a diamond encrusted bunnet when they can barely afford to fill their motor with diesel. I can see this one getting cancelled.
  3. Aye, another stinker. His heid was probably gone after yesterday’s horror show.
  4. I think he chucked it when the brilliant Cumbernauld tweet was deleted because one person complained about it. This wasn’t the reason he chucked it, it’s a personal thing that I wont go into but you can trust me when I say he was absolutely correct in telling them where to ram it.
  5. Maybe he’s onto something, some of those diddies would probably play better when they are pished.
  6. Stanger looked solid enough but he certainly didn’t stand out enough to warrant a move up a division IMO. I thought he looked like he was operating at his natural level in the lower reaches of League 1. He didn’t make many mistakes but it’s pretty ludicrous to be blaming guys like Buchanan for them tbh. It’s not like Buchanan forced him into the kamikaze back pass against Edinburgh City. Buchanan was honking last season but the other guys in the defence are grown ass men, they need to take responsibility for their own mistakes. Like I said, fair play to the guy, I hope he takes his opportunity.
  7. Good of us to post yesterday’s article on social media so everyone is aware. Our social media presence is absolutely rotten, which is a shame considering it was one of the best at the beginning of the season. I must admit, I’m absolutely astounded Stanger has a Championship offer. Fair play to him, he should be grabbing that with both hands.
  8. Bob having an absolute nightmare today.
  9. I did clock that yer man Dylan Easton liked a tweet today from some guy saying he’d cry with joy if he signs for Falkirk and bumming up how great a signing he’d be for them etc. Most likely hee haw in it but I did find it a bit of an odd tweet to like!
  10. Lynch had a few as well, as did Bronksy but I’d say Buchanan must be leading the way by some distance.
  11. Paddy Boyle has KB’d our player/coach offer thankfully.
  12. I’m sincerely hoping Buchanan is one of the 2 year deals who’s leaving, I think he’s a massive problem. He was the one real constant in that awful defence last season, there was actually a game or two when he was either suspended or injured and we looked far more solid with a makeshift CB partnership. I’d be happy to see Carswell go as well, I don’t rate him as a player and I don’t rate him as a captain. There’s something about him I find really hard to take to. He’s been stinkin the place out for too long now.
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