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  1. Keeping someone at distance with a jab isn't cowering. He landed on average almost 5 times the amount of punches Ruiz did per round. I'm certainly not buying that is was a masterclass but it was clever boxing from AJ for once. You'd be as well watching bare knuckle if you want guys tearing lumps out each other.
  2. Hearn will avoid Fury and Wilder like the plague.
  3. Performances like what? Outboxing him in every round bar 2? I'm by no means any sort of Joshua fan boy but he quite clearly outboxed Ruiz with ease there. A smart performance.
  4. I don't particularly rate Joshua but that was by far the best boxing display of his career IMO. He worked the jab perfectly. Are folk expecting him to come out swinging and get sparked again?
  5. That was quite clearly Joshua's round.
  6. Delighted I decided to stay in the house doing absolutely f**k all rather than attend this. I'm not surprised to see Crossan was hooked after 50 odd minutes. How he managed to bag himself a start over Langan (who is a more suitable replacement for the injured Carswell) is beyond me. He's been woeful for months. What's the script with Duffy? Was he not there today?
  7. Aye, I mean to quote his post aswell as yours as my response was more towards him than yourself. In other news Carswell misses out through injury and Langan still can't get a start. I'm really baffled as to what he's done wrong to deserve being frozen out.
  8. "David Fox" needs an intervention because your completely unqualified wife said so based on watching one interview of him? What load of fucking drivel. +10 drivel points for the use of the word "snowflake".
  9. I've been in some truly stinking form recently and I'm thinking of switching up formations. Any suggestions? Currently rocking a 4231 which is boring as f**k and pretty defensive making the game in general a bit of a drag.
  10. Have any Dumbarton fans made such a claim? Any supporters over the age of about 15 have spent the majority of their lives watching us slog our way through seasons in the seaside leagues. One of my most enjoyable seasons watching Dumbarton was when we finished at the arse end of the old 3rd Division. There are more factors at play here than what league we are playing in.
  11. You could cheaply upgrade your right side by adding Semedo and Dembele. Their overall ratings may be lower than what you have but they are far superior in game. You could also buy the Mertens in form to replace the gold.
  12. Very much this. Although I would argue we can be boring to watch at times and don't tend to possess many 'flair' players. Not that I'm complaining I've always been a results over fancy football kinda guy. In an ideal world you'd have both but that's fairly hard to come by when you support Dumbarton. I've personally found my interest to be very low this season, and the last few matches I've attended I've been sitting there thinking I'd quite happily be doing something else with my Saturday afternoon and I can't really put my finger on why. The cup tie against Forfar in particular was a real drag and that's despite a positive result. I think OKI makes a good point about the off the field stuff and the Championship hangover. I'm happy with how the season is progressing after what I thought was a guaranteed relegation battle (that may still happen) but I'm still struggling to muster up enthusiasm.
  13. I suppose someone better start it considering it's Friday.
  14. Rivals would probably be easier during the weekend league. You'd also find all the folk who have relegated themselves to complete objectives are playing weekend league.
  15. Looks like we may have missed the boat on this one... https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/10475593/liverpools-joe-gomez-cousin-enfield-vardy/
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