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  1. I think that situation is quite unlikely considering Calum Waters is out for months and Brophy is ineligible given the fact that he’s still our player.
  2. I had the sound off - switched it back on at 90 minutes and heard our commentators say we were unlucky and there was positives to take. The sound will remain off for the rest of the season.
  3. Read up a bit more on this guy and he seems like he was hopeless. I take back my earlier mildly sympathetic stance.
  4. The boy that first reported ‘jobby gate’ on twitter seems a great laugh. You’d think the commentator had murdered someone and he was forced to listen the way he was treating it. You should try watching Killie TV, we listen to shite every single week.
  5. Cheers. Think he would handle the step up (assuming we stay up) well?
  6. Aye he’s joining us on a PCE apparently. Just wondering what type of player he is - I’ve seen bits and bobs and vaguely remember him at Albion rovers where he was pretty raw
  7. I really like McKenzie as well but about 10 different managers have tried to make him a decent attacking threat and no one has managed it so far. First time for everything though!
  8. Cheers for that. I think he would maybe do quite well at us, I was worried about how he would get on with our board/players because I do remember him being quite vocal about brown a lot. We did hunt Kirsten Robertson out the club who turned up at you and didn’t get on too well with him IIRC and Steve Clarke spoke really highly of our board so maybe we would be a good fit in that aspect. Also good to hear that he gave youth a chance. I never even really thought about that and whilst we don’t have that many amazing looking prospects we have a couple who definitely deserve more of a chance than they have been given.
  9. Just posting here to try and see what your thoughts are on Tommy Wright now that he’s been away from you for a while? How do you rate his entire time at you and would you be disappointed if he turned up at killie? A lot of our fans want him but I’m not really sold on him (I know he apparently hates plastic pitches). I know he done some really good things when in charge of you but I just can’t seem to take to him so a bit of insight into how you rate him and his signings etc would be appreciated!
  10. Most strikers in the league are a better bet to score goals than him because he’s just not a very good striker. Genuinely not being funny here but Brophy must be fucking raging that McGrath is your penalty taker considering that was one of the main things he was good for.
  11. I appear to have done this for our full squad rather than just out of contract players. f**k it.
  12. Keep Greg Kiltie - He is by far our most intelligent footballer. I still think that he is the best player at the club by quite a distance when you consider his age etc. He is a player that I just love watching - the way he receives the ball, his smart runs, good finishing etc. Must do all we can to keep him. Yousouff Mulumbu - A genuine quality player at this level. Easy decision. Stuart Findlay - He has had a poor season but so have the full squad. I think he has all the attributes to be a real top quality centre back. He reminds be a bit of Ajer at Celtic in the sense that some of his best moments seem to be in his recovery defending, but obviously these moments usually occur because of his own mistakes. He is prone to a few heads gone moments (St Johnstone at home this season, Aberdeen in the cup last season) but he is a good age and has been one of the best centre backs I’ve seen at RP. Chris Burke - A model professional and a bloody good player. Still very important to us but we definitely need someone to help him because he can’t play as much as he has been. Aaron Tshibola - Probably the most difficult one to include in the ‘keep’ category. He is infuriating - one week he looks incredible then the next he is anonymous and like a man down. I wouldn’t push the boat out to keep him but I think he’s a handy player to have for some games and if he could string together a consistent run then he would be a stand out at this level. Gary Dicker - A great player and very important to us. Many killie fans love to claim he’s shite/done/an arsehole but most of this comes because he thought Alessio was a fraud. He was right. Alan Power - Been rubbish for most of this season but I still think he has something to offer, even if it’s as a squad player. Rory McKenzie - I can hold my hands up and admit that I used to hate McKenzie. Until Clarke came in he really offered nothing - he was a winger that couldn’t beat a man and never scored. He still doesn’t score much but he has definitely improved and his versatility is very handy. Undecided Brandon Haundstrup - I think he has looked alright since he has been given a run in the team. For me, he is much better than Waters but he never seems to stand out in any way. I think there is a player in there somewhere and I have seen much worse than him play for us at left back. Kirk Broadfoot - He has been our best defender this season but I just wonder if he would manage to last another season or two. Also, I can’t help but feel he’s been our best defender purely because all the rest of our players have been very poor. I think he is underrated by some in our support - mostly because he fell out with alessio (see dicker) - but I think his best may be past him now. Aaron McGowan - An absolutely average - bordering on shite - full back. The only reason I’m including him on this list is because accies fans seemed to think he was a player. He might want to show it for us at some point. Danny Whitehall - Including him in this list purely because he has scored in most of his games he’s started. However, it’s clear he is a very poor footballer but if he keeps scoring then he is worth keeping. Punt Mitch Pinnock - He might be one of the worst players I’ve ever seen play for us. A tall, slow winger who can’t beat a man/cross/pass/shoot. Get rid ASAP. Ross Millen - Just not good enough for this level. Has a decent delivery but should never ever be a starting right back for a Premiership team. Nicke Kabamba - This was the trickiest one in this list. He is a very poor footballer but can occasionally cause defenders issues. Very similar to my thoughts on Whitehall - Kabamba is just unlucky that he isn’t scoring and Whitehall is, hence their positions on the list. Danny Rogers - Rubbish keeper, a bomb scare at crosses and a nightmare when it comes to saving anything more than a slightly routine save. Better than the two morons last season but it wouldn’t be hard. Colin Doyle - Who? Calum Waters - Basically Ross Millen but at LB. Not the worst, but not particularly good either. Clevid Dikamona - Has good flashes but he is very rash and his positional sense is shocking at times. Punt.
  13. Heads gone stuff from Ross after the match today. I actually quite like him but sometimes I do think he maybe believes his own hype a wee bit too much.
  14. Pretty sure Tommy Gravesen is now a professionally gamer/gambler/millionaire
  15. Aye, the less said about him the better to be honest.
  16. I hate this sort of patter. How is it bitter to say that we aren’t that bothered about him leaving? He’s a decent enough player but should be replaceable imo. I could understand if everyone was making out he is absolutely shite but all the comments so far have been pretty fair imo.
  17. He also has hamstrings made of chocolate. Not saying injury is the sole reason he doesn’t play for us but a combination of being very poor for months and injury would explain it.
  18. Honestly, please don’t get too excited about Brophy. He really isn’t all that. He can be a handful at times but some of the reactions to his signing have been massively over the top imo. Had a purple patch for 6 months when he was paired with Greg Stewart under Clarke but apart from that he has been pretty meh imo. He is also infuriating at times. Get used to his ridiculous decision making, i.e shooting from 30 yards at an angle rather than passing to a team mate in great positions. I think he is a decent enough player at this level but that’s it.
  19. Branescu was absolutely shite. A genuinely useless keeper.
  20. Not very good. He makes the odd good save but is never spectacular and he’s had a fair few howlers. He definitely isn’t the worst keeper we have ever had or anywhere near it but he looks championship level at best imo.
  21. I fucking hate that c**t. An absolutely shite keeper. If our fans could stop constantly peddling the line that he’s a good keeper that would be great.
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